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Sensitive skin: what care is recommended?

peau sensible soins conseilles

More and more people today have sensitive skin. The fault is largely due to our way of life and consumption. And yes, our skin is a real thermometer of our way of life and its negative effects will be felt directly on the skin. Pollution is an aggravating factor, as is the increasingly intense use of cosmetic products on the skin, which are sometimes unsuitable. As for alcohol, it can promote the appearance of redness on the face. I'm not talking about tobacco and other substances, lack of sport, lack of sleep, poor diet...

We may also have sensitive skin with significant temperature changes. So as soon as the cold winter temperatures arrive, our skin can react.


But then, what care is recommended for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin should always use the same products

Sensitive skin does not like to be disturbed ... at the risk of sensitizing them even more. Sensitive skin deserves to be well pampered. You will therefore have to focus on the same range of products for your beauty routine, and avoid changing products and brands every week. If you like spending your time at Sephora looking for the novelty of the week, quickly forget this hobby! Your sensitive skin needs to regain balance.

Use natural products for sensitive skin

To help your skin regain balance and prevent it from being disturbed, it will be necessary to use products that contain as few ingredients as possible. It goes without saying that any cosmetic products based on petrochemical ingredients should be avoided. And generally natural products have fewer ingredients in their composition than basic products. They notably do not have petrochemicals, which can be very harmful for sensitive skin. So favor products whose main ingredients are vegetable oils or vegetable butters.


Also favor products that do not contain perfume (because essential oils can be allergenic for some people) and of course without alcohol.

Use gentle products for sensitive skin

Once again, in order not to disturb your skin, you will have to use gentle products. To cleanse your sensitive skin, wash it with a thermal water mist or floral water. In any case, you should avoid washing it with tap water, especially if it is very calcareous. You can even use mineral water to wash your face.

Also avoid doing scrubs every week, opt instead for a tonic lotion that will be less aggressive than the grains of the scrub.

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