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Anal plug: the perfect sex toy for the anus!

More and more men are looking to experience anal pleasures with the use of a male plug. Even if the subject of anal penetration remains very taboo today, or even sodomy , especially among guys, it is a reality today: the anal area is a source of pleasure for men and it would be so shame to deprive yourself of it. On this sexy blog, we are the specialist in testing sex toys . But through this article, we will give you our advice for choosing the right plug according to your expectations. Because yes, there are different kinds of plugs, so it is important to choose it well to have the best possible experience.

First of all, you should know that the anal plug is a sex toy that is suitable for both men and women, regardless of sexuality (straight, gay, etc.). The anal plug is a sex toy that is used by anal penetration. It must therefore be inserted into the anus. To facilitate insertion, you can use a lubricant, but choose well depending on the material.

The advantage of the anal plug is that it allows you to discover new sensations, the anus being in fact an area that provides a lot of pleasure, unfortunately this is very little taught in sex education (still it is necessary that it there is sex education!).

Concretely, the anal plug comes in the form of a relatively short object, conical in shape, with a widened base in order to hold it well in the hand, like a handle. Above all, its widened base makes it possible not to be sucked into the anus and to get stuck. It would still be a shame if a moment, which should have been a source of pleasure, turns into an anxiety attack.

Find our selection of plugs below, by clicking on the image.

Dorcel plug.jpg

How to choose the right anal plug for men?

Who is the male plug for?


First of all, before starting to introduce you to the different plugs for men, we want to come back to the users. As we said in the introduction, anal penetration is a taboo subject among guys and, in addition, few guys use sex toys for their pleasure, even solo. Even for masturbation: how many guys today have a masturbation sleeve? So a male plug. And this is particularly unfortunate because the brakes are essentially cultural.


The plug for men is thus aimed at all men who want:

  • to explore their bodies. It is a fact, men do not know their bodies today. Apart from a good handjob every day, few men think of using, touching, feeling other parts of their body. And yet erogenous zones are found in many places. Have you thought about working your perineum for example? So, the anal area is an area to explore because it's full of nerve endings...and putting a finger up your ass doesn't make guys any less masculine!


Article to read: how to masturbate well?

  • to experience new sensations. Jacking off is good, discovering the sensations provided by touching the prostate is better!! And for that, there is nothing better than a male plug or a prostate stimulator. But be careful, you will have to be relaxed, completely relaxed, no stress. And sometimes, you should try several anal penetrations before you start having fun.


What to take into account when choosing your male plug?


To choose the right plug for men, you must take into account different elements:

  • on the one hand, its material. Comfort is indeed a very important element to take into account to choose it well. If you are a beginner, we advise you to take a silicone anal plug. This material is indeed very flexible and this will make the experience of the introduction into the anus more pleasant. If you are already more experienced in using this sex toy, then you can try other materials, such as glass.

  • on the other hand, its functionalities. And yes, the market for men's plugs is very large and manufacturers have released different types to offer more sensations each time. You will find vibrating male plugs, with different vibration variations, and heated male plugs. But don't worry, you won't get burned!

  • finally, its shape and texture. Do you want a smooth or slightly textured plug to tickle the nerve endings in your anus even more? Want a male plug that's pretty or a bit more beastly to bring out your wild side? It's all a matter of taste of course.


Our selection of plugs for men


Go because we will advise you to the end, here is our selection to choose the right male plug.

Deep Expand Vibrating Inflating Butt Plug

plug vibrant 1.png

This plug for men will be perfect for men who are new to using an anal plug, but also for those who are a little more experienced. Indeed, this plug for men is swelling. This means that once in the anus, you can inflate it to the desired size. This will allow you to have even more pleasure, but also to push your limits!

For having tested it, this plug for men is an excellent product, the flexible material is really pleasant. And in addition we find it pretty!!


Price: €84.99

To buy it, click here.

Helix Syn Trident Prostate Stimulator

stimulateur prostatique.webp

This product is not a plug for men, but a prostate stimulator. The difference lies in its curved shape, which will make it easier to tickle the prostate. The Helix brand is the reference for products to get off using your anus. Very easy to use, very thin too, it is easy to penetrate the anus, and will therefore be perfectly suited to beginners.


Price: €79.95

To buy it, click here.

