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I tested the Negresco's private beach, my opinion

Today I decided to have fun. Since my boyfriend is spending the day with his work colleagues, I thought that a little relaxing day alone on the new private beach of the Negresco in Nice could do me good ! This beach has recently opened, the tourist season is not yet at its peak, so it's a good time to test La Plage du Negresco, which for me must be exceptional.

The Negresco is an institution in Nice. Moreover, without the Negresco, Nice and the Côte d'Azur (The French Riviera) would not have the luxury and glamorous image they have today. If you don't know the Negresco, it's quite simply THE luxury hotel in Nice, located on the Promenade des Anglais. Its magnificent facade is easily identifiable.

This year therefore, the Negresco is offering its clientele, and the people of Nice since the private beach is open to non-residents of the hotel, its private beach, the Plage du Negresco. It is just opposite the Negresco.

La plage du Negresco

When an iconic and luxury hotel has a private beach, the expectation is high. Especially since the quality of service on certain private beaches in Nice is really not up to what it should be. My expectations are therefore very high and I will give you my feelings in this article.


Presentation of The Negresco Beach

Who says private beach of a luxury hotel, says that we expect to find the same standards on the beach as in the hotel. Particularly in terms of image and quality of service. As a brand strategy consultant, I have this critical eye all the more ! Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that private beaches must respect strict specifications defined by the city of Nice and that they cannot therefore afford what they want.

Concretely, at first glance, the Plage du Negresco does not stand out in terms of decoration from the other private beaches on the Promenade des Anglais. It is even rather classic, with a dominant color of white for the deckchairs, the parasols and the catering area. What suits me perfectly is minimalist and chic. Greenery brings a natural touch to this beach.

La Plage du Negresco
La Plage du Negresco

But what clearly sets La Plage du Negresco apart from other private beaches in Nice is its quality of service.

From the arrival, we find the standards of luxury, with a warm and smiling welcome. I immediately felt that the customer was considered and at the center of all attention. Note that a beach towel is automatically given to the customer, a good quality sheet moreover.

Regarding the deckchairs, yes it is a very important point because we still spend the day there, sitting or lying down for a good nap. Here too an effort has been made compared to other private beaches in Nice, the quality is superior with a thicker mattress than elsewhere. Obviously who says more thickness implies more comfort. Important point to clarify, there are only 4 lines of mattresses on the beach and each pair of deckchairs is well spaced: I did not feel at all the factory effect where the deckchairs are glued to each other and it It's very pleasant not to have to endure the discussion of your neighbors.

To return to the quality of service, several times during the day the beach attendant asked me if "everything was fine". It's pleasant, very pleasant even, customer satisfaction is something they take into account and it feels good.


The restaurant section of La Plage du Negresco

Having spent a good part of the day, I decided to test the beach map. You have to know that La Plage du Negresco offers two maps, one for the restaurant, the other for the beach. Being alone, I preferred to remain quiet on my deckchair.

The proposed map for the beach is rather minimalist, with a few shareable dishes and desserts. No pizza here, we're at Negresco !

I opted for milled sardines and home fries. My choice has been rather easy : I don't like truffle and I now avoid eating meat (when alone I specify or with my boyfriend, I have no desire to impose my choice when I am guest for example).

First of all, the lunch presentation is worthy of the Negresco. It's very nicely presented, very chic. There also, in addition to the service, La Plage du Negresco clearly stands out from the other private beaches of Nice. The milled sardines were very good as were the home fries (excellent). This may seem small but this breakfast warmed me up.


My review of La Plage du Negresco

I was a bit afraid going on the Beach of the Negresco of having a disappointment. When I saw the beach from the outside, its decoration did not give me a wouah effect and I was afraid it was just a renaming of Neptune Beach, the beach that was before that of Negresco. And well no, the quality of service is at the height of the luxury hotel and this beach differentiates itself so very cleanly from other private beaches in Nice.

The hospitality is superb, the attention during the whole day is very pleasant and we are not alone, thus allowing us to relax. A very nice surprise.

Price of the desckchairs :

  • 45€ in 1rst row

  • 35€ the other rows. Which is no more expensive than some beaches in Nice.

On the catering side, we are well aware of higher prices than on other private beaches in Nice. At the height of the restaurants located in the hotel, across from the English Promenade. On the beach side, the price of wine glasses (I'm thinking of rosé !) is slightly higher than elsewhere, it starts at 10€. But these are well heard wines from quality estates with a selection from the sommelier.


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