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Why wear a men's thong? My advice !

But what makes Jonathan do an article on men's thongs? I see you coming right away, dear reader! But you know very well, if you follow me on this men's fashion blog or through my networks, especially my Instagram account, that I love to discuss taboo subjects or subjects that are rarely presented in the men's press. So yes, after men's briefs, jockstraps or men's bodysuits, I decided to focus through this article on another piece of men's lingerie, the men's thong.

Why an article on men's thongs? Because recently I learned that the sales of men's thongs represent 10% of the total sales of men's lingerie. Yes, you read that right, 10% off men's underwear. So don't tell me that no guy wears thongs, that's not true! Honestly, I didn't expect such a number because no guy around told me they had at least one thong in their underwear drawer. Well, at the same time, it's not a subject that we discuss every day and the thong for men has such a bad image that no guy will dare to say that he wears it. It is so associated with women's lingerie that the manly side wanted by the guys would take a slap if they dared to say that they wear it. And yet, in recent years, the men's lingerie market has evolved a lot and the men's thong is not left out: the brands now offer rather nice models.

Do we discover this universe together? Have no fear, everything will be fine! And I will present to you towards the end of this article my selection of thongs for men.

string homme

What are the benefits of a men's thong?

This is most certainly the first question you should ask yourself about men's thongs. But why wear a thong? Well you will see below that the advantages are numerous!

First of all, if a certain number of guys wear thongs it's for discretion! And yes, the thong is not very visible since the fabric surface is very small. Some guys, when they wear rather light pants, shorts or Bermuda shorts, don't like at all that we see the trace of their briefs, their boxers or even their jockstrap. I'm talking about light pants but I could also have talked about tight pants (or shorts). This is the big trend right now, especially for shorts in the summer, to have the tightest shorts possible. Well, the men's thong is perfectly suited to this trend.

Then, we're not going to hide it, it's for the sexy side. Indeed, the thong for men is part of the sexy underwear for men, like the jockstrap. Why ? Quite simply because the buttocks are clearly visible and this can give your partner a few emotions! What's more, depending on the types of thongs that we will see below, the buttocks may be slightly rounded.

Finally, one of the advantages of the men's thong is its comfort. Again because it has very little fabric and frees the thighs perfectly. This is the reason why many athletes, especially American football players, adopt the thong: they can run, tackle, etc. without the slightest embarrassment.


What are the different shapes of thongs for men?

Did you know that there is not one form of thong for men, but several? As in women's lingerie, the masculine universe of the thong is varied so that everyone can find the model that suits them best. We have 4 forms of thongs for men, namely the string thong, the classic thong or the thong without string.

The G-string for men

The G-string for men is the most classic form of thongs and it is the image that we all have in mind when we talk about thongs, namely the string that fits in the buttocks!

string ficelle homme
string ficelle homme

I really like Addicted men's G-strings because they are very masculine. Given that the thong is often criticized for being too feminine, the presence of this large bandeau gives consistency to the thong which means that we can completely forget this idea of ​​"too feminine". Here the question does not even arise.

The classic thong for men

What exactly do we mean by a classic thong? Well it's a thong that has a little more fabric in the buttocks and that doesn't just consist of a string. It is therefore a thong that I would describe as a little more dressy ... yeah ....

string classique homme
string classique homme

I still took in my selection a model from the Addicted brand because I find that they are not too vulgar and that many guys could wear them. I only put the color black (because it's the color of underwear I wear the most), but this classic men's thong comes in several colors. I find the front shape particularly nice (and sexy).

The ass freedom thong for men

Do you tell yourself that you will never wear a men's thong because you are afraid of being embarrassed by a string? This can be understood, wearing a thong requires a certain time of adaptation (and adoption) for men, the time to get used to the presence of the string at the level of the inter gluteal furrow. But don't panic, know that men's lingerie brands have thought of everything and now offer men's thongs without strings! You no longer have any reason not to be tempted by the thong!

string sans ficelle homme
string sans ficelle homme

As you can see, a wide band allows you to hold the underwear. It also gives a certain manly and sexy side.

There are also plenty of shapes of thongs but more on the sexy side, like:

  • the half thongs for men whose headband only passes on one side leaving the other side completely bare

  • or the fetish thongs for men who are generally in leather (or imitation leather), even with transparency or which can be unbuttoned (or unzipped).


How to choose the right thong for men?

The question of how to choose the right thong for men is ultimately very simple? What are you going to use your thong for?

If the custom is to replace, on a daily basis, your briefs or boxers with a thong, then it will be wise to choose your thong according to your personal tastes. You can stay on a very classic thong in black, blue or white, or even opt for more specific patterns or colors (yellow, green, red...). The whole thing is that you feel comfortable since you will be wearing it all day. Pay attention to one point: you never know if you have to bend down, make sure to put on a rather long shirt (or t-shirt) so that your lower back is not visible and, possibly, does that you're wearing a thong. Unless of course, you have absolutely nothing to do! In any case, for everyday use, you will have to choose comfortable and quality thongs.

If the use has more of a sexy side, then it's up to you to see what type of thong will of course please you but also your partner. You're not used to wearing a thong, surprise her/him, break the routine, play the surprise effect. You can even opt for a mini thong for men, mini in the sense that the front pocket is very small, just enough to fit the package!

If you want to see a wide selection of men's thongs, I advise you to visit the Inderwear store specializing in men's underwear (I recommend it because I buy my underwear from this store since in Nice we do not find these brands Addicted, ES Collection, etc.).


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