When the anal plug relies on aesthetics

The anal plug is a sex toy that has evolved a lot. Less crude, today there is a lot of aesthetics on the market, bordering on jewellery.


When looking for an anal plug, you usually have two options in front of you:

  • or you want one that is as sexy as possible, an anal plug without fuss because what you want above all is to have pleasure with anal stimulation. And nothing else.

  • either you really want to have fun with it, or it is a pretty object so that its use is as accepted as possible by your partner. Because we must not hide it, the anal plug is a sex toy that can scare some people, so making it prettier, nicer, even cute, can greatly facilitate its acceptance!

In this case, it will be necessary to bet on an aesthetic product. And among all the types, two might appeal to you:


The anal plug with a stone


Of course, we can't talk about aesthetics without talking about the jewel anal plug ! It is indeed the most aesthetic anal plug that one can find, because it actually looks more like a jewel than a plug! Besides, if you leave it on your bedside table, there is little doubt that a large number of people will know what it is. Except for connoisseurs of course!

plug anal bijou silicone.jpg

Discover our selection of jeweled silicone anal plugs at


The jewel anal plug is generally made of silver metal which has a fake diamond at its base. So we find:

  • in all colors to suit all tastes, they are usually red, pink, purple, white, but there are also blue jewel anal plugs for guys

  • of all shapes at the diamond level: many hearts, but also more rounded shapes, even squares.


The wild butt plug


The tail plug is another type of butt plug that could be called aesthetic. It has the particularity of having a tail at its end, which will give it a wild look, not to say animal!! Because yes, once you have inserted it into the anus, you will then have a tail that sticks out, to excite your partner even more. In short, you will be his animal, his female dog, so inevitably, he will be perfect for all those who love domination and submission.

choisir plug anal 3.webp
plug anal queue 1.jpg
plug anal queue 2.jpg
plug anal queue 3.jpg

So the anal plug is also found in different models, this is what makes this plug an aesthetic anal plug:

  • you will find the anal plug with tail in different tail lengths, to give more or less a wild side to the wearer

  • the tail can also be of different colors: a single color or several colors, from white to brown for the animal side, even pink for the sexy side. In short, you are bound to find a tailed anal plug with the look that suits you!

Anal plug and first use


If this is your first time using a butt plug, don't worry, you'll be fine. Don't forget that the anal plug should give you pleasure, not anxiety, discomfort or even worse, pain!

So if you have just bought one and are going to use it for the first time, alone or as a couple, one rule is essential: to be relaxed. But really laid back!! The anal plug is not used in a rush, at the risk of hurting yourself. 


The second rule is to go slowly , do not force the anal plug to enter your anus, it must penetrate you by itself. To do this, you can of course put some lubricant, to facilitate its passage. Some even use poppers (be careful, use them correctly). But you have to let it happen. Breathe normally.

When you go to remove your anal plug, take it easy here too! Do not pull it out abruptly as you risk hurting or injuring yourself.

What are the sensations with an anal plug?


Many people want to test the anal plug , because it is a sex toy in sight at the moment, but do not really know what the sensations felt with an anal plug. It is true that we hear a lot about anal pleasure, and especially through feedback from each other. Feedback that can also be either very positive or, on the contrary, very negative. But beware, everyone has their own experience with an anal plug, has their own feelings. And above all, it depends on how the anal plug was penetrated into the anus. Because, we can ask ourselves the question: if you felt pain by putting an anal plug in your anus, was it simply put well?

Article to read: how to put an anal plug?

Because normally, a properly fitted anal plug, and especially an anal plug of the right size, does not cause any pain. Because here we necessarily address a question that makes sense when we talk about sensations with an anal plug. It is obvious that if you start using a butt plug in your sexual pleasure, you are going to have to start with a beginner's butt plug . The XXL anal plug will wait a bit until you are a little more experienced! In any case, the solution may lie in using an inflatable anal plug and varying the size, via the pump, according to your feelings at the time.

The anus is an extremely sensitive area, and it is for this reason that the anus is becoming an area through which more and more people are enjoying and experimenting with the anal plug. The anus is indeed a part of the body that has many erogenous zones and is filled with nerve endings. And these very numerous nerve endings are found in all parts of the anus, from the entrance to a certain depth, between the sphincter and the rectum. In short, if you start tickling your anus as soon as it enters, you will start to have fun. So even a small anal plug can do the trick, it is not necessarily necessary to take a large anal plug.


