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Why use a beard balm?


Beard balm is certainly one of the least used beard care products by bearded men. Many bearded men indeed use a beard oil to moisturize and soften the hair of the beard. Some people use beard shampoo to wash their beard , but it's usually men who have long beards, weeks or even months. Others use shaving soap instead of shampoo, soap being popular with men who have zero waste consumption. But beard balm is a product that is not widely used in the end.


And yet, beard balm has many benefits, which I will explain to you below. I also put you in video advice at the end of this article.

What is a beard balm?


Beard balm is a specific treatment for the care of beard hair but also to take care of your skin under the beard. It therefore has two uses. It is indeed necessary to take care of the skin under your beard, because it is from there that your beard hair takes root. So inevitably, if at the level of the root, the soil is not good, the hair will not be pretty and therefore the beard as a whole. 

The constitution of a beard balm


The beard balm is a mixture of wax, vegetable oils and essential oils possibly to perfume the beard:

  • the wax will have the role of combing the beard, by disciplining the hair,

  • vegetable oils will help moisturize the skin and hair,

  • the essential oils will therefore perfume the hair.

Be careful, if you are allergic to essential oils, opt for a beard balm that does not contain any.

So, as you will see, a beard balm is different from a beard oil by the wax it contains. Which gives it a more solid appearance, like a hair wax in fact.


Types of beard balm

There are different types of beard balms, depending on the intensity of fixation. You will actually find:

  • the very fixing beard balm, very effective if you have rebellious hair and you really want to give your beard a shape, which will last all day.

  • the low-fixing beard balm, which will be particularly effective in giving a disheveled effect to your beard, for example.


What is beard balm used for?


If you have a very short beard or a 3-day beard, beard balm will not be of much use to you, unlike beard oils. Beard balm is indeed a beard care product that is perfect for all men with long beards, i.e. from a 10-day beard.


The beard balm has several uses.

Beard balm to moisturize the hair


As the beard balm contains vegetable oils (jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil), it will help maintain the hydration of the hair. Many men wonder why and how to moisturize their beard . It is an essential gesture in the maintenance of the beard. Likewise, some beard balms contain glycerin, which is known for its moisturizing properties. A hydrated hair will also be softer, and will offer a softer beard, more pleasant for kisses, for example.

Beard balm to nourish the hair


The beard balm will also have a role of nourishing the hair of your beard, always by the presence of vegetable oils. It is an important element because well nourished, the hair is stronger, more robust, and it will be less brittle. And a nourished hair is also a shinier hair. This will make your beard look very good.


The beard balm to style the beard


The beard is used by men with long beards because it helps to discipline the hairs of the beard. How ? Generally beard balms contain wax, which has the power to maintain the hair, to fix it. This is why wax is widely used in men's styling products. Thus, by applying a beard balm, men who have hair that goes a little in all directions will find it easier to have a beautiful, well-groomed beard .

So if you have a hipster beard, give your beard a slightly untangled, slightly disheveled effect with a beard balm. In fact, by using this grooming product, you can give your beard any look you want.

Beard balm to perfume the beard


An important element for bearded men, having a scented beard. It feels good to smell fresh or sometimes more exotic flavors (vanilla, mango, etc.). It is also an important element for work, for example, if you must have a perfect beard (because you are in a suit, for example, or work in certain sectors of activity which require you to have a perfect beard).

Beard balms are thus scented with essential oils, you will necessarily find the perfume that suits you. Even the perfumes, why not have a specific, more neutral beard balm for work and another beard balm for the weekend?

Who can use beard balm?

Beard balm is a beard care product that will be used mainly by men who not only have long beards but also have hair that goes a little in all directions in a natural way. Or the men who have a slightly disheveled beard. And who in the end don't really know how to discipline their beards.

Beard balm can also be used by men who have a salt and pepper beard, whose white beard hairs are harder and stick out of the beard.

How to apply a beard balm?

To apply a beard balm, it's very simple, it works a bit like hair wax:


  • Take a dab of beard balm in your hand. Depending on the size of your beard, the hazelnut will necessarily be larger or smaller.

  • Heat the hazelnut in your hand by rubbing both hands together.

  • Run your hands through your beard, working the beard balm well into your beard. Each hair must be well impregnated.

  • Then comb or brush your beard: this will allow the beard balm to be applied well over the entire length of your beard hair. You will be able to properly discipline the hairs of your beard.

Don't forget to wash your beard, with beard shampoo or beard soap, to remove the balm.

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