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Andrew Christian, the brand of provocative underwear for men

New article today on the subject of men's underwear and for that I'm going to tell you about Andrew Christian. So if you are used to visiting shops in the Marais in Paris (which has lost a lot of independent shops in recent years to my great regret) or in certain gay spots, I am thinking in particular of Sitges, you must already know this brand. If not, then I invite you to discover Andrew Christian, this provocative men's underwear brand (it's not me who says it, but the brand itself!).


Introduction to Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is an iconic brand in the world of men's underwear, and I would even like to say in the world of sexy underwear. Because here we are not dealing with a classic, basic brand, like DIM or Arthur. No, buying the Andrew Christian brand is sending a clear and precise message: I want to be sexy and provocative and by wearing Andrew Christian underwear I assume it 100%. The will of the brand is that its models, and therefore its customers once the product is worn, release sexual power. Just that ! Historically specialized in the world of underwear, the brand has now largely extended to other product ranges, such as swimsuits or sportswear.