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Dilated pores: how to tighten the dilated pores of the skin

resserrer pores dilatés peau

Do you have dilated pores and are you looking for solutions to tighten the dilated pores of your skin? Find here all my advice to have a perfect skin texture.


How to tighten dilated pores? This is a question that many people, even men, ask themselves because they consider that their pores are too visible on the face. And on one area in particular, the nose. But you should know that pores are essential to our skin: pores simply allow the skin to breathe.

Why are pores dilated?


Pores are essential to our skin, they allow it to breathe. The pores of the skin are in fact small orifices through which sebum and sweat are evacuated. But the pores dilate as soon as they are clogged with excess sebum, sweat, dead cells and other impurities that may be on the skin. They expand to make the skin breathe better, so this is a sign of dysfunction. You should know that dilated pores are usually found on the famous T-zone of the face, namely the forehead, nose and chin. They can also be found on the upper back. Why the zone T ? Because it is in this area that the production of sebum is the most important.


Why should dilated pores be tightened?

By dilating, the pores thus become very visible, and this is not necessarily aesthetic depending on your skin texture. Indeed, due to excess sebum on the skin, the skin becomes oilier, shinier. Some will say that she shines and that she does not give the impression of being the skin of a person who takes care of her.

It is important to tighten the pores because dilated pores promote the appearance of blackheads , pimples or even whiteheads .


But still many men are not too familiar with this makeup product. So why use un  foundation for men and how to use it? I will answer your questions below.

How to tighten the dilated pores of the skin?


As you will have understood, to tighten the dilated pores of the skin, it will be necessary to remove excess sebum, sweat, dead cells, pollution and any other impurity present on the skin. And it is a mission that is not impossible insofar as certain beauty gestures are taken into account.

Use products suited to your skin type

It is very important to use skincare products that are suitable for your skin type : whether you have oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, the care you need will be different . The objective with products for oily skin will be precisely to regulate excess sebum. To do this, products for oily skin are generally less rich and the textures more fluid. On the contrary, for dry skin, the objective will be to maintain the sebum to leave it with this filter which will protect it from external aggressions. Thus, do not use a product for dry skin on oily skin, the effect will be very negative for the skin. It is therefore very important to know your skin type .

Thoroughly cleanse your skin to tighten dilated pores

The first thing to do to tighten the dilated pores of your skin is to clean it well.

If you are one of the men who wears makeup for men , such as concealer or foundation for men , it is necessary to cleanse your skin well at night. Indeed, these two types of makeup products for men will have an effect of clogging the pores of the skin. It is therefore important not to leave them permanently on the face, they must be removed as soon as you no longer have to show yourself in your best light. In any case, if you wear make-up, preferably use a mattifying make-up product that will absorb the excess sebum produced by the skin.

To properly cleanse your skin with the aim of tightening dilated pores, I advise you to use a micellar water that will rid your skin of its impurities.

Make a face scrub to tighten dilated pores

I talk about it regularly on the blog through the test of different products, the benefits of facial scrub are very numerous. And one of these benefits is precisely to deeply cleanse the skin by removing all impurities. Depending on your skin type, the frequency of face scrub will be different :

  • 1-2 times a week for oily skin

  • Once a week for combination and normal skin

  • Between once a week to once every 10 days for dry and sensitive skin.

To tighten large pores, take a steam bath

The facial steam bath is a treatment that is still very little done today, both by women and even less by men. And yet, the benefits of the facial steam bath are very important, especially to tighten dilated pores.

To make a steam bath, it's very simple: just fill a bowl of very hot water in which you put a few drops of essential oils. And we stay for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, we withdraw from the bowl and wash our face directly with cold water! Yes cold. The thermal shock thus caused will tighten the pores.

Make a mask to tighten large pores

Clay is recognized for its purifying action. This is the reason why it is found a lot in products such as skin masks. You can thus make yourself a face mask with green clay which will have an action of removing excess sebum on the skin by sucking it up, like a blotter.

You can also use your oatmeal to tighten pores in the form of a mask. They will indeed act as a natural exfoliant. To do this, you just have to mix the oatmeal with a little warm water, like porridge, and leave it on like any mask, between 15 and 25 minutes.

Use ice cubes to tighten dilated pores

Did you know that ice cubes have a tightening effect ? It's the quick fix to tighten skin pores. Moreover, it is advisable to pass ice cubes on the skin after you have completely shaved your face or after a hair removal session. Be careful though, you have to pass them quickly on the skin of your face, don't wait until they are completely melted ! Pass the ice cubes on the face, but not too long, you risk burning it.

Tighten dilated pores with kitchen products !

Do you have an orange in your kitchen ? Use it to tighten the dilated pores of your skin ! In addition to being a provider of good energy and vitality with vitamin C, the orange game can also be an ideal partner for tightening large pores ! Simply apply the juice directly to the face and wash it off after 10 minutes.

Likewise, egg white is recognized as an astringent product ! Whip the egg white, incorporate the juice of a lemon and apply this mask on the face until it dries !

Have a healthy lifestyle to tighten dilated pores


You may apply all the previous advice, if you do not have a healthy lifestyle, you will continue to have dilated pores. He says that our skin, its appearance, is a reflection of our lifestyle. So, if you are a smoker, if you drink a lot of alcohol, if you don't do a lot of sport or if you don't have a balanced diet, then don't expect to have beautiful skin. In addition to changing your beauty routine, you will also have to change some habits in your daily life.

Likewise, it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun ! UV rays from the sun are indeed negative for the skin, I have nothing to teach you. But skin attacked by the sun is skin whose skin cells are damaged and the pores no longer function normally : they will thus evacuate sebum less well.


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