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Dry skin: what care is recommended?

soins conseills peau seche

Do you feel like your skin is as dry as a lake without water? With tightness that limits you to opening your mouth (OK, I'm exaggerating a lot) and the feeling of having cracking skin? No doubt, you have dry skin!


Dry skin is skin that produces less sebum than normal skin and will suffer from dehydration, the hydrolipidic film being much too thin. It is also a skin that will not be able to defend itself normally against external aggressions: bacteria, fungi, UV rays, pollution, etc. The care recommended for dry skin will therefore make it possible to:

  • maintain the sebum present on the skin and avoid removing it (it is already in insufficient quantity),

  • provide additional hydration to the skin,

  • protect the skin.

Here are the different treatments to provide for dry skin.

Important note: if you take products, always use products for dry skin and never use products for oily or combination skin.

Care to cleanse dry skin

To clean your dry skin, I advise you to use a cleansing milk which will be softer than a basic soap or a cleansing gel which will dry out the skin even more. It will be necessary to favor products with rich formulas and enriched with nourishing active ingredients such as:

  • Argan oil,

  • shea oil or shea butter,

  • even jojoba oil.


Of course, this treatment is to be applied morning and evening to your dry skin. If you use a soap, always opt for a cold saponified soap.

Avoid doing facial scrubs too frequently, depending on your skin, do one a week or every 10 days.

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Care to moisturize dry skin

Once your skin is cleansed, before applying other treatments, I advise you to apply a thermal mist or floral water (with rose for example). This treatment will allow you to bring a first layer of hydration to the skin which will be better able to receive the following treatments and to integrate their active ingredients.

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Then plan to apply a moisturizing face serum specially adapted for sensitive skin, as well as a moisturizing cream .


Avoid products in gel form, favor creams, because gels will tend to dry out your skin.


Choose natural and organic products for dry skin

Natural products are preferable for dry skin because they generally contain more plant ingredients grown without phytosanitary products (pesticides, fertilizers, which could damage your skin). Prefer natural products whose main ingredients are vegetable oils (sesame oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc.), their natural active ingredients will be non-aggressive for your skin.

Avoid products that contain alcohol on dry skin

If you have dry skin, avoid products that contain alcohol, as the alcohol present in the products will dry out the skin even more. 

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