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Why use floral water?

It is sometimes recommended to use floral water before starting these face treatments, morning and evening. A floral water or a thermal bath , but the advantage of floral water is that it is fragrant and therefore very pleasant to use. Floral water, which is also found under the name of hydrosol, is in fact the water that is collected after distillation of a plant or a flower. It thus contains the same properties as the essential oil from which it is extracted, with the difference that it can be used by everyone, but those who do not tolerate essential oils. Floral water is therefore perfectly recommended for sensitive skin.​

A floral water, what is ?

Floral water is a liquid obtained from the distillation of flowers, leaves or bark, which is produced at the same time as the essential oil of the flower or leaf in question. Thus, when we produce an essential oil of lavender, for example, we also produce lavender floral water. Knowing that :

  • floral water is liquid and transparent, a bit like water. Unlike water is that it has the scent of the flower or leaf in question

  • essential oil has a thicker, oily consistency.

What is the difference between both ? Well know everything the essential oil will be much more concentrated than the floral water in active ingredients. Thus, floral water can have a greater use than essential oil.

The virtues of floral water for the skin

In reality, an article should be written for each floral water because inevitably, depending on the plant from which it is extracted, the floral water will have its own virtues.

  • Thus, cornflower floral water soothes and decongests tired or puffy eyes.

  • Lavender floral water, which I use personally, in addition to its relaxing scent, is known for its healing, rebalancing and antiseptic properties. It is therefore ideal for people with oily skin.

  • Rose floral water, which we often see, is a very good moisturizer and has toning and anti-wrinkle properties.

  • Chamomile floral water will suit sensitive skin with its soothing properties due to the natural anti-inflammatory active ingredient it contains.

  • Thyme floral water will be recommended for oily skin because it will regulate sebum production.

  • Orange blossom water is suitable for dry skin because it will tone, soften and moisturize the skin.

It is therefore recommended to cleanse your face with floral water every morning, rather than using a shower gel or soap. Floral water is indeed much softer for the skin, and brings its benefits because of these active principles.

You can find my article: how to properly clean your facial skin, my advice

How to use thermal water?


Floral waters are generally offered in the form of a mist. So just put a little on the whole face. On the other hand, you should not dry your skin after application, or rub with a cotton pad. Leave it on the skin as it is and apply your next treatment directly to your still moistened skin.

For cornflower water that is applied around the eye contour, it is recommended to tap with the fingers or to apply it in the form of a compress, for a few minutes to decongest the eyes.

Which floral water to choose?

It is recommended to systematically choose an organic floral water because the water is directly put on the skin and integrated by the epidermis.

After applying floral water, the next step in your beauty routine is toning lotion .

If you want to know what your skin type is, I suggest you read the article on the different skin types by clicking here .

Precautions to take with floral water

Beware, if you are allergic to essential oil, then there are great things for you to be allergic to floral water as well. Even if the active ingredients are less powerful in a floral water than in an essential oil, they are still present and you could still have reactions.

Also, if you are using floral water for the first time, start by testing on part of the skin, before putting it on the whole face or body, for example.

How to store floral water?

Floral water is very fragile and can quickly react if exposed to the sun. Also, to properly preserve floral water:

  • it must be stored in a dry place, away from light. The ideal is to store it in a closet

  • floral water should not be exposed to a heat source

You can put your floral water in the refrigerator. This gives more freshness, a feeling of tonic on your skin. Ideal for tightening the dilated pores of the skin !

What are the uses of floral water ?

What is good with floral water is that you can use it in different ways, on several parts of the body:

  • on the face, as I mentioned above, you can use it as a facial cleanser. There is indeed no point in the morning using a cleansing product for the face, given that you have not left your home and that, normally, you have washed your face the night before.

  • on the body, you can use it to take care of your sensitive, even irritated skin, to soothe it. You can also use it after the shower, to remove the traces of limestone left on the skin if you have very hard water.

  • on the hair, a little like for the shower, you could apply some after the shampoo, or your care after shampoo, to possibly remove the residues or the traces of limestone. Similarly, if you have an irritated scalp or with pimples, in this case do not hesitate to apply floral water.

And of course, floral water is also an excellent treatment for cooling off in summer from the sun and the heat! This also makes it possible to maintain skin hydration and protect the hydrolipidic film, which is strongly attacked by UV rays.

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