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Sunburns: 5 natural remedies to relieve them


You have just caught a sunburn and inevitably you have nothing at home to relieve you of the burn. No biafine on the horizon, the miracle product. And it's 8 p.m., you've just come home from work, and the local pharmacy is closed. And yes, you went out for lunch on the terrace at the first rays of sunshine, without having put on sunscreen and bim, the first sunburn of the year. Right on the face, nose and forehead. It happens to almost everyone, I would say unfortunately! As soon as the good weather arrives, we all throw ourselves on the terraces for lunch or a drink. Obviously, you haven't followed the advice on how to tan well . The classic sunburn is a 1st degree skin burn. If you notice blisters on the sunburn, then it is a 2nd degree skin burn. Here are some natural remedies to relieve your sunburn, by going to find products in your kitchen or in your bathroom.


Apply yogurt to relieve your sunburn

I start with yogurt as a remedy to relieve a sunburn because normally, we all have it in the fridge. Especially if you are in healthy food mode and you have fresh cheese in your fridge (normally it is a basic ingredient). Yogurt (or skimmed milk) is indeed an excellent remedy for relieving sunburn. Why can yogurt be applied to relieve your sunburn? Because it contains lactic ferments which have anti-inflammatory properties. What's more, the proteins it contains have a calming effect. And the freshness of yogurt straight out of the fridge will do you a lot of good! If you use yogurt, you can apply it directly to the sunburn and let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse off (it will be better to go out afterwards, just in case!).

Apply aloe vera to relieve your sunburn

That's what I do on my side. I always have aloe vera in my house because it's a great hydrating and soothing product for the skin. But beware, 100% organic aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is also known for its healing properties. It is somewhat of a miracle product for the skin, when presented in the form of a gel. And that's what I apply as soon as I have a sunburn, rather than putting on biafine. To apply, put it directly on the burn of the sunburn and let the aloe vera be absorbed by the skin. Renew as soon as the gel is absorbed.

Apple cider vinegar to soothe the pain of a sunburn

I am chauvinistic in speaking of cider vinegar (I am from Brittany) because in fact all vinegars can soothe the pain caused by a sunburn! Vinegar helps to relieve pain because it brings immediate freshness to the skin. You can even mix it with baking soda to make a poultice to apply to the burn. Baking soda has antiseptic properties.

Lavender essential oil is an effective remedy for burns

Lavender essential oil is not only known to relax, to de-stress or to sleep better. Lavender essential oil has many properties, including pain relief. Apply lavender essential oil directly to your sunburn to relieve pain.

The tomato as a surprising natural remedy!

The tomato is one of those fruits whose benefits for the skin are largely unknown! Not only does it have sebum-regulating properties, but it is also very rich in vitamin A which helps renew the skin.

But hey, the best remedy to relieve the pain of a sunburn is simply not to have it. Also, you will have to get into the habit of protecting your skin with sunscreen.

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