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How to choose the right jockstrap? My advice

Here's a funny idea, to do an article on one of the least highlighted men's underwear, the jockstrap! I could have even said, one of the least popular men's underwear. The reason, this underwear has a certain image that makes many guys dare not wear it (or even talk about it for fear of alienating their friends). Yes, we are not going to hide it, the jockstrap is today, in the minds of many, essentially attached to the gay community (as can be the crop top for men and to a lesser extent the long underpants) . With a sexual side to boot. But through this article, I decided to give a little glory (the word is strong I know) to this underwear. Because no, this men's underwear is not reserved for the gay community. Come on, let's go for a little jockstrap praise and I'm going to give you the reasons why you should all have at least one jockstrap in your underwear storage!


What is a jockstrap?

But before going into my advice, I think it is essential to clarify what a jockstrap is. The jockstrap is a men's underwear consisting of:

  • with a band on top,

  • a holding pocket to put the penis and the purses,

  • two rubber bands that support the buttocks.

It is a shape that is therefore identical to slip on the front, on the other hand the buttocks are in the open air (and without string like a thong).

You should know that the jockstrap was developed for athletes. And yes, in the United States in particular, the jockstrap is an undergarment widely used by American football players. Why do athletes use it? Because it is very light and offers great comfort. Thus, when it is necessary to run, the sportsmen do not feel stuck, cramped in this underwear.

It is true that today, the jockstrap is enjoying great sales success for its sexy side. It has become widely democratized and today all brands offer it in their catalog.


Why wear a jockstrap?

Come on, now I'm going to give you the reasons why you should have at least one jockstrap in your underwear closet.

The jockstrap for comfort

It may seem surprising to you to come up with this first argument to make you want to wear a jockstrap. And yet, this type of underwear is one of the most comfortable there is because it is also the one, with the thong, which has the least fabric! As much to tell you that the feeling of being tight in your underwear is not felt with a jockstrap, especially when it is hot.

Perfect support for private parts!

Better than briefs, boxers or underpants (which don't support much for the moment), the jockstrap is the perfect underwear so that the package is correctly in place, and that you don't have any discomfort. at this level. No need to replace the elements, everything is well supported in a jockstrap.

The jockstrap to have beautiful shapes

The jockstrap is the best underwear to have perfect shapes. Both on the front because the parts are perfectly supported, but also on your buttocks. And especially at the level of your buttocks. This is thanks to the bands that allow you to raise the buttocks so that they are firm. And yes gentlemen, it is an important element, many women look at this part of your body through your pants. Guys too by the way...

The jockstrap is perfect for foreplay!

Come on, we come to the necessarily sexy aspect of the jockstrap. Sexy because the buttocks being in the open air, it could give your partner certain desires, whatever your sexuality. Men don't show off their bodies enough through their underwear. And yet, the underwear of a guy, whatever the underwear, whatever the morphology of the guy, makes it possible to arouse the desire of your partner.


My selection of the best jockstraps

You now have all the information to encourage you to adopt jockstraps. I will now give you a review of the essential jockstraps.

The Calvin Klein jockstrap

Clavin Klein is a must-have brand in your underwear closet. Calvin Klein briefs, whether in white or black, are indeed iconic. They are very beautiful, very comfortable and above all very sexy. It's not for nothing that all the guys who show off on Instagram (and TikTok now) almost always wear Calvin Klein briefs. Well, the brand also offers Calvin Klein jockstraps in its catalog.

The Addicted jockstraps

If you are looking for sexy jockstraps, then you will have to look at the Addicted brand. This brand is particularly popular with guys looking for sexy underwear, whether briefs, boxers or jockstraps. It must be said that this brand has its own style and offers a wide selection of jockstraps.

Thus, this brand offers you in particular push up jockstraps, understand that they are padded on the front part to further highlight your bulge, your package.

Note that Addicted has also released another form of jockstrap, this time with the front that looks like a shorty. Maybe easier to wear than a classic jockstrap, in any case this shape can be a good way to get into jockstraps.

The manly jockstrap from Pump!

Pump is also a brand of sexy underwear for men, which offers a very large selection of jockstraps. It also offers all kinds of styles, with many colors and shapes of jockstrap.

You have the jockstraps with the classic shape as below:

And a little more manly shapes I find with the name of the brand appearing roughly on the front.

The sexy jockstraps from ES Collection

I will end this selection of jockstraps with those from the ES Collection brand. Another brand that offers very sexy men's underwear and above all with a very nice cut that highlights this part of your body, whatever your morphology.

Here is my selection of jockstraps that I find most interesting. You can find other jockstraps other jockstraps here, including some sexier ones, transparent or in leather.

Do not hesitate to tell me through my Instagram account Le Male Français (or the Facebook page) the jockstraps you prefer, so that I can complete this list.