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Why use a surgras soap?


What are the benefits of a surgras soap? Here are my tips for choosing the right surgras soap and how to use it on the body.

Surgras soaps contain as an ingredient a gentle cleansing base, enriched with superfatting agents such as vegetable oils, vegetable butter or glycerine. Hence the name surgras soap (or surgras bread). We thus most frequently find in superfatted soaps sweet almond oil or shea butter, which are highly recognized for their moisturizing properties.

What are the benefits of a surgras soap?

The main objective of the skin is to provide a protective barrier against all the external aggressions it may suffer. By external aggressions we mean microbes or bacteria. This protection is made possible by the hydrolipidic film, a natural film composed in particular from sebum and water. Without this film, our skin loses its natural defences.


Surgras soap to avoid dehydration of the skin


This hydrolipidic film also makes it possible to prevent the dehydration of the skin by the evaporation of the water which it contains. It is therefore essential.


Nevertheless, our way of life and consumption can have an impact on this hydrolipidic film : washing with very hard water can damage it. As well as the use of certain care products (shower gel, exfoliating products, household products for the hands, etc.). Without this hydrolipidic film, the skin becomes dehydrated and drier.

The use of a surgras soap will restore a protective film on the skin and thus prevent its dehydration. This is made possible by the superfatting agents contained in the surgras soap. You can  thus wash yourself with a surgras soap without drying out your skin.

Surgras soap to avoid itchy skin

If your skin is itchy, or even tight, it's because you have extremely dry skin. Thus, if you have atopic skin with eczema for example, it is strongly recommended to use a superfatted soap to relieve the skin.

For which skin types should surgras soap be used?


Surgras soap can have a wide use.


Surgras soap for dry and sensitive skin


Since surgras soap is used to prevent dehydration of the skin, it should mainly be used by people with dry or sensitive skin (for the softness provided).

On the other hand, it is not recommended for people with oily skin, who should prefer soaps without soap. Because the superfatting agents contained in the surgras soap will suffocate the skin and the pores already gorged with sebum.

Surgras soap for normal skin

Given its composition, surgras soap is an ideal soap for normal skin, to maintain perfect hydration of the skin. 

Surgras soap for babies

Since surgras soap is a mild soap that will deeply moisturize the skin, it may be ideal for washing babies and young children. Be careful, however, not to use surgras soap on a teenager who is in the midst of an acne crisis. His skin is indeed very rich in sebum, its use would only make things worse.

Should surgras soap be used all over the body?

From the moment you have the feeling of having dry skin, you can use the surgras soap on the whole body, face included. However, it is recommended to use a surgras soap on a daily basis, to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

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