How does using a male anal plug feel?


The man has a certain advantage as for the sensations felt by the use of an anal plug, thanks to the presence of the prostate, his true point G. And that, more and more men understand it and do not hesitate not to titillate their prostate to discover new pleasures. But to touch the prostate, you will have to choose an anal plug that is slightly curved and not straight, such as a prostate stimulator for example. To do this, and stimulate the prostate, you must slightly move your prostate stimulator. See, if you don't want to do anything and take full advantage of the sensations, take a vibrating prostate stimulator. In any case, you can also take a vibrating anal plug .


How does it feel to use an anal plug for women?


As we have above, the anus has proven to be a very erogenous zone, and much more erogenous than the vagina!


The anal plug for women can also be very useful for stimulating their G-spot. Even more so when the anal plug is used at the same time as vaginal penetration is made! Explosion of pleasures guaranteed. What's more, by putting on an anal plug at the same time as penetration, some women can fantasize about double penetration (even their spouse if it's also a fantasy to see their partner with two men). In short, in any case, it can bring a great bond, naughty games or new situations to integrate into your sexual relationship.


The anal plug and the sensations of surpassing oneself sexually


Using an anal plug can also bring the feeling of breaking the routine and doing things a little more daring, even a little dirtier but in the good sense of the word, that of letting go! And to exceed certain limits. And the variety of anal plugs that can be found on the market today can only guarantee your desire to discover new sensations. Thus, the textured anal plug will allow you to discover all of your nerve endings. The ridges present on the textured anal plug will indeed tickle and stimulate all the nerves present in the anus.


The anal plug with suction cup will allow you to discover the joys of anal penetration on your own, without having to worry about the anal plug getting stuck.

Article to read: What to do if the anal plug gets stuck?

The remote control anal plug will allow you to experience new delusions with your partner. Why not activate it while you are shopping or when you are at the restaurant, with friends! New sensations to discover with an anal plug in public places!


The tailed anal plug will give him animal sensations, to become a bit more of a bitch than you usually are. What to invent new games and scenarios with your partner!


What are the risks with an anal plug?

Using an anal plug can be dangerous. Here are all the risks with a butt plug and misuse.

The anal plug is necessarily a source of pleasure, but can very quickly turn out to be a source of pain, even a source of infection, if it is poorly cleaned or used too abruptly. Below are all the risks inherent in using an anal plug.

Against bacteria in the anus, always use a clean anal plug


It is very important before using an anal plug to check that it is clean. And this whatever the situation:

To properly clean your anal plug, we invite you to read our article: how to maintain and clean your anal plug .

nettoyant plug anal 1.webp
nettoyant plug anal 2.webp
nettoyant plug anal 3.webp
nettoyant plug anal 4.webp

Softness to avoid pain with an anal plug


Of course, the main risk that can arise from using an anal plug is misuse or having been too greedy.


First of all, the risks can arise at the time of the penetration of the anal plug in the anus, especially in people who are beginners and who have little experience with the anal plug. It will of course be necessary to take a beginner's anal plug, or even an inflatable anal plug to have even less risk. Of course, that goes without saying, although you will have to avoid a large anal plug at all costs, such as the XXL anal plug, if you are a beginner. The choice of the size of the anal plug is therefore essential to avoid any pain during penetration. It would be a shame to have a bad experience from the first penetration of an anal plug and be disgusted with this sex toy. Why not start with a jewel butt plug or tail butt plug which are most often small sizes to start with.


Then, to facilitate the penetration of the anal plug, whatever its size, it will be necessary to apply lubricant, both on the anal plug and on the anus. This will be gentler on the anus and thus avoid any irritation or injury causing bleeding. This is all the more true for the glass anal plug or the textured anal plug which, due to their material or their appearance, can be unpleasant for some people during penetration.


Remember that the anus is a very fragile area, which is also not used to receiving objects, especially if they are large. It is therefore important not to damage the muscles, because the complications can be very disabling. We are thinking in particular of the rosary anal plug, which some people take great pleasure in when it is removed very quickly.


The best alternative to using a risk-free anal plug remains the silicone anal plug. Its material provides a certain softness and is relatively flexible.

