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In what order should you apply your face care?

ordre appliquersoin visage

It is important when you do your beauty routine for men to apply your different facial treatments correctly. Indeed, there is an order to respect to apply its different face care so that the active ingredients present in each of the products act as effectively as possible. And with all the beauty products we men have, we can easily get lost. Especially since it is neither our mothers nor our fathers who educated us to this level.


Of course, I see you coming seeing all the steps below, you must say to yourself: do we have to do all these steps? Of course not, these steps do not necessarily have to be applied:

  • on the one hand it is ideal , generally in the morning we do not necessarily have much time to spend in the bathroom, especially if you wait until the last moment to get up, which is my case. The different steps are to be applied when you have time in front of you. Remember that taking care of yourself and your skin is a great way to clear your head and de-stress!

  • It will also depend on your skin type . Some products will be applied specifically if you have oily skin, for example.

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Here is the order to follow in applying your facial care products. If you are one of the men who uses makeup for men or a BB cream for men , or even a CC cream for men , step 0 will of course be to remove your makeup with a cleansing lotion or oil. See with a micellar water.

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Step 1: thermal water or floral water

Before applying any product to the face, the 1st step to follow is to apply thermal water to the face in the form of a mist or floral water . I know, it's not a treatment that is strongly applied by men, but it is an essential step.


This step will allow you to prepare your skin to receive the other treatments. Imagine that your skin is dirt. If you put fertilizers on dry soil, will they seep into the soil? The answer is no. It's about the same thing for the skin: by moistening it, the other products to come, and in particular the active ingredients, will penetrate better into the epidermis.


Another advantage is that the very cold thermal water will decongest the face: the skin will be less "swollen" and the complexion brighter. Do not hesitate to put your thermal water in the fridge!

Duration to apply thermal water or floral water to the face: 3 seconds, the time to put it in the form of a mist on the face. The idea is to moisten the face, not soak it completely! The excess is dabbed with a cotton ball or a handkerchief.

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Step 2: the tonic lotion

The tonic lotion is a facial treatment that is also very little used by men. And yet, the tonic lotion is very effective, especially if you wash your skin with tap water. The tonic lotion will indeed:

  • remove the limestone present on your skin,

  • remove impurities like dead cells. This avoids having to exfoliate every day.


Your skin will thus be perfectly clear to receive the care to come and smooth to possibly apply make-up such as foundation for men.

Duration to apply tonic lotion: 10 seconds

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Step 2 bis: facial exfoliation

Exfoliating or scrubbing the face should be done before applying skincare products. So of course, you should not exfoliate your skin every morning, it is absolutely not recommended, whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, but to do it:

  • 1-2 times a week for oily skin (depending on excess sebum, if you have very shiny skin, do it twice),

  • Once a week for normal and combination skin,

  • Once a week to once every 10 days for dry and sensitive skin.


The advantage of the facial scrub is of course to cleanse your skin deeply and on the surface and remove all the dead cells. If you're exfoliating your face, there's no point in applying a toner.

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Step 3: the eye contour

Contrary to what many people do, the eye contour should be applied before the serum and before the day cream. In fact, the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face and less hydrated because it lacks the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Also, another care product must not block the effects of the eye contour.


Of course, this treatment moisturizes all the skin around the eyes and prevents the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. The look will thus be brighter, less tired. By applying an eye contour treatment, you will also avoid the appearance of fine lines near the eyes, generally associated with dry skin.

How to properly apply an eye contour?

To properly apply an eye contour, follow these steps:

  • apply the eye contour on your fingers

  • smooth the underside of the eye from the inside out (and never in the other direction, at the risk of creating folds of skin)

  • pat the area a little with your fingertips to promote blood micro-circulation and prevent the appearance of dark circles.

Duration to apply an eye contour: 15 seconds

Step 4: Serum

The serum is of course to be chosen according to your skin type and the needs of your skin. For example, dry skin will choose a moisturizing serum. Mature skin will prefer an antioxidant serum to slow down skin aging.


The objective of the serum, which is a product rich in active ingredients (moisturizing, purifying, soothing, regulating (sebum)) is to act as an intensive treatment. This is the reason why it is put before any other cream or gel type product, so that it penetrates perfectly into the skin. However, serum should not be used alone, it must necessarily be accompanied by a day or night cream.


Be careful, do not apply the serum to the eye contour.

Apply the serum from the bottom of the face upwards and from the inside (nose) to the outside (ear), to prevent your skin from relaxing.

Step 5: a mattifying product

The mattifying product is only to be used if you have oily skin, because its objective will be to reduce excess sebum by working a bit like a blotter and to smooth skin grains (and make skin pores less visible ). It is to be applied only on the famous T zone, where the excess of sebum is the most important.

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Step 6: day cream

The day cream (or moisturizer) is the last step to apply in your beauty routine, whether morning or evening. The day cream will allow the skin to maintain itself with good hydration and keep its overall elasticity (and thus reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles).

Don't forget that all skin types need to be hydrated! Even oily skin. It's not just for dry skin!

Apply the day cream from the bottom of the face upwards, to prevent your skin from relaxing here too.

Ideally, use a day cream that includes UV filters to protect you from the sun, especially if you are used to being outside during the day or regularly having lunch on the terrace.

Step 7: complexion perfector

This is the care that I call "cache-misère". It hides all skin imperfections, such as pimples, skin spots or small redness. They are also very effective products for masking dark circles. Either you can use a CC cream for men to even out your complexion or a BB cream for men to have a real good-looking effect. Otherwise, you can use correction pens to hide only small parts such as pimples.

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