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Traditional shaving: how to shave the old fashioned way?

rasage traditionnel

The traditional shave, also called an old-fashioned shave, is a type of shave that is making a comeback. Here are my tips for getting a traditional shave.


There is a big trend in the world of shaving today, the desire of men to return to a traditional shave. Moreover, we distinguish people who are really adept at this type of shaving to take care of their beard and their skin, the pogonophile . It is also generally a big trend in our consumption today, whatever the sector: to go back to basics. This is how we consume more and more locally, with food products that come from farms. With this type of consumption, we seek in particular to reassure ourselves about the quality of the products, and it is the same with traditional shaving.

Below are my tips for achieving a traditional un shave, an old-fashioned shave.

Why do a traditional shave?

Several reasons can lead men to choose a zero waste shave to take care of their skin :

Traditional shaving for ecological reasons

One of the reasons that can lead men to choose a traditional shave, or an old-fashioned shave, is for ecological reasons. Indeed, traditional shaving is zero waste shaving . We are all more sensitive to our environment and we want less and less to have an ecological impact. We all know that the planet is not doing very well: not only are we in a phase of global warming, but we are also leaving more and more waste on the planet. Beaches filled with plastic are a perfect illustration of this.

Traditional shaving is a great way to do a zero waste shave because it's a shave where each product used has a long lifespan.

Traditional shaving for economic reasons.

One can also choose to do a traditional shave for economic reasons. Indeed, as I said in the previous point, the interest of doing a traditional shave is to use products that last. So of course there is a certain financial cost when you embark on traditional shaving but which is very quickly amortized.

Traditional shaving for pleasure

But what drives men above all to opt for a traditional shave is to take pleasure in shaving. And this for two main reasons:

  • le  traditional shaving brings back many memories, that of seeing his grandfathers or his father shave in this way. It takes us back a bit to childhood. Who doesn't have in mind the image of their grandfather's badger?

  • traditional shaving is done with very beautiful shaving accessories: it is still more pleasant to shave with a safety razor than with an orange disposable razor that is aggressive for the eyes!!

And I will add a third reason! Since the traditional shaving accessories are pretty, it makes a very nice decoration in the bathroom!

And then go a fourth! Isn't it sexy to see a man using a shaving brush?

Traditional shaving is thus the type of shaving used by the pogonophile , this man who has a passion for everything related to the beard and thus to draw his beard outline .

What accessories for a traditional shave?


If you are used to using disposable razors to shave, you will have to profoundly change your habits! Here are the essential accessories for a traditional shave.

The straight razor for a traditional shave

The straight razor is the essential accessory for a traditional shave. The straight razor is indeed the first accessory used to shave in the history of shaving, but also an accessory favored by barbers. The cut choi is indeed the necessary accessory for:

  • shave the most traditional and ancient way with just one blade.

  • to draw beard contours with great precision.

Be careful, however, when using a straight razor because beginners, by going too fast, could very quickly cut their skin.

The safety razor for a traditional shave

The safety razor is another accessory used for traditional shaving. It has to be said that it is a shaving accessory which is very pretty, which has a mouthful, and is very popular with all men. The safety razor also appeals because of the old-fashioned blades, reminiscent of the ones we see at our grandparents.

Shaving soap and shaving brush for a traditional shave

Of course, if you want to do a traditional shave, you will have to forget your last shaving cream or shaving oil you have! We will have to go back to the origins by taking a shaving soap, accompanied of course by his badger to make it foam and apply it on the face. This is the main gesture of traditional shaving.

Alum stone for a traditional shave

If you have sensitive skin, fragile skin, Alum stone will also be necessary for traditional shaving. In addition to being a great natural deodorant, Alum stone for the beard is also necessary to stop bleeding after a razor cut .

Eau de Cologne for a traditional shave

Long ago barbers used to apply a few drops of Eau de Cologne to the neck after shaving. That's good, just like traditional shaving, Eau de Cologne is making a comeback! So of course, do not apply Eau de Cologne on a shaving cut!

The beard kit for a traditional shave

If you don't want to bother with buying different accessories to maintain your beard or shave, then you can get a beard kit. This type of kit contains all the products you would need to do your traditional shave.

So there are different types of beard kits, depending on your budget: it goes from the simplest kit to the most complete beard kit that will allow you to do your traditional shave at home like a real barber!

You now have all my tips for a traditional shave.

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