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Why use thermal water?

Applying thermal water before starting your facials is something that I highly recommend. I do it systematically morning and evening, alternating with floral water.

The virtues of thermal water for the skin

Thermal water is a real gem for the skin, it has many virtues that will do it a world of good. Its virtues are brought to it by its history: each thermal water comes from hot underground water which is enriched with trace elements and mineral salts on contact with the rocks it travels through. Thus, depending on the rocks covered, each thermal water will have its own mineral salts, its own trace elements. Evian thermal water will be different from La Roche Posay thermal water.

Of course, thermal water is above all hydrating, so it is perfectly suited to all skin types that need to maintain good hydration, namely dry skin.

As it is completely natural, it will also be perfectly suited to sensitive skin that needs very gentle products, as it is pure and organic, without chemicals that could damage the skin. In particular, it will help to calm certain irritations. You can also use it as a cleansing product for your face.

Finally, let's not forget that in summer having thermal water with you, in a small format for example, is the perfect companion for cooling off.

How to use thermal water on the skin?

There is nothing more simple ! Most thermal waters found in supermarkets or drugstores in the form of a mist. It is therefore sufficient to spray, a few centimeters from the face, the thermal water. To do this, do not hesitate to make circles with your hand so that the thermal water is sprayed on the entire face.

Which thermal water to choose for the skin?

I recommend several brands of thermal water, in particular the thermal water of Saint Gervais Mont Blanc, the article of which you can find here .

The thermal waters of La Roche Posay, Evian or Avène are very good products. Of course, the thermal waters are to be chosen according to the contributions they will bring to the skin: Uriage thermal water will offer very strong hydration to the skin, while La Roche Posay thermal water, rich in silica, will bring softness.

After applying thermal water, the next step in your beauty routine is the tonic lotion.

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