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How to get rid of white hairs in the beard?

White hair can be a real annoyance for some men. Annoyance, embarrassment, because they can greatly age a man's face. Moreover, it is not uncommon to hear people say "oh, you have white hairs in your beard, you are getting a bit old!". Thank you for putting the "small" to mitigate your remark!! And this discomfort is all the greater if the hair is also pepper-and-salt color. In addition, the white hairs in the beard have the disadvantage of being harder than the other hairs, thicker too. They are therefore more visible than the other hairs in the beard and above all, they go a little in all directions, not giving a homogeneous shape to the beard.

So, to immediately answer a question that might come to you: no, you can't restore white hair to its original color by taking food supplements that you find on the net. There's no point spending your money on it. It is a natural effect.

Should the white hairs in the beard be removed?

The question of whether or not to remove the white hairs in the beard is of course completely personal. It depends on how you approach white hair, if it symbolizes old age for you or, on the contrary, maturity! Hey, between the two there is a big difference, no!


For years I removed the white hairs in the beard because I didn't want to see any signs of aging on my face! And then today I made up my mind, I'm leaving them. Not that I have accepted them better, but the reason is that I cannot fight against them, becoming over the years, more and more numerous (but always on the chin and not on the rest of the beard!) . So much so that at some point I even let my beard grow, much longer than the 3-day beard I've had for years.

But it is true that the pepper and salt beard is absolutely not a problem and even attracts some people.

How to remove white hairs in the beard?

To remove the white hairs in the beard, there is not much solution, unfortunately! It can be counted on the fingers of one hand: there are only two.

Use tweezers to remove the hairs in the beard

This is of course acceptable if you have very few white hairs in the beard. Otherwise, it will take you a long time if you have white hairs all over your beard. So you will need to be very patient to remove the white hairs.

Make a beard dye to hide the white hairs in the beard

In particular, I tested the beard dye from Just For Men , which can be found in certain supermarkets and on certain online stores. I found the result satisfactory but, having a beard that grows quickly, the dye effect only lasted 2/3 days. This method is therefore effective for a particular event (a party, a wedding, etc.). The other disadvantage is to choose your beard dye color carefully so as not to have a beard that does not look natural at all. If you have an event, do not hesitate to test a week before (or even two weeks before, depending on your beard growth) the beard dye, to see if it suits you.

An alternative: trim the white hairs in the beard short

If you don't feel like coloring your beard or spending hours removing white beard hairs with tweezers, then the only way to reduce their visibility is to trim your beard very short. No more long beards, no more hipster beards, no more pointed beards or even 10-day beards , you will have to mow to have a beard the next day, or even a 2-day beard. This will still give you a certain virility with the presence of a small beard on the face.

But beware, just because you have a very very short beard doesn't mean you won't have to maintain it: you will still have to moisturize it with beard oil to avoid having a dry beard and a beard . who scratches .

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