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My tips for preventing and curing ingrown hairs

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When I popped the question on Instagram to find out what men's top concerns were, ingrown hair came up a number of times! It must be said that many of us suffer from ingrown hairs, whether after shaving or after waxing . And yet, it only takes a few very simple gestures to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs and suffer their inconvenience. Because, it must be said, not only is an ingrown hair not beautiful on the face (that big pimple that happens) but they can also be painful. Here are my tips to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs and my tips for getting rid of them when they are there.

What is an ingrown hair?


An ingrown hair is a hair, previously cut or shaved, which grows back under the skin. It grows back under the skin but in a bent way and can't get out of her hair follicle. Pushing inside the hair follicle, it will cause inflammation and therefore a pimple. We thus find ingrown hairs on all areas of the body on which a shaving or hair removal action has been performed:

  • beard

  • armpit

  • torso

  • pubis

  • inter gluteal furrow

  • buttocks

  • legs


How to prevent ingrown hairs?

Here are my tips to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, whatever the part of the body.


Exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs


If you are prone to ingrown hairs, to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, there is a very simple gesture to perform before waxing or shaving: it is a scrub. Whether it's a face scrub if you're about to shave or a body scrub if you're planning on shaving or waxing any part of your body. The benefits of exfoliation are recognized, in particular to open the pores of the face and ensure that hair growth is not hindered. Thus free, the regrowing hair will grow back freely, without discomfort that will make it bend.

A perfect shave to avoid ingrown hairs

Then it's time to get a good shave! By good shave, I mean:

  • prepare your skin before shaving by applying a hot towel, which will open the pores and soften the hair to make it more supple (and therefore easier to shave).

  • use a perfect, undamaged blade that will break the hair

  • shave in the direction of hair growth so as not to disturb it

Moisturize your skin to prevent ingrown hairs


Finally, the last step, hydration. Hydrated skin is more supple skin, just as hydrated hair will be less coarse. Thus, it will come out more easily because the skin will be less thick. Remember to apply a moisturizer after your shaving or hair removal session such as an oil (a beard oil ). This will reduce the risk of having ingrown hairs.

Don't hesitate to exfoliate once a week to remove all the dead cells from your skin.


How to remove ingrown hairs? 

Unfortunately, an ingrown hair cannot be cured, but it can be removed to calm the inflammation. To do this, it is enough to take tweezers and gently pull it out, without amplifying the inflammation. Basically, do not butcher the area! 

To disinfect, apply aloe vera gel or rosemary hydrosol.

You can also find my Youtube video in which I explain how to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

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