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Foundation for men: how to choose and apply it?

fond de teint pour homme

Foundation for men is a makeup product that is increasingly used by men. Here are my tips for choosing the right foundation for men and applying it well.


More and more men are no longer hesitating to use make- up products for men . It's a big trend in men's beauty, moreover, that of taking care of one's appearance for a few years. While in the past it was considered too feminine to wear makeup, today men want to show off a healthy glow, a good complexion. Besides, I receive a lot of questions to know how to avoid the appearance of blackheads or how to eliminate pimples. Sign that men no longer want to see imperfections on their skin.


Foundation for men: do not be ashamed!

One of the most used makeup products by men today is foundation. The use of foundation for men has indeed become enormously democratized, it is no longer a shame to use it today. There are still a few years, men stole in secret the foundation of their girlfriend or wife. Today, cosmetic brands increasingly offer men's foundations in their range. Taking care of your skin, your body has now become completely commonplace in our society, just like perfectly maintaining your beard rather than having a shaggy beard. In short, never has a man taken so much care of his appearance. And that in no way plays on masculinity and a loss of virility. On the contrary, women prefer men who take care of them.


But still many men are not too familiar with this makeup product. So why use un  foundation for men and how to use it? I will answer your questions below.

Why use foundation for men?


The use of foundation for men can meet different needs in men. There is not just one use for men's foundation, but many. What makes it its advantage is a bit of a must-have men's makeup product to have in your bathroom.

The foundation for men to even out their complexion

This will especially interest you if you are starting to have mature skin and are over 40 years old. With age, the first signs of aging appear on the skin, such as redness, rosacea or even brown spots. Some of these spots are not very visible and are not bothersome, others on the contrary can be relatively present on the face and be a source of discomfort. Men's foundation may be a perfect men's makeup product to deal with these skin imperfections, masking them completely. This will make you look younger.

Hide pimples with men's foundation

You have a pimple that just popped up overnight and you have a date today that you were pinning your hopes on? In addition this button is a little red and is therefore very visible on the face. Don't worry, a well-applied men's foundation will hide this pimple, at worst make it much less visible!

Hide the signs of fatigue with a foundation for men

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you get scared when you see your dark circles which are very dark in color? Moreover, at work your colleagues do not hesitate to tell you that you look very tired, not to tell you that you have a bad room!! The urgency here is to sleep well and stay well hydrated by drinking water to hide dark circles. Unfortunately, you don't have the option of taking a day off to spend it in bed and make up for your lack of sleep. Do not panic, the foundation for men will help you! Indeed, apply foundation for men on your face to hide the signs of fatigue.

The foundation for men to hide his scars

Do you have a few scars on your face, especially acne scars, that you want to reduce or hide? Just like hiding your pimples, the foundation for men will allow you to hide your acne scars, as well as any other type of scars.

Have a healthy glow with foundation for men

Without necessarily having signs of fatigue on your face, such as dark circles, your skin may not look good. This skin which is sometimes a little dull, a little grey, not very pretty. Men are not spared by this, the face can lack radiance. By putting on foundation for men, you will regain a healthy glow, to the point where you will be told that you look in good shape! In addition, it plays on morale! And yes, when we find ourselves beautiful, with a good look, it necessarily plays on our morale.

The foundation for men to mattify his skin

This point is for men who have oily or combination skin or who tend to shine on the famous T zone. As a reminder, the T zone includes the forehead, the nose, the edges of the nose and the chin. This is an area that tends to shine, due to excess sebum . The foundation for men is thus a very good product to mattify his skin and thus make it less shiny.

How to choose the foundation for men


The great difficulty that men can encounter when they have decided to use a foundation for men is to choose it well. It is true that we are not necessarily educated to choose our foundation and it is not a purchase that we make between friends. Because you can quickly be lost when choosing your foundation, the offer is so great. There are several rules to follow to choose the right foundation for men.

Choosing the right foundation color for men

When the time comes to choose your foundation for men, the main point to look at is of course the color of the product. This is the most important point. Because when applying a foundation for men, the objectives are as follows:

  • that the foundation does not show on your face. The goal is to hide skin imperfections or to look better

  • keep your face natural.


Basically, the idea is not to look like Donald Trump with a mask effect on the face!

It will therefore be necessary to choose a foundation for men according to the color of your skin, a foundation that is close to the natural color of your skin. It is recommended to take a foundation that is slightly below your natural skin color. In any case, never take a foundation for men that is even slightly darker in color than your face.

Choosing the right foundation texture for men

After choosing the color, it is also necessary to choose the right texture for your foundation for men, and this will depend mainly on your skin type .

What foundation for men when you have dry skin

If you have dry skin, then your skin needs to be moisturized. It will therefore be necessary to choose a foundation for men that will not dry out your skin but on the contrary maintain its hydration. Opt for a foundation that will also hydrate your skin.

What foundation for men when you have oily skin

The objective here will be to absorb the excess sebum produced by your sebaceous glands and which is responsible for the shiny effect of your skin. Choose a foundation for men that will have a mattifying effect.

What foundation for men when you have combination skin

Combination skin is characterized by excess sebum on one part of the skin and normal or even dry skin elsewhere. Favor a foundation in the form of a cream or a stick to put it only on the parts of the skin to be treated.

The different types of foundation for men


There are different formats of foundation for men, which can meet very specific needs:

  • powder foundation: this is the historical product, the one that is applied with a sponge. This is the product to use if you want to even out your complexion.

  • the cream: today foundations are increasingly in the form of creams, and in particular BB creams for men which have a moisturizing role.

  • the concealer stick: the concealer stick is the perfect foundation for men to hide imperfections such as pimples or redness.



How to apply foundation for men?



The application of foundation for men will vary depending on the type of foundation chosen. In any case, whatever the type of foundation chosen, there is one rule to follow: the foundation is applied last in the beauty routine! It is to be put on after applying your eye contour, serum and day cream.

  • powder foundation: the skin must be perfectly dry. Tap the sponge on the foundation directly and apply it all over the face, tapping as well. Be sure to apply it all over your face and neck, so that you don't have a visible difference between your face and your neck. Be careful though if you are wearing a white shirt.

  • BB cream: I wrote an article on how to properly apply a BB cream . You can also find my tutorial video present on my Youtube channel below.

  • the corrector stick: just apply a little product on the button or the element you want to hide. Then tap with your finger.

You now know everything about foundation for men!

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