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Why use a BB cream for men?

BB crème pour homme

A BB cream for men, what is it for? Find in my article the advantages of integrating a BB cream for men into your routine.


The BB cream for men is a beauty product for men that is increasingly found in the product ranges of cosmetic brands. It must be said that it is a bit of a miracle product for anyone looking to have a healthy glow. But the BB cream for men is also a product that is not known at all, and few men know exactly what a BB cream is for.

Below is a detailed presentation of the benefits of a BB cream for men.


What is a BB cream for men ?

Before presenting the effects of a BB cream for men, it is necessary to give a small definition ! The initials BB are for " Blemish Balm ". If we translate into French, it means anti-blemish balm. And it is in this that the BB cream is a product particularly adored by all those who have imperfections on their skin.

It is in a way a make- up product for men that is practical to use and above all very easy to grasp. It is not necessary to receive training to apply it on the face.

BB creme homme.png

Why use a BB cream for men ?

BB cream for men has many benefits, it's not just about hiding skin imperfections :

The BB cream for men for a healthy glow


The BB cream for men will therefore be mainly used to have a healthy glow, because it will have several functions:

  • it will hydrate,

  • it will make the complexion luminous,

  • it will hide the redness,

  • it will make the skin texture smoother and the pores less visible.


This is the main advantage of BB cream for men : in addition to masking skin imperfections, it will also moisturize it. What other make-up products for men do not do, which will mask skin imperfections, but often dry it out.

The BB cream for men will differ from the CC cream for men by being more covering.

The BB cream for men for its discretion


It's a fact, men are still a little reluctant to use make-up to look good, even though more and more of them are taking their darling's foundation or even using their covering stick. But what makes men dare not wear make-up is that they are afraid that it will show. And yes, putting on make-up is not yet considered something very masculine, so that's not what will take away a certain virility.


The BB cream for men will therefore be perfect for men who are afraid of this, because it will cover the skin but while keeping a certain discretion. Unless of course if you put a lot, a thick layer on the face.


Who can use a BB cream for men ?

The BB cream for men for oily skin


The BB cream for men can be used by all skin types, although it is much more suitable for men with oily or combination skin. Indeed, these are skins that generally have

  • the most imperfections (pimples, blackheads, even skin scars related to pimples).

  • who need to hydrate their skin.

  • who need to have a brighter complexion : dilated pores giving the sensation of having a bad skin texture.

  • The texture of BB creams for men is light, which means that it will allow their skin to breathe better.


The BB cream for men for other skin types

But it will also be well suited for all other skin types that need to give a tired, dull complexion a boost. However, men with dehydrated skin should still apply moisturizer to their skin before applying BB cream for men.

How to apply a BB cream for men ?

The application of the BB cream for men is very simple:

  • put a dab of cream on your fingers

  • apply like a day cream from the inside out of the face (from the nose to the ears, from the bottom of the forehead to the top of the forehead).


You can find my little video in which I show how to properly apply a BB cream for men .

My opinion on the BB cream for men ?


It's a product that I use a lot on a personal basis as soon as I feel that I don't look good and that I don't want to show this dirty face to those around me. It's much easier to use than applying a men's foundation . In particular, I tested the BB cream for men from MMUK , which I really like.

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