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Male hair removal: how to do male hair removal properly?


Male hair removal is an act increasingly performed by men. Find my advice for achieving perfect male hair removal, regardless of the part of the body that is waxed.


It's been a while since hair removal is no longer a subject only mastered by women. Men have been getting into hair removal for many years, and it's no longer just reserved for a category of men, who want to take care of themselves. No, men's hair removal is a treatment that is largely integrated into the beauty routine for men. So much so that many aesthetic centers have begun to welcome men for different types of hair removal and some men no longer want to see a single hair on their body.


Hair removal for men is no longer taboo

Male hair removal has become a real market: body razors have been launched, depilatory creams for men have appeared, shaving gels for private parts are also available. In short, men are now hunting for hair, and this on all parts of the body.

Male chest hair removal


Male torso hair removal is certainly the most performed male hair removal. Indeed, many men hunt for chest hair to highlight their pecs. It is also a hair removal that is very simple to perform because the torso is an easily accessible area.

Underarm hair removal for men


Underarm hair removal for men is also a highly performed male hair removal. It generally comes in addition to hair removal on the chest. It is true that the hairs under the armpits are not the prettiest: fine and long, they generally exceed the armpits.

Male private parts hair removal


More and more men are having their private parts waxed. By private parts, we mean the bikini line, the penis (some hairs may be there) and the testicles. Generally men do this type of hair removal to have a beautiful penis and for sexual reasons.

Men's butt waxing


At the same time that men decide to wax their private parts, they also wax their buttocks. By depilation of the buttocks, we mean not only the buttocks themselves, but also the inter gluteal furrow. Here too, buttock hair removal is done either for aesthetic reasons, but also for sexual reasons.

Man body hair removal


Back, legs, arms, hands, feet, shoulders. So many areas on the body that can be the subject of men's hair removal.

Why do men's hair removal?

Men today practice hair removal for several reasons:

Male hair removal for aesthetics

Hair removal for men can indeed remove body hair that can be annoying. One thinks in particular of the hairs on the back which can give the impression of resembling a bear when there are too many of them. But hair removal for men can also concern the hair of the legs when they are too hairy or even the hands.

A man waxing for hygiene

Hair removal can also be done in humans for hygienic reasons and to remove certain odors (linked to bacteria developed by hair and perspiration). If some men are prone to excessive sweating, especially in the armpits, hair removal for men can be a way to fight against bad odors.

Men's hair removal for sport

Certain sports such as cycling or swimming require hair removal from certain parts of the body. Indeed, having certain parts of the body perfectly waxed will have an impact on performance, because it allows better gliding in the water and in the air. This is the reason why all swimmers have their bodies shaved, as the hair can indeed make them less slippery in the water. As for cyclists, hair removal can be done for aesthetic reasons (it's prettier to see shaved legs with shorts) but also for massages that follow the long stages they can do.

Male hair removal for sexuality

Certain parts of the body having a greater appeal when they are waxed. Thus, some men have their private parts waxed to show their assets in their best light, or to have more sensations (this is generally the case for testicular waxing). But hair removal for men can also be done for the pleasure of the partner: rimming or sodomy performed with a perfectly depilated anus can be more pleasant without hair. Similarly, wearing a cock ring can be more pleasant without hair on the penis, especially when it comes time to remove it.

A man waxing for massage fans

If you are a fan of massages on your body, it is true that it is more pleasant not to have hair. This is somewhat related to the point on cyclists, a massage performed with very hairy legs, for example, can quickly become unpleasant.

How to do men's hair removal?

Male hair removal can be done in different ways:

A man waxing with a clipper

The clipper remains the easiest way to do a man's hair removal, because it does not require any particular product, except a clipper. So you can use a beard trimmer for that, which a lot of men usually have. But today there are body trimmers, specially adapted to depilate sensitive parts.

A man waxing with a razor

Technically we cannot speak of hair removal but rather of shaving! And yet, the razor is the accessory most used by men for hair removal and the hunt for all hairs. The reason is very simple: all men have a razor and a shaving product in their bathroom.

It must also be said that the razor is the most suitable for men's hair removal, especially for sensitive parts such as the testicles and the gluteal fold, which are very sensitive areas.

A man waxing with depilatory cream

If there's one way I highly recommend for men's hair removal, it's to use hair removal cream for men . This is the easiest way to remove all body hair, no matter what part of the body. Simply leave the depilatory cream on the desired area and wait for it to take effect. However, be careful not to leave the depilatory cream on the skin too much, as this could burn it. Especially on very thin skin, such as the skin of the testicles.

My selection of hair removal creams for men

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


A man waxing

Waxing remains the most effective technique for hair removal for men, because it is the way that the hair will grow back as slowly as possible. But, it is also the most painful way to do male hair removal! And we are sensitive, even very sensitive, the little tear in the eye can quickly come when removing the wax strip!

A man depilating with tweezers

Tweezers will not be an ideal accessory for men's hair removal, because men's hair is relatively thick and above all dense. Thus, hair removal with tweezers takes too long, especially if you want to do full hair removal, all over your body.


Nevertheless, the tweezers will be perfect for eyebrow waxing, where in the end few hairs need to be removed. This will be particularly ideal for dealing with the monobrow in men and redrawing the contours. It will also be ideal for waxing beard hair.

Hair removal for men: my practical guide

So of course, as a beauty blogger for men, I couldn't leave this subject of men's hair removal without being covered on the blog. Already because I receive a lot of questions about men's hair removal through social networks or via messages. Then because men's hair removal is a subject that interests me. Which interests me so much, and there are many things to say, so I made you different articles. Here are all my tips for successful hair removal for men based on the different parts of the body.


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