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Les Estivales, exceptional evenings at the Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Through this article, I am going to tell you about an exceptional moment that I experienced as part of the Les Estivales evenings organized by the Château Saint-Martin & Spa.

The Château Saint-Martin & Spa is a 5* hotel located in Vence, near Nice, which has received the distinction of Palace. It was the first time I had entered such an establishment and I might as well tell you that I was more than impatient to discover the establishment and spend the evening there. We had the chance to have a visit to the hotel which is simply splendid, with its chapel in which a tree of life takes on its full dimension and a starred restaurant whose terrace has a view overlooking the Mediterranean. Breathtaking.

Here is my experience during a Les Estivales evening at Château Saint-Martin & Spa.

Les Estivales Château Saint Martin & Spa

Presentation of Les Estivales at Château Saint-Martin & Spa

The Estivales are three evenings imagined by the Château Saint-Martin & Spa team which take place in the gardens of the estate, more specifically at L'Oliveraie, a space in which there are magnificent olive trees. Three evenings during the summer, once a month during the season, from 6:30 p.m. I would like to point out that these evenings are not reserved for hotel guests, outsiders can attend by reservation.

Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa
Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa

L'Oliveraie of Château Saint-Martin & Spa is a simply magnificent setting with its many century-old olive trees, shrubs and various plants that allow you to disconnect from your daily life in a few seconds. The decoration put in place by the team gives a very chic atmosphere and the layout of the tables, relatively far from each other, allows for a certain intimacy. In addition to the tables on which we are invited to dine, wooden lounges are positioned in several places in L'Oliveraie. The whole is very harmonious, of perfect elegance.

Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Regarding the menu, the Château Saint-Martin & Spa offers several catering areas for Les Estivales, in the form of buffets, with a main theme, the flavors of Provence and Nice. The buffets are well distributed throughout the space, allowing us to discover and enjoy this magnificent garden. We thus find a buffet dedicated to Nice specialties, a land and sea buffet with a wide choice of fish or even meat cooked on the spot on the spit. A space is also dedicated to cheeses. And of course a dessert buffet made up of several pastries, with a "live" experience, the Chef who makes the lemon meringue pies in front of us. This buffet is made by Chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois and the products come from local artisans. Short circuit and quality.

Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa
Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa
Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa

As for the musical atmosphere, it is provided by Les Garçons Chics, a group of musicians who go from table to table. Essentially jazzy notes, the group does not hesitate to ask each table for a piece that the guests would like to listen to, which they will then adapt to their sounds. This group is perfectly in tune with the general atmosphere of the Château Saint-Martin & Spa and reinforces the chic side of its Les Estivales evenings.


My opinion on Les Estivales at Château Saint-Martin & Spa

I loved the evening, and I'm not the only one since of course I was accompanied by Jordan. As soon as we arrived at Château Saint-Martin & Spa, we completely disconnected from work and our pace as Nice city dwellers. The setting is splendid, so much greenery and plants that serenity is immediately imposed on us. And of course the welcome from the teams which immediately plunges us into the world of a Palace.

Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa

L'Oliveraie is located in a space below the arrival garden. Also, upon arrival we have a vision of Les Estivales evening which is splendid, with a bird's eye view of the tables, the buffets, the lounges but also of the swimming pool of the Château Saint-Martin & Spa. The wow effect is immediate and very clearly we feel privileged to participate in an evening in such a place.

Les Estivales du Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Regarding the buffets, I have absolutely nothing to complain about, quality, quantity, freshness, all very well presented. I enjoyed the fish and the pastries. For the wine list, the sommelier of Château Saint-Martin & Spa gives you his recommendations. Absolutely nothing to complain about the rosé (obviously, I couldn't be in such a place without fully enjoying it with a glass of rosé, to be consumed in moderation of course).


Additional informations about Les Estivales at Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Dates for 2022 : June 16, July 21 and August 25.

Opening hours : 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. But you can stay after 9.30 p.m. and enjoy the garden.

Price: €80 / person, which includes a welcome cocktail and access to gourmet buffets (excluding drinks). I must say that the quality of the buffets and the setting of the estate are well worth its 80€ / person, thus making the evenings accessible even though we are in a Palace.


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