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The benefits of face scrub

It is important to exfoliate your face regularly to rid the skin of dead cells which, unfortunately, accumulate on its surface. But not only ! Exfoliating the face also removes sweat and toxins that accumulate. By facial scrub we also mean facial exfoliation, which is another term. This facial is still very little done by men, or so once a month, and even when you think about it. And yet, facial exfoliation is an important treatment that has many effects.

You can find at the end of this article a video that I shot on facial exfoliation.


What is a facial scrub product made of?

It all depends of course on the products and the brands, but a scrub product is composed of a cleansing cleansing base and a compound that will allow the skin to be scrubbed. These famous grains that you feel when you touch the product. The grains today are made up of natural materials in their original form, such as sea salt, or which have been reduced to powder: coffee, grape seeds, etc. It is by the friction of these grains on the skin that the exfoliation of the face will take place.

What are the benefits of facial scrubbing?

1st benefit of facial exfoliation: prepare the skin before other treatments

By removing the dead cells on the surface of the skin, the facial scrub will allow you to prepare the skin well before applying the other treatments in your beauty routine for men . It is indeed to be done before applying your serum or a day or night cream. By having perfectly clear skin, the active ingredients of future face care will penetrate perfectly into the skin.

2nd benefit of the facial scrub: to give radiance to the skin

By removing dead cells from the surface of the skin, the facial scrub will restore radiance to your skin and thus fight against dull complexion. There is nothing worse than having the feeling of having a slightly gray face, which will give a bad impression of oneself to those around you (a tired face, of someone who is not in full form). While it is enough simply to do a good exfoliation of the face to restore radiance to the skin and a beautiful complexion. Why deprive yourself of it!

The skin of the face will also be softer, and therefore more pleasant to the touch. It's still more fun, isn't it?

3rd benefit of facial exfoliation: regenerate the epidermis

The facial scrub will also stimulate the mechanisms of blood microcirculation and regeneration of the epidermis of the skin. Even if it happens naturally, a little help from Mother Nature is welcome! Because the skin of the face renews itself approximately every 28 days, but not all at once. Hence the fact that the dead cells remain on the skin.

4th benefit of facial exfoliation: prepare the skin for tanning

If you want to expose yourself to the sun, because the points of May arrive or quite simply because you are going to leave for one to two weeks on vacation in the sun, know that the exfoliation of the face will help improve your tan. Indeed, by removing all the dead skin cells and other imperfections, you will have perfectly clean skin and thus have an even tan all over your skin. Your tan will be prettier. Exfoliating your face is one of the tips for how to tan well .

The facial scrub is an essential treatment to adopt in your beauty routine for men . The benefits of facial exfoliation are numerous, not only do they remove dead skin cells, but they restore radiance to the complexion of the face and prevent the growth of ingrown hair after shaving. Whatever your skin type, the facial scrub is a treatment to integrate into your routine. In addition, between us, it is a moment which is very pleasant. Take care of yourself, refocus a little, take time, it's very good for morale. And since we are in a rushed world, where everything must be done very quickly, taking a few minutes in your bathroom has almost become necessary to relax. But how often should you exfoliate your face? This is the question I will answer. And it really depends on your skin type.

How often to exfoliate the face.

Exfoliation of the face must be done regularly, to have perfectly cleansed skin, in depth. But you should adapt the frequency of the facial scrub according to your skin type.

Facial scrub for dry skin

People with dry skin should exfoliate their face about once a week. But be careful, choose a facial scrub that has a soft grain.

Facial scrub for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should exfoliate their face once every 10 days. Having sensitive skin, the skin must indeed be more rested than the others. Sensitive skin should not be disturbed. As with dry skin, be careful to choose a gentle scrub.

Facial scrub for oily skin

If you have oily skin, then you are in luck! You can indeed exfoliate your face once or twice a week.

It is very important to respect these different deadlines because exfoliating the face too regularly would have bad effects on the skin. She would feel attacked.

The right gestures for a facial scrub

The facial scrub is a treatment that has become essential in her beauty routine for men . If you haven't yet gotten into the habit of exfoliating your face at least once a week, you'll have to fix it! Because the benefits of a scrub are very numerous, including that of restoring radiance to facial skin that is a little dull, a little sad (and it's not very good for morale!!). Nevertheless, it is necessary, for it to be successful, to respect the good gestures of the exfoliation of the face. Here are the recommendations.

Facial scrub before other treatments

The objective of facial exfoliation is, in particular, to remove dead cells from the skin in order to make it perfectly clear. If you plan to do other facials at the same time, always start with the facial scrub. Your clear skin will thus be better able to receive the active ingredients of future treatments, in particular your serum or your day cream or your night cream. Your facial beauty routine will be much more effective by doing this.

Exfoliate your face in the morning


It is during the night that the skin regenerates the most, and therefore the skin of the face. Thus, dead cells are more numerous in the morning! It is therefore recommended to exfoliate your face in the morning. Provided of course that you have the time to do it and that you don't get up 5 minutes before leaving for work!!!

Exfoliation of the face without rubbing too much

We have the feeling, for the exfoliation of the face to be successful, that we must really rub the skin of the face. Just to be sure to remove all the dead cells that have accumulated on the skin! Well no, big mistake. A facial scrub must be done very gently! And be careful, no more than 30 seconds of rubbing, so as not to damage the epidermis.

Facial scrub with the right product


This point is particularly for those who have sensitive and dry skin. Doing a facial scrub does not mean damaging your skin, it is not a peeling and the objective is not to remove your skin! Choose a facial scrub that offers a relatively small grain, which will be gentle on your face. You should not have the feeling of burning once the scrub is done.

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