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Andrew Christian, the brand of provocative underwear for men

New article today on the subject of men's underwear and for that I'm going to tell you about Andrew Christian. So if you are used to visiting shops in the Marais in Paris (which has lost a lot of independent shops in recent years to my great regret) or in certain gay spots, I am thinking in particular of Sitges, you must already know this brand. If not, then I invite you to discover Andrew Christian, this provocative men's underwear brand (it's not me who says it, but the brand itself!).


Introduction to Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is an iconic brand in the world of men's underwear, and I would even like to say in the world of sexy underwear. Because here we are not dealing with a classic, basic brand, like DIM or Arthur. No, buying the Andrew Christian brand is sending a clear and precise message: I want to be sexy and provocative and by wearing Andrew Christian underwear I assume it 100%. The will of the brand is that its models, and therefore its customers once the product is worn, release sexual power. Just that ! Historically specialized in the world of underwear, the brand has now largely extended to other product ranges, such as swimsuits or sportswear.

Andrew Christian is far from being a new brand surfing on the revival of men's underwear, because it has existed since 1997. It is even one of the first brands in the world to have had the desire to offer men be sexy through their underwear. And the bet is largely successful. Long reserved for the gay community through its presence in gay shops, Andrew Christian is now beginning to be adopted by all guys, regardless of their sexuality. Well, it must also be said that the brand has called on gay porn actors to make itself known and through its various advertising campaigns. It is therefore not surprising that today it continues to have a certain aura with the gay community and that all of its communication targets gays today through all the codes that belong to it.

The drive to look handsome and sexy in underwear is a phenomenon that men have widely embraced today. Before being a brand, Andrew Christian is above all the name of the founder of the brand based in California, who has inspired many other brands such as ES Collection or Addicted. His wish through his products was simple: to improve self-acceptance and mainly of his body and to better understand his sexuality.

To do this, his first products were made entirely by hand and he toured the shops of Los Angeles begging them to sell them. When creating his products, which he tested himself alone in his apartment, he systematically wondered if guys would be ready to buy them. But not just any guys, gays. Andrew Christian was confronted at a very young age with intolerance linked to his sexual orientation. By creating his brands, he wanted to face this intolerance and create a "super gay brand", which would therefore become one of the most adopted brands by gays.


Where to buy Andrew Christian underwear?

It is relatively difficult to find Andrew Christian underwear in France, at least in stores. On the other hand, you can find them easily on the Internet, especially on an online store that I love, Inderwear. It offers a very large selection of sexy underwear for men, including the Andrew Christian brand with all its new products each season.


My selection of Andrew Christian products

The Andrew Christian brand offers a wide selection of underwear, in all its shapes: thongs, briefs, boxers, jockstraps, bodysuits for men, etc. Below is a selection of the products that I find nice from the brand.

The Andrew Christian brand is renowned for its shortys that ultimately take the shape of a bandeau. With the presence of the fairly wide belt with the brand's letters in large, it gives a very sexy side.

But we can't talk about Andrew Christian without talking about his briefs! From its ultra provocative and sexy briefs by their ultra low waist and especially not the push up effect it produces! Andrew Christian wanted underwear that honored the male body, whatever its morphology. Well with this type of stitching in the briefs (and which he has also applied to certain boxers), we can say that the bet is successful.

We can't talk about Andrew Christian without talking about LGBTQUIA+ colors. The brand has widely adopted these colors within its various collections.

Finally to finish we cannot talk about Andrew Christian without talking about sport. Because the brand wants to show you not only provocative with underwear but also with sportswear.

Andrew Christian


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