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How to maintain a long beard?

The long beard requires special maintenance. Here in my article are all my tips for properly maintaining a long beard and taking care of it on a daily basis.

Having a long beard is a dream of many men. It is the sign par excellence of masculinity, virility and strength. Besides, many women are attracted to men who wear long beards. But it takes time to have a long beard. A time that is more or less long depending on the men. And above all, a long beard requires a lot of maintenance and care!

Here are all my tips for properly maintaining your long beard.

Why wear a long beard?

Because it's trendy!

And yes, having a long beard is very trendy today! So of course there was the trend of the hipster beard, which is a little less strong now, but which can come back at any time (it's a bit like fashion, it comes and goes) . But currently, the 10-day beard is a beard that we see more and more in men. Especially among men who seek to highlight their masculinity, their virility.

Because it brings personality 

The long beard has the advantage of highlighting the face. Especially if the beard is very thick and relatively brown. It immediately gives a personality to the face, features, you concretely stand out from people who do not wear a beard. I will even say that a long beard brings a certain sympathy to your face.

To look older!

And yes, it is well known, a beard ages a face. This is also the reason why young men seek at all costs to have a beard, even if it means using beard growth accelerators. By appearing less young in this way, you have the impression of having more charisma, more character and therefore of being able to impose yourself more easily.

How to have a long beard?

Growing a long beard can be relatively quick for some men, but extremely long for others. Indeed, we are not all equal when it comes to beard hair growth. Thus, to have a beautiful long beard, some men will wait several weeks, while others will wait several months. Of course, it all depends on the desired beard length.

Grow a long beard with castor oil

To try to grow your long beard quickly, you will be able to use castor oil which is known to promote hair growth by perfectly moisturizing the skin and the hair follicle. You can also brush the skin under your beard to promote blood microcirculation, which will have a significant impact on your hair growth.

Grow a long beard with a dermaroller

You can also use a beard dermaroller , which works on blood circulation, very beneficial for the hair follicle. If your blood circulation is good, then the hair follicle will be in very good shape, as it will have enough fuel to grow. And so the hair it will generate will be beautiful, strong and robust, very shiny. But above all, it will grow in very good condition, at the optimal speed that your genetics allow you. 

I advise against using beard accelerators, many of these products are actually scams and are nothing more or less than beard oil. 

Grow a long beard with vitamin B8

Vitamin B8, which is also found under the name of Biotin, is excellent for accelerating the growth of hair, nails and also beard hair. It is even essential to these elements. You can thus take the time to grow your beard, in the form of a cure of food supplements of biotin or vitamin B8​

Massage the beard daily

Another action to perform every day, and which is also rather pleasant, is to massage your beard, and more precisely the skin under the beard, every day. Because by massaging the skin, you will, as with the dermaroller, activate blood circulation, which will have an impact on the hair follicle. To do this you can:

  • either use your fingers and do a classic massage

  • either, and it's better, brush your beard every day. The bristles of the brush will indeed have more impact than your fingers.

L'homme avec un bras tatoué

How to trim a long beard?

The trimmer for a long beard

But as soon as you have a relatively long beard hair, you will have to maintain it with a beard trimmer . As the long beard grows, you will indeed be able to give it the desired beard shape.


Here are the clippers that I recommend to properly maintain your long beard and give it the desired shape. Some beard trimmers also contain combs that will allow you to thin out the beard.

Work the contours of your long beard

The outline of the beard , whether at the level of the cheekbones or the stroke, is an important element for the aesthetics of your beard. Concretely, with a long beard, you can have the choice of:


  • either work the contours of the beard well so as not to have any hair protruding from your beard. This to give you an elegant, neat, chic style.

  • or to leave the outline of the beard in its natural state. This will then make you look cooler.

Of course, it all depends on what your daily life allows you, some jobs require you to be irreproachable in your appearance.

'If you want to draw your beard outline, you can use:

Depilatory cream for long beards

To remove any hair you may have on your cheekbones, for example, you can use   a hair removal cream for the beard . Easy to apply, just let the cream work on the hair, the break time indicated by the brand. Be careful not to exceed this time, you could have burns. The advantage of using a depilatory cream to outline your long beard is that the hair will grow back slightly longer than with a shaving product.

The straight razor for the long beard

The straight razor is a very precise beard accessory , you can shave the hair that protrudes from your long beard. But be careful, to use it well, you will have to be very careful because you can quickly cut your skin and have bleeding. So, if you use a straight razor, take your time, no rush!

The safety razor for the long beard

If you want to maintain your long beard with a traditional shaving attachment then you can use a safety razor . As did our grandparents, or even great-grandparents for some. The safety razor, like the straight razor, still requires some confidence in its use because it is very sharp.

The beard stencil for the long beard

But if you can miss the outline of your long beard, if you are afraid of not drawing it well, then you can always use a beard stencil. The stencil is still a ruler that you will put on your beard, at the precise place where you want to have your beard. Then you just have to shave all the hairs that are above this rule. It's simple and effective, and you'll be sure to have a perfect contour.

