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Why use beard oil?

pourquoi utiliser huile a barbe

Beard oil is one of the most purchased men's beauty products by men. Beard being indeed trendy for many years now, beard oil is an essential care to take care of your beard. But do you really know what a beard oil is and what it is really for?

What is beard oil?


Beard oil is, as its name suggests, an oil composed of vegetable oils to protect, nourish and moisturize the skin and hair. Beard oils also contain essential oils. Essential oils will bring perfume and certain complementary properties to vegetable oils. It is therefore advisable to take organic and natural products.

Generally, we find in beard oils the following vegetable oils:

  • castor oil , which is the best known and most researched for its effect which promotes hair growth.

  • coconut oil,

  • sesame oil,

  • grapeseed oil,

  • etc

You can also make your own homemade beard oil . I wrote you an article to find out which vegetable oils to use to make your homemade beard oil .

Why apply beard oil?

The application of a beard oil has many advantages and is a treatment to integrate into your beard care routine. Because beard oil has many benefits for the beard.

Beard oil moisturizes the skin

The skin is in great need of hydration under the beard hair, whether you have a 3-day beard or a longer beard. And having a hydrated skin is a very important point for the beard. First, well hydrated skin under the beard is skin that will suffer less tightness. There is nothing more embarrassing than feeling your skin tight and having this feeling of discomfort. So much so that many men end up completely shaving their face to feel better: the solution for them is to no longer have a beard. But in fact they are wrong, the solution is simply to moisturize your skin, and beard oil allows it very effectively. Next, hydrated skin is skin that does not leave dandruff in the beard.

Beard oil to soften your beard

This is the main reason why men will use beard oil. And contrary to what we might think, beard oil isn't just for long beards. Indeed, a 3-day beard also deserves to have beard oil as a treatment, because its hair is harder. The shorter the beard, the less flexible the hair. By having a soft coat, not only will it be shinier, less dull. But in addition you will have more facility to comb it.

In addition, the hairs of the beard need to be maintained, one must take care of it. Because they can weaken and break. A well hydrated hair is a hair that will be stronger, more solid, thicker and will give you a better beard.

Beard oil to grow your beard


As beard oil moisturizes the skin and strengthens the hair, then your hair will be healthier and therefore grow more optimally. Be careful, however, not to be mistaken: beard oil does not allow you to grow a beard if there are no hair follicles and hairs inside.

Beard oil to perfume your beard

You can find beard oils with different scents to perfume your beard. There are all kinds of scents, brands do not hesitate to regularly release fragrances that correspond to current trends.

Who can use beard oil?

Contrary to what one might think, beard oil is not only recommended for men with long beards. ​ Indeed, all bearded men, regardless of the length of their beard, can use beard oil:

  • men with 3-day beards: 3-day beards are known to have harder hair than longer beards. It is therefore necessary to apply a beard oil to soften it and prevent it not only from stinging but also from pulling you. 

  • men with long beards should also apply beard oil to make the hair softer, shinier, and a prettier beard. Beard oil will also be effective in preventing tangles in the beard .

How to use beard oil?

Using a beard oil is very very simple, it only takes a few minutes:

  • pour a few drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand and heat the oil by rubbing your hands together,

  • massage your beard with your hands to make the beard oil penetrate well,

  • if you have a long beard, then you can comb your beard,

Do not put too much, your beard should not be shiny.

How much beard oil to use?

The amount of beard oil to use will depend not only on the length of your beard but also on the beard oil itself. Inevitably, the longer the beard, the more beard oil you will need so that each hair is perfectly impregnated with it. Have

How much beard oil on a short beard?

Contrary to what one might think, a 3- day-old beard, like a 3-day beard, requires daily care and therefore needs beard oil . And yet, men with short beards don't usually take care of their beards and just apply moisturizer on their beards. Gold :

  • the skin under a short beard needs to be moisturized just like any other beard length

  • a short beard has a harder hair than a long beard

  • the skin of a short beard requires some care because the beard is in full growth.

  • the 3-day beard is a beard that scratches a lot, which is a source of itching.

  • the short beard is generally a dry beard.

So, on a 3-day beard, usually 2-3 drops of beard oil is enough. Do not add more or you will have a shiny beard, which will not be pretty.

How much beard oil on a 10 day beard?

A 10-day beard is part of what is called a short beard. It is nevertheless a beard that has a certain length of hair but also a certain density of hair. And given that the 10-day beard is a thick beard , it can be a source of severe itching: it scratches, it stings, it is dry. It's a beard that requires a certain beauty routine:

  • with a beard shampoo wash.

  • you should also brush your beard with a beard brush to stimulate the hair follicle.

  • and finally it will be necessary to apply a beard oil every day, even twice a day if your beard is itchy.


Thus, on a 10-day beard, you will need to apply between 3 and 4 drops,

How much beard oil on a hipster beard?

The  hipster beard   is the beard par excellence for bearded men, the one that many men dream of having. And yet, it is a beard that requires very great care because a dull, dry hipster beard is not a pretty beard at all. What's more, you should not have beard dandruff to avoid having the feeling of a dirty beard. 

So inevitably, the hipster beard being a very long beard, you will have to apply 5 to 6 drops of beard oil on your beard.​

You can also find my advice on beard oil in the video below.

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