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How to do an epilation of the intergluteal sulcus in men?

Come on, are we talking about a taboo subject? Depilation of the gluteal furrow in men or depilation of FIS contracted, is certainly a practice that is done more and more in men, but which nevertheless remains reserved for a minority of men. First of all, so that we are all on the same length, small definition of the inter gluteal furrow: the inter gluteal furrow, also called inter gluteal fold or groove is the hollow which separates each of the two buttocks. And between these two, there is a presence of hair which can be more or less important depending on the men.


Well, now that things are clear, let's get down to business. I'm going to give you my advice for waxing the inter-gluteal furrow, or waxing the SIF.


Why do hair removal of the inter gluteal furrow   in men?

So, now that we are indeed talking about the same part of the body, let us now deal with the hair removal of FIS in men. Because, choosing to remove FIS has different motivations for men. And besides, not only for men, because many women also have hair removal on the gluteal fold.


Depilation of the intergluteal sulcus to remove hair


Depending on the person, the intergluteal furrow has more or less hair, of different lengths, of different thicknesses. And yes, not all men have hair in the same way, it all depends on genetics. Thus, some men will be very hairy from SIF while others will have virtually no hair. Moreover, men who are very hairy in the intergluteal furrow also have hairy buttocks, so they sometimes wax their buttocks , or even shave their buttocks , at the same time as waxing the SIF. Similarly, some men will have brown hair, even very brown and therefore very visible, while others will have light hair that will not be visually embarrassing at all.


For some, hair will be a sign of their masculinity, their virility, which absolutely must not be touched. For others, it represents a real embarrassment that they will want to see disappear.

Depilation of the intergluteal fold for hygienic reasons


Hygiene may be a reason why we will decide to do FIS hair removal, especially if there are a lot of hairs in this area. And yes, a hairless intergluteal furrow is easier to clean, without the risk of having traces of excrement. I know, it's not necessarily classy what I'm saying, but it's the reality! No matter how well we clean the area after having a bowel movement, it may be that the more hair you have, the more likely you will be to have traces of excrement. So today there is wet toilet paper to overcome this, but it is not 100% satisfactory.


Waxing of the gluteal fold for sexual reasons


But if some men have the gluteal fold waxed, it is for sexual reasons: offering a totally shaved intergluteal fold is indeed more pleasant for the partner, especially in the case of the practice of rimming and sodomy or as part of an anal initiation . It may also be more enjoyable if you are testing sex toys , such as a butt plug . You remember my point just above in relation to hygiene: it's still less disgusting to do anilingus on a part of the body whose hygiene is irreproachable! Concerning sodomy, the fact of depilating the FIS will in particular avoid friction with the hairs and therefore be more pleasant for each of the partners.

SIF hair removal for a hairless body


There is currently a trend among men which is to hunt for body hair. To all hairs! Having a totally beardless body is indeed a phenomenon currently in Europe, which notably came from Spain. In this country, men do not hesitate to completely shave their legs and arms, in addition to the classic parts such as the torso, the back or the armpits. Moreover, it should be noted that the Spaniards always have perfectly shaved eyebrows. Well, since the trend is to pull out all the hair, the private parts are no exception. So for a certain homogeneity, if you shave your testicles or wax your bikini line , it is more appropriate to also tackle the waxing of the intergluteal furrow.

Should I do anal waxing?

I see the question coming from men: waxing the anus, are you serious? So already, let's make things clear, it's not a waxing of the anus I'm talking about here, because the anus simply has no hair! The anus is indeed a mucous membrane. Here we are talking about hair removal between the buttocks. It is therefore not at all a question of depilating the anus. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to be very careful with the anus if you decide to do an FIS hair removal or to shave your FIS hairs, whatever the method used ( depilatory cream for men , razor, wax, etc.). Because damaging or cutting it could be very dangerous.

More and more men are getting FIS waxed, it doesn't affect masculinity or virility in any way.


How to epilate the gluteal fold?

But be careful, the intergluteal furrow is a very very sensitive area due to the proximity of the anus, which is a mucous membrane. So you don't have to do anything when you want to depilate it. So here are my tips for performing FIS hair removal in men.

A shower before depilation of the intergluteal fold

This is valid regardless of the area you are going to epilate. Hot water and hot water vapor will thus soften the hair, making it more supple for depilation of FIS. This will make it easier to wax the area. This point is all the more important as the area is difficult to depilate, it is necessary to facilitate the thing.

Depilatory cream for FIS hair removal

It is undoubtedly the best solution for hair removal of FIS in men, provided you are careful. The depilatory cream can burn or irritate, it is important not to apply the depilatory cream on the anus which could cause serious damage. It must be put on the contours of the anus. In any case, before starting the depilation of FIS, it is recommended to test the depilatory cream on a part of the skin, for example the hands. This will allow you to see if you are allergic to the hair removal cream you are going to use.