Be careful though, I advise you to have a beard outline relatively close to the natural line of your beard, so that it looks as natural as possible. Having a beard outline that goes too low can quickly be unsightly, especially when you wear a long beard.



How to take care of a long beard?


Your long beard is not only what makes your personality, but it is also what will show the most on your face. Also, your long beard must be perfectly maintained and cared for. You have no room for error. Even if you wear the hipster beard, which is deceptively unruly. Your long beard should be clean and very well groomed.

Wash your long beard

You have managed to have a long beard, congratulations, many men will envy you! Especially those who can't grow their beard because they have gaps in their beard or because they have a sparse beard . But, now you will have to apply a beauty routine for your long beard, and the first thing you will have to do is wash it.


It is very important to wash your long beard regularly because it can quickly become a dirty beard . Between bacteria, food, fat linked to food, pollution, cigarette smoke, your long beard can be a real nest of bacteria. To properly wash your long beard, you have two options:


shampoing barbe 1.jpg

Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

shampoing barbe 3.jpg

Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

Hydrate your long beard

Another care that will be important to apply to your long beard is to moisturize it well. The hydration of the long beard is an important gesture for several reasons:

  • moisturizing the hair of your long beard will strengthen the hair. You will thus have stronger, shinier hair, and above all less brittle at the ends. You shouldn't have a long dull beard.

  • Moisturizing your long beard will also prevent itchy skin and an itchy beard .

  • moisturizing your long beard will allow you to have a soft beard .

  • finally, moisturizing the hair of your long beard will also moisturize the skin under the beard. And this is very important to avoid having dry skin. You should know that it is dry skin that is partly responsible for beard dandruff .

To moisturize your long beard, you will need a beard oil . This is the best way to perfectly moisturize both the skin under the beard, but also the hair in its entire length, from root to point. Bearded men are very fond of one beard oil in particular, castor beard oil .

Another benefit of beard oil is that it will scent your long beard. Not only will the people who go kiss you be happy, but you will be happy as soon as you run your hand through your long beard.

Style your long beard

A long beard is a perfectly disciplined beard! Except for the hipster beard which is deceptively unruly. But a long beard is mostly synonymous with knots in the beard , especially if you are used to running your hand a lot through the hairs of your long beard.


In addition, a long beard requires that all the hairs go perfectly all in the same direction to give a beautiful shape of beard.

The brush for your long beard


Also, it is necessary to have a good beard brush to style your long beard properly. You can also use a close-toothed beard comb to help untangle any tangles in your long beard.

The straightener on your long beard


If you have a long beard with a frizzy hair that goes all over the place and it puffs you up a bit, then you can use a beard straightener . As with a hair straightener, the straightener will simply make your beard hair straight and smooth. This will make it easier to comb them, brush them, but above all give a nice shape to your long beard. 

So be careful though, I advise you not to use it every day: the heat of the straightener can indeed weaken your beard hair, make it more brittle, less beautiful. This could, in the long run, give the feeling of a duller beard.

The beard balm for your long beard

If you have very straight long beard hair, you can apply a beard balm that will help give the hair the look you want. It will thus work as a styling wax but for your beard. But in addition, the beard balm will have the effect of moisturizing the beard hair due to the presence of vegetable butter, or even vegetable oils.

Scrub your long beard

The last care you should do on your long beard is once a week a beard scrub . This care is all the more important to do as your beard is long. The beard scrub will promote blood microcirculation, which will have a positive effect on the hair follicle where your hair takes root. Thus, the hair will be more beautiful, stronger, shinier. But in addition, the beard scrub will deeply clean your beard hair as well as the skin under the long beard to remove:


gommage barbe.jpg

A sumptuous combination for this exceptional exfoliation with liquid crystals and precious oils which provides a gentle double exfoliating action.

gommage barbe 2.jpg

Exfoliating treatment for beard and face. This paste deeply cleanses the beard and face by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

gommage barbe 3.jpg

This alpine goat's milk soap developed in collaboration with a soap factory in Ariège was made with apricot kernels ground into very fine particles.

This will prevent beard dandruff.

Make a mask on your long beard

The mask is an essential treatment to do on your long beard, in addition to the beard scrub. But the advantage of the mask is that it will deeply hydrate the hair of the long beard, and thus have a beautiful beard. By beautiful beard, we mean a stronger, more robust hair. But also a softer and shinier coat.

To make a homemade beard mask, you can put some amount of vegetable oil on your long beard, such as olive oil. Then apply a hot towel to your beard and let sit for 10-5 minutes.

Do you have fun with your long beard?

Now that you have your long beard, you will be able to enjoy it. And I would even say, have fun with your beard!

Already, take good care of it, to take care of it. It is a key element of your personality, so you might as well give it all the necessary care. Do not hesitate to brush it every day to make the hair more beautiful, shinier and avoid knots. But above all, why not dye your beard from time to time, at parties for example. Red, blue, green... pep up your beard, give it a bit of madness!! Some also go so far as to wear glitter!

To summarize on the long beard

You now have all the elements to have a beautiful long beard:

  • make the contours of your long beard well

  • do not use the beard trimmer too much, only to remove length

  • take care of your long beard on a daily basis to have a perfectly soft beard.

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