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The beard blog for men


In this section, we are going to talk about the beard! And yes, many bearded men read the Le Male Français blog . As I have written a number of articles on beards, to make it easier to read, I decided to create a column on beards. In this section centered on the beard, you will therefore find all the subjects related to the beard: maintenance of the beard, care of the beard, my advice for the beard, etc.

Beard blog: all about maintenance

Beard maintenance

beard blog: everything you need to know about beard care

beard care

A simple beard blog


The Le Male Français blog is not only a men's blog that deals with facial care or well-being for men , but it is also a specialized blog on beards. Through this beard blog, I will give you many tips to maintain your beard but also to take care of your beard.

A beard blog for all bearded people

Whether you have a beard of 3 days or a long beard of several weeks or even several months like the hipster beard , you will find here a lot of information and tips to have the most beautiful beard possible. Because maintaining your beard or taking care of your beard is not only reserved for men who wear a long beard. Even short beards are concerned because they are generally beards that have a lot of itching: they are beards that scratch, sting or are still dry. Thus, all beards need to be taken care of.


A beard blog to talk about beard maintenance

It's a fact, more and more men are letting their beards grow. Whether they let their beard grow naturally or use beard activators to make it grow faster. The beard has indeed become a standard in men's beauty , a must have dictated by many actors and other influential people. The beard is also a sign of masculinity, of virility that needs to be maintained.

On this French male beard blog, you will find many tips for maintaining your beard. How to trim it properly, what to do if you have holes in your beard , what to do to remove knots in your beard , here are some examples of advice you can find there. Simple advice of course, advice seen with beard experts.


A beard blog to take care of your beard


In addition to giving you tips for maintaining your beard, you will also find in this beard blog tips for taking good care of it! A very important mission, especially if you've had trouble getting a nice beard. And yes, we are not all equal when it comes to beard growth: some will grow very quickly while for others it will take months. On the beard blog, you will find advice on how to soften your itchy beard , how to moisturize it properly or how to choose an effective beard oil. To do this, I carry out numerous product tests and I give you an informed opinion on my feelings and my experience as a user.

Enjoy your visit to the beard blog


So welcome to this beard blog, I wish you many tips to have the most beautiful beard possible. Above all, do not hesitate, through the contact section, to leave me your opinions and comments.

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