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How to remove knots in his beard?

enlever noeud dans barbe

You have been growing your beard for several weeks and you notice that you have knots in your beard. This is not surprising, because in the end you have not yet got into the habit of styling her hair regularly. In addition, as you are so proud and happy to have that long beard that you have been waiting for, for some for many years, you run your hands regularly through your beard, with this feeling of accomplishment.

Yes but now, today your beard has many knots, which does not necessarily make it very aesthetic. It is true that having a very smooth beard is still a must. But that's not your case right now. Also, if you're using a beard trimmer , it's best not to have any tangles in your beard to prevent them from snagging and hurting you.


Below are my tips on how to remove tangles in your beard.

How to remove knots in the beard?

You have several ways to remove the knots in the beard. So of course, I'm not going to talk about the scissors, which is the ultimate solution for removing knots in the beard, and not the most effective for having a beautiful beard: you may indeed end up with holes in the beard !

Use a comb to remove tangles in the beard

To detangle your beard and remove the knots in the beard, you are going to have no choice but to use a beard comb and take a little time. Forget the brush, which is to be used if you have a smooth beard to style your beard. The beard comb will indeed have the advantage of being softer to remove knots from your beard, and more precise too. Also, compared to a hair comb, the teeth of the beard comb are closer together, and therefore more effective in removing knots in the beard.

How to use the beard comb to detangle?

  • always comb in the direction of the hair, from root to tip. If you paint in the opposite direction, you will make the situation worse.

  • tilt the comb at about 30°C from your skin so that its work is more effective.

  • go slowly so as not to pull out the hairs or simply hurt yourself.

  • if you can't, put a little beard oil to soften the hairs caught in the knot and get one or two teeth of your comb into the knot to try to separate them slightly.


The hair dryer to remove knots in the beard

If you can't get the knots out of your beard, then I suggest you take your hair dryer, if you're lucky enough to have one. The idea here is indeed to smooth your beard, using a beard brush, to deal with the knots. To do this, you really need to tilt the hair dryer so that the air is pointing downward, and brush your beard. Normally, this should be enough to remove the knots in the beard.

The beard straightener to remove knots in the beard

Another alternative, and I will say an alternative to consider if you get tangles in your beard very often, is to get a beard straightener . It is a device specifically adapted to the hairs of the beard to make them smooth. You can use it regularly

Go to the barber to remove the knots in the beard

Of course, there is still the barber's alternative, if you can't remove the knots in your beard! The barber will indeed have all the products necessary to remove them, without damaging your beautiful beard. You can also ask him for advice to prevent the knots from happening again.

How to avoid having knots in the beard?


To avoid having knots in your beard, you will have to put in place simple daily actions, which will also improve the quality of your beard. So why deprive yourself of it!

Style your beard to avoid tangles in the beard

If you want to avoid knots in the beard, you will have to style it every day. I wrote an article that you can find to find out why and how to style your beard . Of course, the more you style your beard every day, the lower the risk of seeing knots appear in the beard, it just makes sense.


You can use a beard brush or a beard comb , depending on how much time you have and your preference too. The quality of the hair of the beard (hard or soft) also comes into the choice, it is easier to use a brush when the hair of the beard is harder.

A beard oil to avoid knots in the beard

If you apply beard oil every day, then your beard hair will be better hydrated. Also, it will no longer be rough, it will be more supple and will grow straighter, and therefore less likely to form knots in the beard naturally. It is also necessary to use a beard oil for many other reasons, including that of hydrating the skin which will give you comfort and a beautiful beard .

If you don't have a specific beard oil, don't worry, run quickly to your kitchen and just grab whatever olive oil or sunflower oil you have. In fact, any vegetable oil you have in your kitchen will be perfect for avoiding tangles in your beard. Indeed, you should know that beard oils are simply the mixture of several vegetable oils.

The must is to apply a beard oil by hand and then style your beard to better penetrate it, from the root to the tip of each hair of your beard.

The mask to avoid knots in the beard

Since we are talking about beard oils, a slightly more intense treatment based on this product is also to be done, once a week: the beard mask .

And this care is all the more to do if you very regularly have knots in your beard. To do it is very simple: just apply a nice amount of beard oil on your wet hair, then apply a hot towel on your beard and leave for 20 minutes. Of course, once this time has passed, you must rinse your beard with a beard shampoo.

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