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How to properly outline the beard?

contour de barbe

The outline of the beard is the final touch which is very important to have a beautiful beard. Here are my tips for creating a good beard outline.

We're not going to hide it, outlining the beard is what bothers us the most! It takes time, it requires a minimum of equipment... Especially when we have a 10-day beard , for example, because this is the beard style that requires a perfect beard outline! As much as the hipster beard can leave an ill-defined beard outline, just like the 3-day beard , but having a 10-day beard without having a clean beard outline is simply a big mistake. So how do you properly maintain your beard outline?

Here are my tips for having a perfect beard outline.


The beard outline says a lot about you

The first step before starting to draw the outline of the beard is of course to define what type of beard you want to have, and especially what look you want to have. And this is not trivial because the shape of your beard and therefore, consequently, the outline of the beard, will give a look:

  • if you choose not to draw the outline of the beard, then it will give you a cool style, a guy style that does not take the lead. This can especially be the case if you are on vacation where letting it go in the maintenance of the beard is quite possible. You will be able to wear a dress look in adequacy.
  • if you want to draw the outline of the beard well, that the lines are perfectly clean, with not a single beard hair sticking out, then it will give you a very serious look, the image of a man who takes perfect care of himself.


Draw your beard well


Now that you have made the decision to outline your beard, you will have to attack two parts: the cheekbones and the neck. But be careful to make the outline of the beard well, so that it remains aesthetic and natural.

The contour of the beard on the cheekbones

To properly draw the outline of the beard on the cheekbones, it is necessary to respect the following instructions:

  • avoid making curves: it is not very aesthetic and especially not very natural.

  • avoid going too low: this would make your beard less important in relation to the size and shape of your face. This would give an asymmetry.

How to outline your beard on the cheekbones? It is very simple :

  • Using a comb (or pencil, whatever you like), draw a straight line between the corner of your lip, the corner, and the top of your ear.

  • above this line, you can remove all hair from your beard

  • to shave the outline of the beard on the cheekbones, you must stretch your skin upwards. This will allow, once your skin is relaxed, to maintain the natural roundness of your beard, and thus avoid having a beard outline that is too straight, which would not be pretty.

The outline of the beard on the neck

As for the cheekbones, to achieve a perfect outline of the beard on the neck, you will have to draw an imaginary line, a rounded line this time, which starts from the lobe of the ears and which will pass from 1 to 2 cm above the Adam's apple. To help you, you can place 1 or even 2 fingers above the Adam's apple. You then need to shave all the hair below that line.

The beard stencil to trace the outline of the beard

If you are really afraid of making a mistake or simply not succeeding, there are beard stencils on the market. This accessory plays the role of a ruler that will give you the exact shape of the outline of the beard, it's up to you to position it correctly on the face. Once you have clearly defined its location, all you have to do is shave all the hair that is above it. I advise you to take a transparent beard stencil , so that you can see your beard perfectly before shaving.

With which products to trace your beard outline?



Since we are all about precision here, you will have to use precise tools to outline your beard.

Which beard contour razor?

The ideal way to achieve your beard outline is either to use a straight razor or to use a safety razor . But it involves mastering these two tools well to avoid bleeding after a shaving cut . Indeed, the razor blade is in direct contact with the skin, which is not the case with disposable razors that can be found on the market. Moreover, it is not necessarily advisable to use these two products on sensitive skin.


Depilatory cream for beard contour


Beard hair removal cream can be an excellent alternative to outline your beard and remove excess beard hair. It's simple, it's fast, it's effective. Be careful, however, to test the beard hair removal cream on a part of the skin to see if you are not allergic. This could save you from skin burns.

Beard contour by threading

Another method to outline the beard is to do it with threading. So to do it, be careful, it is not recommended to do it alone at home, but rather to go to specialists. Thus, some barbers outline the beard using the threading method. This method has several advantages:

  • by pulling out the root of the hair, the hairs around the beard will grow back more slowly.

  • moreover, since no accessory is used, there is little risk of seeing ingrown hairs appear.

  • it is very suitable for people with sensitive skin, much more so than wax or depilatory cream.

But the main advantage of threading to outline the beard is that it is very precise: you can remove the hairs you want to perfectly outline the beard.

A shaving gel or shaving oil for the beard contour

If you want to use a shaving product to outline the beard, take a product that is transparent. This will allow you to see with perfect visibility the hairs you are about to shave. Because when we talk about making your beard outline, sometimes we are close to hair!

  • I advise you to use a shaving gel or a shaving oil, which are both transparent

  • avoid shaving foam, which will swell on the face and you will no longer see the imaginary lines and hairs to be shaved. The risk of planting yourself and shaving lower than the line you had set for yourself is great.

Hydrate your beard outline


Of course, as with any shaving action, when you have done your beard outline, moisturize the part concerned. This will allow your skin to recover, given that it has been assaulted by the razor blade. And it will also allow the hair to grow better. And this is especially true if you have sensitive skin.

Do not hesitate to accentuate your skin massage on the beard contour when you exfoliate the face . This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs and unsightly pimples.

What to do if you messed up your beard outline?


Well, maybe you didn't wake up or you went too fast and bim, you screwed up in shaving your beard outline. Well, the solutions are very simple to deal with it:

  • either you draw a new imaginary line, lower, even if it means having a smaller beard

  • either you wait for your beard hair to grow back. If you're lucky enough to have a fast-growing beard, it won't be too hard to wait.


How often should you trim your beard outline?


So there is no ideal frequency for trimming your beard outline, it will mainly depend on how quickly your beard hair grows. But also what you like or dislike.

  • indeed, if you like to have a little very short hair, in this case you can maintain your beard outline every 2 to 3 days

  • on the other hand, if you want to be absolutely white-shaven at the level of your beard outline, in this case you will have to maintain it every day!

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