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Why use micellar water?

Micellar water is a facial treatment that is still very little used by men. It must be said that it is a facial treatment very largely unknown to men. Here are the different reasons for using micellar water.

What is micellar water ?

A micellar water is a special product in the beauty routine for men . A product that is very little used by men because many believe that its micellar water is reserved as a make-up remover. Well not only.

Micellar water is water loaded with fine particles called micelles. Micelles are particles of surfactants (surfactants are water-soluble molecules that aggregate at the interfaces between water and other poorly water-soluble substances, in particular fatty substances present on our skin) .


What is micellar water used for?


Micellar water has several functions, which is why it is advisable to integrate it into a beauty routine, especially as a treatment for oily skin .


A micellar water to remove make-up


The micelles thus make it possible to deeply cleanse the skin and to remove, in particular, all traces of make-up, even those which are the most difficult to remove, such as mascara.

A micellar water to remove excess sebum

Micellar water will also help remove excess sebum on the skin as well as all impurities on the skin, such as dead cells. This is why micellar water is a popular product for people with oily skin. It thus makes it possible to replace, in a more gentle way, a daily facial scrub .

What is the difference between a micellar water and a tonic lotion?

What differentiates a micellar water from a tonic lotion is that the tonic lotion does not remove make-up from the skin. So micellar water will be more interesting to use if you use makeup for men .

How to use micellar water?


Using micellar water is very simple : just take a cotton ball and soak it with a few drops of micellar water. Then apply the cotton pad all over your face. If you use makeup, pay special attention to the makeup areas. Leave to act for a few moments while the micelles form.

When to use micellar water?

It is necessary to use micellar water morning and evening. In the morning, it will help remove the excess sebum produced by the skin during the night. In the evening, it will be used to cleanse the skin of impurities received during the day, to refresh and purify it.

Once the micellar water has been applied, you can then continue your facial care.

Can micellar water be used by all skin types?


Yes, because today the brands offer micellar waters specially adapted for oily skin, dry skin or even sensitive skin. However, some sensitive skin could feel tightness with micellar water, in this case it is preferable to use thermal water or floral water , or even a cleansing milk.

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