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My tips for growing a beard?

faire pousser barbe

How to grow your beard? Through this article you will have all my advice to have a dense beard.


As soon as a man decides to grow his beard, he has two wishes. Not only does he want it to grow as fast as possible, but also to be dense with no gaps in the beard . So of course the duration of beard growth will depend on the desired beard length: if you want a 3-day beard it will be easier than having a hipster beard . And it also depends on your genetics and the greater or lesser presence of hair follicles in your dermis.


Here are all my tips for growing a beard below.

Does shaving make your beard grow?


There is a belief that shaving every day makes your beard grow faster . So I'm going to curb the ardor of some, followers of morning and evening shaving! No, shaving does not make your beard grow faster. It's just a belief.


Beard growth treatments

To grow your beard, there are several tips. But, rather than growing your beard, it's more tips to give you all the elements to take into account so that your beard grows in the best possible conditions.

Blood microcirculation to grow your beard.

To grow your beard, the hair follicle will already have to be in perfect working order! The hair follicle is this small pocket placed under the skin in which the hair of beard takes root. Also, you will understand, if the hair follicle is healthy, then the beard hair will grow in the best conditions and you will be able to grow your beard normally. Thus, the fact that a hair follicle is not in good condition can explain the presence of holes in the beard or the fact that your beard hair is brittle.

To have a perfect hair follicle, it will simply be necessary that the blood microcirculation is good. And there are two ways to do this:

  • you can brush your skin every day to grow his beard, morning and night. Preferably using a beard brush. The bristles of the brush will indeed brush the skin, which will have the effect of promoting blood microcirculation.

  • you can also do micro-dermabrasion, using a roller, this small brush on which there are very small needles which, by rolling on the skin, will penetrate it. This will help wake up the follicles and increase their functioning.

​​Oils to grow your beard.

Another way to grow your beard, which can also be complementary to my previous point, is to apply oils to your skin, whether vegetable oils or essential oils.

Castor oil to grow a beard

If there is one vegetable oil that is very popular with bearded men, it is castor oil. It is also a vegetable oil that is found in all beard oils. Moreover, it is said that castor oil is the oil that makes your beard grow and that it is necessary to apply it every day, even on hairless facial skin._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


So, it is true that castor oil is a very good vegetable oil which is known to grow all the elements of the body which contain keratin: nails, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and therefore body hair. beard. Quite simply because castor oil will deeply nourish the skin and hydrate it very well. And hydrated skin is skin that will provide all the ingredients to allow beard hair to grow in the best conditions: stronger, more robust, thicker.

Beard oil to grow your beard

You can also use beard oil to grow a beard. Beard oil is a cosmetic treatment sold by many brands which is in fact a mixture of several vegetable oils. Essential oils are also integrated to give fragrance to this beard oil. Thus, in a beard oil we find of course, almost systematically, castor oil. But there is also grape seed oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc.


eucalyptus oil for beard growth


Eucalyptus essential oil is a perfect ally to grow your beard. It is an oil that has many virtues and is recognized for its many benefits, including that of growing your beard. But more than growing a beard, eucalyptus oil is perfect for giving beard hair vigor and making it thicker, and therefore less fine.

Accelerators to grow your beard.

Cosmetic brands offer many products to grow your beard: this is called beard growth accelerators. These accelerators to grow your beard come in different forms: oils to apply to the beard, food supplements, etc. So little advice, be careful, because there are many scams on the web:

  • already forget all the products that promise a hipster beard in 10 days. This is simply impossible, there are no magic solutions.

  • favor products from recognized skincare brands on the market, you will be sure to have healthy products for your skin.

Beard growth accelerators generally contain wheat protein, which is known to grow hair or hair, to which castor oil is generally added.

A healthy lifestyle to grow your beard

In addition to the care you can apply to grow your beard, it also goes through a healthy lifestyle.


Food to grow your beard

Food is an essential part of growing a beard. You should know that the growth of beard hair is directly linked to the production of testosterone and by dihydrotestosterone. This is the reason why especially women do not have beards. Thus, to encourage the production of testosterone, you can favor certain foods:

  • the grape,

  • nuts,

  • eggs,

  • potatoes,

  • Fish

You will also have to stop eating all fatty foods and put aside alcohol, which is not good for the skin, and therefore for the hair follicle.

Sport to grow your beard

If you're not athletic but want to grow your beard, you're going to have to get into the sport! And yes, sport is also a great way to increase your testosterone production!

You now have all my tips for growing a beard.

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