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I tested the Peixes restaurant in Nice, my opinion

I've been wanting to try the Peixes restaurant in Nice for a while now, I've heard so many good things about it. But each time, the restaurant was full. I must admit that at first, when I heard about the restaurant, I didn't think it was a good address: its location, in a very busy and not necessarily pretty street, surrounded by restaurants and ice cream shops for tourists, did not suggest good quality. But being a big fan of raw fish, I really wanted to make up my own mind.

restaurant peixes à nice avis

The menu of the Peixes restaurant Peixes in Nice

As its name suggests, the restaurant Peixes (fish in Portuguese) gives pride of place to fish, in all its forms: ceviche, carpaccio, tartare, tataki, etc. Mainly raw fish therefore, but accompanied by very interesting flavors to put it in the spotlight.

restaurant Peixes à Nice avis

Our lunch at Peixes restaurant Peixes in Nice

As I wanted to eat raw fish, I immediately focused on the different ceviches offered by the Peixes restaurant. And as a Breton, a big fan of scallops, I immediately chose the scallop ceviche with its passion fruit sauce. You rarely find them here in the south of France, so it was an opportunity to treat myself. The ceviche is accompanied by mashed avocado and some pomegranate seeds. As you can see in the photo below, the plate is very colourful, very summery, very pretty.

restaurant Peixes à Nice avis

As the waitress had told us that the dishes were rather small, I also took the marinated fresh sardines accompanied by a fresh horseradish cream. Very very good here too, the plate also very well presented.

restaurant Peixes à Nice

My boyfriend had a tuna tartare, served with wakame, wasabi mayonnaise, wasabi peas and rice chips. Well, you have to like wasabi because the dish is really centered on this ingredient.

restaurant Peixes à Nice

As you can see, the plates are very well presented, the colors are there, a real treat for the eyes. The dishes of the restaurant Peixes in Nice are very fresh with a lot of flavors. Whether in the sauce made of passion fruit in my first dish like the wasabi in the tuna tartare. Honestly, it's very beautiful cuisine, the level is at the rendez-vous. Fish lovers are bound to enjoy it because it must be said that the dishes from the Peixes restaurant that we ate are divinely good, excellent.

But, and this will be my downside, the plates are in my opinion very light (and small in size). The waitress had warned us, that's why I took more marinated sardines. But we still expected more. I would say that even for a starter it's light... Concretely, you shouldn't come very hungry, where then you take several dishes, even if it means sharing them with everyone around the table, it can be nice.

For the 3 courses and two glasses of rosé wine, we got it for 50€ (just right, without dessert or coffee). We found it a bit expensive compared to the quantity, and I hadn't fully satisfied my hunger. Note that the restaurant offers a 20€ formula for lunch during the week.


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