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What you need to know to tan on skis

bien bronzer au ski

What are the tips for getting a good tan on skis and not coming back with peeling skin? Here are all my tips for knowing how to tan well while skiing.

Of course, when you go skiing, you know that one of the products to put in your suitcase is sunscreen ! Indeed, the snow represents a very good surface to increase the importance of UV, as are the sea and the sand. So, as soon as we ski, we can get sunburned very easily without protection. And we can not say that it is very aesthetic, with the beautiful trace of the glasses on the face. In short, when we come back from our skiing holidays, we generally think “ oh the beautiful trace of glasses ”. Unfortunately, as we keep the goggles on almost all day for skiing, this goggle mark is difficult to avoid. I have already done an article on how to tan well in the summer, but it is also important to know how to tan well when skiing.

Below are my tips on how to tan well.

Get a good tan on skis, protect your skin

You should know that the mountain air can do us a lot of good. On the other hand, for our skin, going to the mountains can turn out to be a disaster. Indeed, our skin is absolutely not accustomed to undergoing very cold temperatures all of a sudden. Unless you live in the mountains.

Drink to tan while skiing

But if you live in town with air conditioning and heating, your skin is going to have quite a thermal shock, and especially at the level of the hydrolipidic film. The hydrolipidic film is a protective film of the skin against external aggressions (temperature change, pollution, etc.) composed of sebum and water in particular. With the sudden change in temperature, the hydrolipidic film will be put to use and thus the risk of water loss, and therefore of dehydration, can be very high. Thus, it is advisable to drink plenty of water during your days skiing, even if you do not necessarily feel the need because of the cold. This will allow you to tan well while skiing. But be careful, don't replace the water with mulled wine, the effect won't really be the same!!

Moisturize your skin for a good tan on skis

In addition to hydrating the inside, your body, you will also have to hydrate your skin to avoid burning and tan well on skis. Also, do not forget to bring with you, in addition to sunscreen, a cream that will be even more moisturizing than your usual day cream. To deal with the drying out of the hydrolipidic film. I advise you in this case to bring a cold cream , specifically adapted as soon as the temperatures drop below 0°C.

cold cream.png

Get a good tan on skis with a good sunscreen


As I said above, the sun of the mountain is much more dangerous than that of the beach. So yes, we are very happy when there is not a single cloud in the sky, a sign that the day of skiing is going to be excellent. But the reverberation due to the snow is much much stronger (85% instead of 20% on the water).

Thus, it will be necessary to take a sunscreen with a high protection factor, i.e. the maximum, SPF 50.  

And be careful when skiing, you will have to favor certain areas of your face, namely the parts that are the most rounded, and therefore the most exposed to the sun, namely:

  • the nose,

  • forehead

  • ears

Similarly, a single application per day will not be sufficient, it will be necessary, as at the beach, to apply sunscreen approximately every two hours.

Care for a good tan on skis

Here are the little tips for applying your beauty routine for:

  • sunbathe while skiing

  • avoid burning your face

  • have completely dry skin 

It is of course an ideal beauty routine that I propose to you with the aim of protecting all the skin that could be exposed during a day of skiing:

  • First of all, cleanse your face in a completely classic way with your products. Then apply a thermal mist or toner .

  • don't forget to apply eyeliner, even if you wear goggles or ski goggles all day.

  • also continue to apply a serum, moisturizing for skiing, to strengthen your hydrolipidic film.

  • now is the time to apply your day cream : prefer a cold cream. If you don't have one, use a moisturizer in the form of a cream instead. Avoid moisturizing gels which are less resistant.

  • of course, protect your lips with a lip balm to avoid ending up with chapped lips . Take it with you during the day to recover regularly

  • also apply hand cream. The skin of the hands being very dry, it risks taking a serious blow from the cold of the snow. Especially if you have fun doing snow fights !

  • before heading out on the slopes, apply your sunscreen to your face. Also bring it with you to reapply every 2 hours. Don't forget to put sunscreen on your ears too !

You now have all the tips for getting a good tan on skis!

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