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How to tan well? My advice

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What are the tips for getting a good tan and having a beautiful skin tone, on the body and on the face? Here are all my tips for how to tan well.


The May weekends are coming, the summer holidays  are fast approaching, and inevitably, with the first rays of sunshine, the heat, we all want to take our vitamin D cure and, as long as you do, have a well-tanned skin! Be careful, however, because too much exposure to the sun, and without protection, can cause significant damage to your skin: sunburn, brown spots, aging spots, etc. Not to mention much more serious lesions such as skin cancer. So tan well yes, but not in any way.

Below are my tips on how to tan well.

How to tan well by preparing your skin?

Of course, ideally, to tan well, it is necessary to prepare your skin beforehand. It is not enough just to expose yourself to the sun and wait for the UV to take effect. No, a good preparation of the skin is necessary.

How to tan well with a good diet

As with everything, food has a strong impact on our tan! Il est ainsi nécessaire de préparer sa peau en mangeant des ingrédients riches en caroténoïde et en vitamine A. We find these two active ingredients in carrots of course, the perfect ingredient to prepare your skin for tanning. But they are also found in tomatoes, melons, peppers and spinach. So it's time to start in April to have a healthy diet based on salads made up of tomatoes, melons or even carrots! This will also allow you to achieve the body summer you've been waiting for!

How to tan well with dietary supplements

If you do not necessarily want to change your diet, you can use food supplements to get a good tan. There are all kinds, many being based on carotenoid and en vitamine A. All parapharmacies sell it.

My tips for knowing how to tan effectively


So il  has some sort of belief that to get a tan fast, just get a good sunburn and wait a few days for it to turn into tanned skin. Besides, it's a bit like what many people say when their face is burnt: it doesn't matter, in a few days it will be tanned. So of course, this is to be avoided, the UV rays of the sun being very dangerous for our skin.

How to tan well by applying sunscreen

Whatever your skin type, from the first exposure to the sun, you must strongly protect your skin with a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Your skin is not used to sudden exposure to the sun, so it could be very irritating. Even if you have dark skin, it is necessary to apply sunscreen. As your skin tans, you can then reduce the protection factor.

Do not forget that it is necessary to apply sunscreen every two hours, and after swimming. Of course, choose natural sunscreens that will not pollute the marine environment.

How to tan well by going gradually

Always with the aim of preserving your skin and ensuring that it is well tanned, and that the tan lasts a long time, gradually expose yourself to the sun. Don't go spending a whole day in otter mode on your beach towel right away. No, gently prepare your skin to get used to the sun. So start by exposing yourself for an hour, then two hours, etc. Always with sunscreen of course!

Similarly, initially, favor times when the sun's UV rays are weakest, i.e. between 10 a.m. and noon, then after 4 p.m.

How to effectively tan the face?

If you want advice on how to tan your face effectively, it's going to be very simple: apply daily, every morning, from March onwards, a daytime moisturizer containing an anti-UV filter. This will allow you to expose yourself to the sun without risking sunburn and prepare the skin of the face for the sun. You can thus safely have lunch on the terrace and have drinks in the sun. Although there are natural remedies to relieve sunburn , they should be avoided as much as possible.


The other advantage of applying a day cream with an anti-UV filter is that you will avoid the appearance of sun spots which will accentuate the aging of your skin, and of course reduce the risk of skin cancer. .

How to properly tan your legs?

To know how to properly tan your legs, all you have to do is follow one rule! Indeed, when we are in the sun, we have a little too much tendency to lie on our towel only in one direction, the direction where we are most comfortable. Not to mention that we like to take a nap after lunch washed down with a glass of rosé! Thus, the tan on the legs will not be uniform. To know how to properly tan your legs, you have to move!

  • turn regularly on your towel, applying sunscreen each time. The towel was indeed able to drink a little sunscreen.

  • are you going for a walk, don't stay static on your towel

  • take the opportunity to play a game on the sand

How to tan well after a day of sun exposure

Obviously, to tan well, everything does not happen only during the phase of exposure to the sun. It is necessary to apply care to have a perfect tan. This will allow you to prolong your tan.

Exfoliate for a good tan

Exfoliation is an important step in getting the perfect tan. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating will not actually remove your tan. It's not like you're removing the tanning film from your skin. No, the point of exfoliating is that you will remove dead cells and other imperfections from your skin, making it smoother and perfectly clean. Your tan will thus be more uniform on your skin and the overall result will be prettier.

  • Exfoliate your face regularly: for example, using micellar water in the morning for a gentle facial exfoliation or an exfoliating product for a more intense facial exfoliation, once a week.

  • do a body exfoliation twice a week while you are in the midst of sun exposure. This will not only remove dead skin cells from your legs, arms and back, but also completely remove sunscreen residue.

Hydrate your skin for a good tan

The big risk we have in exposing ourselves to the sun is not only getting a sunburn but also peeling skin! What to do when the face is peeling? This is the question that many people ask themselves to avoid losing their tan as much as possible. Thus, to avoid having peeling skin, you will have to perfectly hydrate your skin:

  • moisturize the skin of your face, of course,

  • but also hydrate the skin of your body: feet, legs, hands, arms, torso, back, shoulders.

In addition, by moisturizing your skin, you will strengthen its hydrolipidic film, the film that protects it, and therefore make its protection against UV rays more effective.

You now have all the tips for a good tan. If you ever go skiing , don't hesitate to follow my advice on how to tan while skiing !

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