What lubricant to use with an anal plug?

You have just had an anal plug and you realize that you will need a lubricant to better appreciate the penetration of the anal plug? Here are all our tips for choosing the right anal plug.


The lubricant is very often a necessary ally for your anal plug, to better enjoy the sensations that your anal plug can offer. But be careful, you won't have to choose just any lubricant, at the risk of damaging your anal plug. And yes, know that there are different types of lubricants on the market. So you can find:

  • water-based lubricants are the ones you will most often find.

  • silicone-based lubricants, which are the most interesting because they allow a glide that will last longer than water-based lubricants. You should know that the water, after a while, will evaporate with friction, so you will have to re-apply it to the anal plug.

  • oil-based lubricants, which are more difficult to find, allow an even better glide than the silicone lubricant. But be careful, the oil can make the anal plug porous.

  • hybrid lubricants: finally, you can find lubricants that are a mixture of silicone and water.


In any case, before choosing your lubricant, you will have to look at the material of your anal plug. Because it is the material of your anal plug that will be decisive for choosing the right lubricant.

What lubricant with a silicone anal plug


If you have a silicone anal plug, and this will most certainly be the case because the majority of anal plugs sold are made of this material, silicone, then you have the choice between two types of lubricants:

  • water-based lubricants: water-based lubricants are perfect for a silicone anal plug, because the water will glide perfectly over the silicone material and give you as much pleasure as possible. You will thus have perfect sensations with a water-based lubricant put on your anal plug.

  • oil-based lubricants: it is even advisable to use an oil-based lubricant on your silicone anal plug because the lubricant will last longer, much longer than the water-based lubricant whose water, after a while, especially with friction, will evaporate. With an oil-based lubricant, you won't need to reapply regularly.


And what about silicone-based lubricants: do not apply them to your silicone anal plug.

What lube with a latex butt plug


If you have a latex anal plug, the choice of lubricant will be much more limited: use only a water-based lubricant. Forget all the others.


Why use a water-based lube only with a latex butt plug? Because latex is a very porous material, which can lead to the development of bacteria in your anal plug. Also, we advise you to systematically use a condom on your anal plug before putting on the lubricant.


What lubricant with a steel anal plug


Finally, the last type of butt plug you might have in your bedside, the steel butt plug. Like glass, steel is a non-porous material. There is therefore no risk of degrading your anal plug by using a particular type of lubricant, you can use any type of lubricant.

  • a water-based lubricant,

  • a silicone-based lubricant,

  • an oil-based lubricant.


What lubricant with an anal plug made of glass


If you have a glass butt plug , then you're in luck because you can use any type of lube. Admittedly, glass is less comfortable and flexible than silicone, but at least you won't have to worry about which lubricant to apply. Thus, if you have a glass anal plug, you can apply on it as well:

  • a water-based lubricant,

  • a silicone-based lubricant,

  • an oil-based lubricant.


If we had to advise you nevertheless, prefer the oil-based lubricant, it will last longer and you will be able to better enjoy your anal plug.


There you go, you now know everything about the lubricants to use. In any case, remember that after each use you must clean them! If you don't know how to do this, here is an article that will be of great interest to you.


Article to read: how to clean an anal plug?

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

What is the best sex position with a butt plug?


Using a butt plug can make a relationship very hot. But what is the best sex position with a butt plug. You will know everything.


Break the routine, change habits, discover new sensations. The reasons for bringing the anal plug into a relationship can be very varied. But generally, when it is part of sexual games in the couple, it is rarely abandoned afterwards, anal pleasure offering very pleasant sensations.

plug anal sensations.webp

But the world of the anal plug is vast, there are different kinds and it is not necessarily easy to choose the right anal plug. In any case, what to remember:

  • choose an anal plug for beginners, relatively thin, if you have never experienced anal penetration

  • grab an inflatable butt plug to possibly increase your pleasure as you use it. In any case, the interest of using an anal plug can be multiple.

  • the XXL anal plug will be recommended to him at the beginning, unless you are used to fisting your partner.

But now that you've purchased a butt plug, you need some advice. And in particular knowing what is the best sexual position. We will tell you everything!

The doggy style


If there's one sex position that's perfectly suited to using a butt plug, it's doggy style. Indeed, the anus being well exposed, it will be very easy to insert it, lubricated beforehand, without causing pain to your partner. The classic doggy style is also to be preferred to the elongated doggy style, unless the buttocks are slightly raised.

