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Men's blog: why did you create this blog?

This is a question that I have often been asked: why did you create this blog for men? In fact, there are several reasons why I decided to launch the men's blog Le Male Français in early 2016 (yes, it's relatively recent!).

A men's blog to get out of elitism

The main reason for creating the Le Male Français men's blog is that I couldn't find any media, and by media I mean magazines, which really interested me. The few men's magazines that exist (GQ, Vogue Homme, etc.) are, in my opinion, far too elitist. Did you still pay attention to the different products that are highlighted in the articles. Whatever the category: beauty, fashion, automobile, travel, accessories... No, I don't have the money to buy the latest BMW for €60,000. No, I don't have the money either to go to the hotel which is on the other side of the world and whose night costs 1,000€. No, once again I don't have the money to buy the latest Swiss watch at €1,500. I hardly overdo it by giving these examples because for me it is really the reality of what these men's magazines can show to their reading. Too elitist. Much too elitist, I absolutely do not recognize myself. And I'm not talking about the editorial line: living in Nice, far from Paris, very far from Paris, the main places they highlight, or the events, everything happens in Paris. So, well, I find these men's magazines too far from me.

A men's blog to create a community

So no, I see you coming right away, I wasn't in extreme loneliness to the point of saying to myself "I have to make friends, so I'm going to create a blog for men!!". No no, don't overdo it. On the other hand, I love to share my good plans, my favourites, to exchange with other people on their good plans, what they like to do, their favorite places. In short, sharing together what we like, but also what we don't like. It is for this reason that on the men's blog Le Male Français, I familiarize myself in the articles to establish a certain proximity with the readers. After all, I'm not a journalist, just a regular guy who wants to share. Also, I really enjoy talking on my Facebook page or my Instagram account with the people who follow me.

A men's blog because above all, I like to write

In fact, I think I should have started there!! Because that's the main reason that pushed me to launch this men's blog. And above all to maintain it on a daily basis!! Ever since I was little, I have loved to write. I remember when I was around 10, I kept a kind of daily diary, which I read to my little brother. Then later during my studies, I hesitated for a long time between studying international business and studying journalism. Well, finally, I went to business school... I don't regret it at all, this men's blog allows me to fill a gap, that of writing.

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