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Why use a CC cream for men?

CC crème pour homme

Why use a CC cream for men? Find in my article the interest of integrating a CC cream for men into your beauty routine.


The CC cream for men is a beauty product for men that is not necessarily used by men and yet it has many advantages. It is indeed a treatment that I strongly recommend if you want to quickly have a good-looking effect on your face. Unfortunately, few brands still offer CC creams for men.

Below are the reasons for using a CC cream for men. But before that, I will introduce you to the CC cream for men.


What is a CC cream for men ?

It takes flavor that a CC cream for men does not have the same use as a BB cream for men . Although these two products come to us straight from South Korea, a country that is a great source of innovation in beauty products. It must be said that in South Korea, appearance is a major issue, impossible, for both men and women, not to wear makeup to present a perfect face. It is moreover so ubiquitous that social pressure is very strong and anti-makeup movements are beginning to shout their hatred of this dictatorship.

But hey, back to CC cream for men, let's find out what CC stands for. The initials CC stand for "Color Correcting". With a little French translation, it means color corrector. Thus, CC creams for men have pigments in the cream that will adapt to the complexion of our skin.

Thus, we can say that CC cream for men belongs to makeup products for men .

Why use a CC cream for men?

The CC cream for men has many advantages:

The CC cream for men to have a more beautiful complexion

The CC cream for men will above all be integrated into your facial care routine to look fresher and look less tired. Indeed, the CC cream for men, due to its covering effect, will:

  • unify the complexion of the skin, and mask in particular the pores of your skin.

  • correct skin imperfections such as spots, redness, dark circles, rosacea, etc. So, if you are particularly bothered by the filaments of couperose that you may have on your nostrils, the CC cream for men will be the ideal product to mask them.

  • will hide the redness,

The CC cream for men to moisturize the skin

Another effect of CC cream for men is that in addition to giving you a healthy glow, it will also moisturize the skin. And here is all the difference with a BB cream that will not hydrate the skin like a moisturizer. So, when using a CC cream for men, there is no need to apply a cream type moisturizer. However, you can still apply a moisturizing serum, especially if you have dry skin.

The CC cream for men against UV

You should know that many CC creams for men incorporate an anti-UV filter to protect the skin from the negative effects of the sun. This will prevent the premature appearance of fine lines and dark spots on the skin.

If you really have a dirty face that you want to make brighter, it is advisable to use a BB cream for men rather than a CC cream for men. The BB cream for men will indeed be more covering, like a foundation for men .


Who can use a CC cream for men?

The CC cream for men can be used by all skin types:

The CC cream for men for normal and combination skin

If you have normal to combination skin, the CC cream will not only moisturize the skin and give you a healthy glow. You will therefore not need to apply a moisturizer if you apply a CC cream for men.

The CC cream for men for dry skin

If you have dry skin, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer before the CC Cream for men, or at least a moisturizing serum. Because it certainly helps to moisturize the skin, but not enough if you have very dry skin.


But it will also be well suited for all other skin types that need to give a tired, dull complexion a boost. However, men with dehydrated skin should still apply moisturizer to their skin before applying BB cream for men.

How to apply a CC cream for men?

The application is very simple:

  • put a dab of cream on your fingers

  • apply like a day cream from the inside out of the face (from the nose to the ears, from the bottom of the forehead to the top of the forehead).

My opinion on the CC cream for men?


It's a product that I use regularly whenever I find that my face lacks a bit of radiance, or when I have an important appointment! It simply allows me to present myself in my best light, while remaining perfectly natural (much more than with a BB cream for men, the CC cream being less covering, less of a make-up product). I use two products alternately, including the CC cream for men from Erborian which I really like and the CC cream for men Total Recharge from Biotherm Homme .

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