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Why use a cold cream ?

cold cream

Why use a cold cream ? Many brands now offer cold cream. Find in my article the interest of integrating a cold cream  into your beauty routine.

A cold cream, but what is ? It is true that cold cream is not yet a product used by men in their beauty routine. And yet, cold cream is a product to be integrated into the beauty routine of men, as soon as the temperatures drop below 0°C ! Cold cream is indeed an ideal cream for the cold !

Here are the reasons for using a cold cream. 


What is the difference between a cold cream and a day cream ?


A cold cream will have a much more protective effect than a classic day cream. It is a cream which was created in the 2nd century by a Greek doctor Claude Galen and which was then composed of beeswax, sweet almond oil and rose floral water. Today, there are cold creams with this composition, even if the majority of brands have brought their personal touch. Thus, some brands will replace vegetable oil with paraffin.

What are the benefits of cold cream?

The cold cream will have a triple action :

Cold cream is nutritious

The main reason for the cold cream will be to strengthen the hydrolipidic film. It is a film, made in particular based on serum and water, which protects the skin from external aggressions. And the cold is one of the main external aggressions for the skin because it will dry out the hydrolipidic film. It will have less water.

Cold cream is protective

Since the hydrolipidic film will be more nourished, more hydrated, it will thus have a much more effective protective role. This protective side is notably provided by beeswax which is part of the composition of cold cream.

Cold cream is soothing


The idea of cold cream is also to bring comfort to your skin, especially if it has been attacked by the cold.


Who should use a cold cream ?

Since the objective of the cold cream will be to protect  the skin against the cold, and in particular to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, the cold cream will be particularly effective for people with dry and/or sensitive skin.

If you have oily skin or combination skin, apply the cream only on the parts of the face that tend to dry out, otherwise you will accentuate the shine linked to your excess sebum. Normal skin can apply it all over the face.


In any case, cold cream is suitable for the whole family. You can even apply a cold cream to babies' skin.

When to use cold cream ?

As its name suggests, cold cream is a day cream to use as soon as the temperature drops drastically :

  • it can therefore be used as a day cream for people who live in cold regions in winter

  • but people who have very dehydrated skin in winter, regardless of where they live, can also use it.

  • of course, if you plan to go on a ski holiday, it is essential to bring with you a cold cream. This will allow you to tan well while skiing while maintaining good hydration.

How to properly apply a cold cream ?


The cold cream is very easy to apply, like any day cream. For this, you must of course clean your face beforehand, before applying your cold cream. Do not forget to apply the cold cream also on the neck.

To boost skin hydration even more, you can mix cold cream with a moisturizing serum or mix cold cream with your day cream.

Finally, do not hesitate to apply the cold cream on your lips: this will save you from having to treat chapped lips .


Is cold cream only made for the face ?

The advantage of cold cream, because of its super-nourishing side, is that you can apply it on the face but also on your body ! So, if you have, for example, dry knees, or codes or even your hands, you can apply cold cream.

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