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I tested the Negresco's private beach, my opinion

Today I decided to have fun. Since my boyfriend is spending the day with his work colleagues, I thought that a little relaxing day alone on the new private beach of the Negresco in Nice could do me good ! This beach has recently opened, the tourist season is not yet at its peak, so it's a good time to test La Plage du Negresco, which for me must be exceptional.

The Negresco is an institution in Nice. Moreover, without the Negresco, Nice and the Côte d'Azur (The French Riviera) would not have the luxury and glamorous image they have today. If you don't know the Negresco, it's quite simply THE luxury hotel in Nice, located on the Promenade des Anglais. Its magnificent facade is easily identifiable.

This year therefore, the Negresco is offering its clientele, and the people of Nice since the private beach is open to non-residents of the hotel, its private beach, the Plage du Negresco. It is just opposite the Negresco.

La plage du Negresco

When an iconic and luxury hotel has a private beach, the expectation is high. Especially since the quality of service on certain private beaches in Nice is really not up to what it should be. My expectations are therefore very high and I will give you my feelings in this article.


Presentation of The Negresco Beach

Who says private beach of a luxury hotel, says that we expect to find the same standards on the beach as in the hotel. Particularly in terms of image and quality of service. As a brand strategy consultant, I have this critical eye all the more ! Nevertheless, i