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How to take care of oily hair for men?

cheveu gras homme

Oily hair in men is a subject that can be quite embarrassing on a daily basis. Here are all my tips for taking care of oily hair for men.


Oily hair in men can be a real annoyance in men, especially if the induced shine is really present. This can indeed give the impression that you are a person who does not take care of him, or even who does not wash your hair. It is true that many will think that your greasy hair is the result of a lack of hygiene. But it is nothing.

Here are my tips for taking good care of oily hair for men.

The reasons for greasy hair for men


Do you wonder why you have oily hair? The main reason for oily hair in men is excess sebum . It's actually the same process as men who have oily skin. Moreover, most of the time, men who have oily skin also have oily hair. Excess sebum comes from the sebaceous glands that are present at the root of our hair. Inevitably, if the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, then it will appear on our hair, thus giving this shiny effect.

But other external factors can also cause oily hair in men:

  • certain drug treatments can have an impact on hormonal functioning and therefore on sebum production.

  • eating too much oil or drinking alcohol can also cause oily hair in men.

  • the use of shampoos unsuitable for your hair.

  • a certain lifestyle: little sport, a stressful life, etc.

  • Pollution.

What care for oily hair for men?

To maintain oily hair in men, here are my tips:

Oily hair for men: be careful with shampoo

If you are used to washing your oily man's hair every day, it's a gesture that you will have to stop immediately. Indeed, more and more of us are washing our men's hair every day, at the same time as we take our shower. And again, we even happen to do two shampoos during the day, especially if we had a sporting activity during the day. However, this is strongly discouraged. Indeed, doing too many shampoos is aggressive for the hair. Thus, it is advisable to shampoo twice a week only. Even if, when oily hair in men is present, we would tend to want to wash them every day.

Another thing to consider when shampooing oily male hair is not to massage the scalp too much. Go slowly indeed! The reason is that if you rub your scalp, it will feel attacked and therefore produce sebum.

A shampoo suitable for oily hair in men

In any case, do not use any shampoo to wash your oily hair for men. I advise you to use a shampoo specially adapted for oily hair, also called regulating shampoo or purifying shampoo. The objective of these shampoos will be to avoid regreasing of the hair. Also, it is important not to use this type of shampoo on dry hair because it will dry it out even more.

A gentle shampoo for oily hair in men

If you cannot use a suitable shampoo, in this case use a mild shampoo to wash your oily hair for men. Indeed, the mild shampoo will not be aggressive for the scalp. You should know that the scalp works a bit like the skin: if it feels attacked then it will produce more sebum (sebum is indeed an element that will protect the hair). I therefore advise you to use natural men's shampoos that do not contain chemical or petrochemical elements, which attack the scalp.


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A conditioner suitable for oily hair in men

Just as it will be important to choose a shampoo suitable for oily hair in men, you will also need to take a conditioner for this type of hair. Thus, do not use a conditioner for dry hair, for example, which will have the opposite effect desired: it will make your greasy hair even greasy, even shinier.


Oily hair for men: actions to avoid

Oily hair for men: avoid hot water

When you shampoo, do so using lukewarm or even slightly cold water. Indeed, the heat of the water is an element that will attack the scalp, especially if you shampoo every day. Also, to prevent your scalp from feeling stressed, use lukewarm water.

Oily hair for men: avoid the hair dryer

As you will have understood, the scalp does not like to be attacked, otherwise it produces sebum to protect itself. More and more of us men are using a hair dryer to dry our hair and do certain hairstyles (especially if you have long hair on top). Well the heat of the hair dryer is one of the main causes of aggression for the hair. Imagine that all of a sudden you subject your hair to strong heat.

Thus, to avoid having oily hair in men, you will have to let your hair dry in the open air, after first using a towel.


Oily hair for men: avoid touching them

If you have greasy hair, another thing you should avoid doing is touching it. It will be more difficult if you have long hair. But by touching them, you will spread the sebum from the root of your hair to the tips and thus amplify the greasy side. As the sebum is spread everywhere, it will be more visible on your hair and will accentuate the dreaded shine.

Oily hair for men : daily care

Oily hair for men: avoid styling products

More and more of us among men are applying styling products such as styling wax, hairspray, styling gels, etc. And yet, it is not recommended to apply these styling products on oily hair in men.

Indeed, these styling products will tend to weigh down the hair, in particular because of the residues that they will leave on the hair. You know sometimes we have small white films in the hair, this is related to the drying of these styling products during the day.

The only styling product that is recommended to be used on oily hair in men is styling clay: indeed the clay will act as a blotter and absorb the excess sebum on your oily hair.

Oily hair for men: hydrate them

We tend to believe that it is not necessary to moisturize oily hair in men. Well, you can have greasy hair at the root but dry hair at the ends. So, if this is the case, you will have to moisturize your hair at the ends.

Oily hair for men: clay masks

I talked about it a little above, but clay is an excellent treatment to apply to oily hair in men. Just as it is recommended for people with oily skin to make a green clay face mask , it is also recommended to make a green clay hair mask. Please apply the mask well to the root of the hair (and especially not to the ends if they are dry).

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