Here are the two depilatory creams that I recommend:

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


No electric epilator for FIS hair removal


Suffice to say that the use of an electric epilator is still a bit complicated on this part of the body. And again, since you're not in a position that gives you great visibility, the risk of touching the anus with the electric epilator is great. And therefore dangerous. It is therefore strongly advised not to use an electric epilator to remove FIS hair.

Avoid wax for depilation of the intergluteal sulcus

Just like the electric epilator, wax is not a preferred solution for hair removal of FIS, if you do it alone. Because it is important not to apply the wax on the anus, it is very dangerous when you are going to pull the wax strip. Imagine the damage that could cause.

The manual razor for SIF hair removal

The manual razor is a good solution for performing FIS hair removal because you can perfectly control shaving.

However, here are my tips for properly performing FIS hair removal:


  • be careful, however, not to use the razor with a new razor blade, when it is at its sharpest.

  • also use a transparent shaving gel to see the shaved area well (if you look at yourself in a mirror to have it pose below): this will avoid going on the anus and cutting it. If you use a shaving foam, you risk losing your visibility and cutting yourself. Moreover, the skin being sensitive, it is not advisable to pass the razor several times over the same part of the skin.


gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

The tweezers for depilation of SIF

The tweezers to depilate the intergluteal furrow may be an alternative if and only if the hairiness is not very important and the hair fine. Indeed, this method can only be considered if it is fast. If you have a high density of hairs and they are thicker, I would advise you to go through the depilatory cream to do an FIS hair removal.

​ Permanent SIF hair removal

If the hairs in your intergluteal groove really bother you, you can opt for permanent FIS hair removal. Well, that means you're ready to expose your anus to a stranger... but don't worry, she's certainly seen others!!

To do this, all you have to do is contact a center specializing in permanent hair removal. Depending on your hair and your skin, she will give you the most suitable technique for your permanent FIS hair removal.

The position to take for depilation of the intergluteal sulcus

When you choose to do an FIS epilation, the question of the best position to do it arises. Obviously, this is not a very practical area!

  • If you choose to do FIS hair removal with a razor, you will have to spread your buttocks by hand to be able to pass the razor over it. It is not necessarily necessary to stand in front of a mirror to do it, by touch, you can know where the hairs are and if there are any hairs left after having passed the razor. Don't hesitate to sit on the edge of your bathtub if you have one, with your buttocks in a vacuum, to get your FIS waxed. Of course, do not pass the razor alone on the skin, it will be necessary to apply a shaving product to facilitate shaving.

  • If you choose to do FIS hair removal with depilatory cream, you will have to remain static for a few minutes (the time given by the brand). If you move, the depilatory cream will move, or even disappear, and hair removal will be less effective.

My advice after depilation of the intergluteal fold

After SIF epilation, moisturize your skin


Regardless of the means used to do your hair removal, always apply a moisturizing product to soothe the depilated inter-gluteal furrow. Yes, a moisturizer. I know it's not an area of the body that we are used to hydrating. But if you have used a depilatory cream or a razor, your skin in the intergluteal fold has been bruised and you will have to take care of it. Hydration is the best care for your skin so that it recovers its functions of protection against external aggressions.

To do this, you can use:

  • your face moisturizer if it is thick enough

  • a moisturizing product specially adapted for the body.

After waxing the FIS, do a scrub

Yes a SIF scrub! What idea will you tell me? Not necessarily ! The SIF exfoliation will allow you to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs, and therefore itching and red pimples which are not very pretty! It would still be a shame to scratch your buttocks while the hair grows back, it's not very classy!

marilou gommage corps.jpg

Scrub made with slivers of apricot kernels. Apply to damp skin with circular massages, ideally in the shower (no need to press too hard, the grains are quite exfoliating), then rinse with water.

gommage weleda.jpg

The Weleda Birch shower scrub refines and smoothes the skin without irritating it. Fine beads of carnauba wax and beeswax stimulate the skin and promote its renewal


After the depilation of the SIF, should we do a depilation of the buttocks?

If you have hair on your buttocks, you wonder if you should do a buttocks waxing after having a FIS waxing. I would say yes, especially if you have hair on your buttocks close to the intergluteal groove. For aesthetic reasons, it is necessary to homogenize everything.

My opinion on intergluteal fold hair removal

My opinion on FIS hair removal is going to be very simple! If you want to do it, do it, don't worry about other people's eyes! It's your body, do what you want with it. Besides, no one will see it, except your partner with whom you have sex, and again, it all depends on your practices! So FIS hair removal is a strictly personal matter. In any case, if you decide to wax the gluteal fold:

  • favors depilatory cream for depilation of SIF, it will be simpler and risk-free. On the condition that you test the depilatory cream on a patch of skin to make sure you are not allergic.

  • if you epilate your gluteal crease with a razor, go ahead carefully to avoid cuts

  • avoid, whatever the hair removal method chosen, touching the anus. It is not a question here of going to hurt your anus, that can be very dangerous.

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