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Beard straightener: should you use it?

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The beard straightener is an accessory used by bearded men to discipline their beards. But precautions must be taken. Here are my tips for using a beard straightener properly.


The beard straightener. If you have a beard the next day or a 3-day beard, obviously, this article is not going to concern you! This article will mainly address all bearded men who have a long beard, a few weeks or even, better, a few months. Those who have, for example, the famous hipster beard! Because one of the main concerns of bearded men is to have a smooth beard. A perfectly smooth beard that will make you an elegant, classy bearded man. Which will also, in certain professions in particular, make your beard more accepted by your superiors. It must be said that for beard hair, it's a bit like hair!

Why use a beard straightener?


Genetics is acting up and does not favor some men. Thus, some men will have fine and smooth beard hair, which requires simple maintenance, such as combing the beard. Others, on the contrary, have thick hair that tends to curl. And for once, they wonder how to style their beard to make it smooth.

So when the classic products that help to discipline the hairs of your beard, such as beard oil or even beard balm , no longer have an effect, some bearded men will tend to go for a beard straightener. Others will use a regular hair dryer so they don't have to buy a beard straightener. Anyway, the operating system remains the same: the beard straightener works with heat. It's kind of the equivalent of a hair straightener. But above all, don't use a straightener on your beard, because the heat would be too strong (and what's more, the hair straightener is more suitable for very long hair, and your beard does not have this length ).


The beard straightener seems to be the solution, the miracle solution. But is it good to use a beard straightener?

What is a beard straightener?


The beard straightener is an accessory increasingly used by all men who have long beards , even 10-day beards with curly hair, but also by pogonophiles who want a perfectly groomed beard.

The beard straightener will work the same way as the hair straightener. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see some bearded men use hair straighteners to smooth the beard, discipline the hair. Except that the beard straightener will have the particularity of being shorter than the hair straightener, which is normal, beard hair being shorter than long hair. But above all, it is not good to use a hair straightener on your beard because:

  • the hair does not have the same structure as beard hair, so the straightener is not suitable

  • the hair straightener will heat up more than a beard straightener, so you will damage your beard hair by using it.

A beard straightener looks a lot like a brush, with fairly thick, wide bristles that will heat up.

How a beard straightener works

To use a beard straightener, it's very simple, it is not necessary to have a bin + 12! Because ultimately, the gesture is very simple:

  • plug the beard straightener into the outlet. There is the cordless beard straightener, which is more practical if you are in a rush in the morning and tend to do two things at once.

  • brush the beard as if you were using a regular beard brush.

  • put away the beard straightener.

Precautions to take when using a beard straightener

It is necessary to take some precautions before using a beard straightener. Because straightening your beard , which uses heat directly on the hair, is not necessarily a very natural gesture. And the hair of the beard risks taking a nice slap:

Avoid using a beard straightener every day

By heating the coat every day, you will dehydrate it, and this is the worst thing that can happen to your coat. A dehydrated beard hair is a hair that is clearly weakened, duller, more brittle. Use the beard straightener once a week. On other days of the week, do not hesitate to comb or use a beard brush which will also have a beneficial effect for your hair and your skin under the beard.

Don't stay on the hair too long with a beard straightener

When you use your beard straightener, do not stay on the same part of the hair for a long time. There is no point in staying blocked for 2 minutes, the beard straightener must be used as if you are combing your beard. You must constantly have this gesture of styling your beard. If you remain inactive, you risk burning your hair.


Avoid burning your skin with a beard straightener

Be careful not to burn your facial skin when using a beard straightener. It would be a shame to burn the hair follicle and eventually no longer have any hair growing there.


Use a beard straightener on dry hair

Always use your beard straightener on dry hair. Don't do it straight out of the shower: the water plus heat combo isn't good for the hair at all.


​ Alternatives to beard straighteners

The beard straightener can thus be a perfect solution for straightening your beard, but it is advisable before trying other ways to straighten your beard, more natural, less aggressive for the hair of the beard.

  • do not forget that styling your beard every day can be very beneficial for disciplining the hairs of your beard.

  • the use of a beard oil every day will perfectly moisturize the hair, and thus make it more flexible. A better hydrated hair is a softer hair.

  • beard balm remains a very good solution to style your beard and thus avoid having a shaggy beard. The beard balm contains wax that will allow you to work the beard as you want.

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