The missionary


Missionary can also be a preferred sex position with a butt plug, as long as your buttocks are slightly lifted. The advantage of the missionary is that your partner will be able to watch you take advantage of this moment, and thus play with the product as your face says.

The Andromache or the Horse


The andromaque is the sexual position where your partner straddles you while you are lying on your back. Do you see the interest? Not only can you penetrate your partner while putting an anal plug in their anus. Double penetration, double pleasure for her!


The spoon

Because your partner is in front of you, legs slightly bent, and therefore the anus uncovered, the spoon turns out to be an excellent sexual position to use an anal plug! Especially since your partner could have the impression that it is your penis that you have introduced into his anus.


You now have all the cards in hand to use your anal plug properly. Remember, after each use you must clean it.

Article to read: how to clean an anal plug?

How to make the most of your anal plug?

You have an anal plug and would like to have all the advice to take full advantage of it.


Having an anal plug is a good thing, and above all, you have chosen the type that suits you the most. Or maybe you have a whole briefcase full of different plugs, and that's good for you! Anal pleasure indeed offers very beautiful sensations. But we are going to go further in this article and give you some tips to make the most of it.

The necessary lubricant


We have already talked about it, the lubricant is the accessory to have in order to be able to use an anal plug properly and take full advantage of this sex toy.

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

The lubricant will indeed allow you to have better sensations and to better penetrate your anal plug into the anus, without constraint, gently, just for pleasure.



Another accessory you could use to take full advantage of your butt plug is poppers. Poppers are a liquid vasodilator found in the form of small vials, on sale in sex shops, or even in some nightclubs. The poppers will have several effects, including that of relaxing, relaxing the muscles. This is the reason why poppers are used by those who are penetrated through the anus, penetration is thus made easier. But the poppers also have the advantage of feeling the sensations more and of having a better sexual experience. Thus, for example, the glans is more sensitive, the pleasure is therefore increased tenfold.

Be careful, however, with poppers, it is a relatively harmful product that can cause certain disorders, such as an acceleration of the heart rate.



The camera plan


This will be of particular interest to people who need to watch, or even show off to have fun with an anal plug, or with any other sex toy for that matter!

There are different sites where you can go to watch or show off.

Thoroughly wash your anus before inserting an anal plug

You want to use an anal plug with your partner but you don't want to have bad surprises? Don't worry, we'll explain how to wash your anus thoroughly before inserting an anal plug.

plug anal laver anus.webp

There's nothing more nerve-wracking than stressing out before using an anal plug, for fear that it will come out dirty. And by dirty, you will have understood since we are talking about the anus, we mean with traces of fecal matter. So it doesn't bother some people, but it doesn't bother most people. Unless your partner pulls out the butt plug by surprise, you have the option of preparing yourself so that you don't have that anxiety and embarrassment just in case. Here are our tips.


Washing your anus while having a bowel movement


If your partner surprises you by taking out an anal plug while having sex and you feel that your rectal canal is not necessarily clean, then find an excuse to quickly go to the bathroom! So yes, it can make you smile, but you can "feel" when the rectal canal is not in perfect condition, simply because you haven't been to the bathroom all day! And that you ate a raclette for lunch... anyway! The idea of having a bowel movement is the minimum way to wash your anus before using an anal plug.

Washing your anus with a rectal enema


You should know that the enema of the rectum to wash your anus before using an anal plug will not necessarily be necessary for everyone. Indeed some people evacuate perfectly well all fecal traces while they are in the saddle, their rectal canal is nickel chrome. But for others, an enema of the rectum will be necessary, and to do this, you have two methods:

  • the first requires having an accessory, the enema pear ! It is easily purchased online or in pharmacies. To wash his anus this way, you must put tap water (or Evian if you wish) in the enema bulb, put the tip of the bulb in the anus and apply pressure to many times. You must repeat the gesture until the water that comes out of your anus is perfectly clean.

  • the second solution is somewhat similar, but to do this you must use the shower head to wash your anus before using the anal plug. You will have previously attached an adapter to the shower head to make it enter your anus. Be careful not to put hot water!

poire de lavement 1.png

Wash your anus with Microlax


Some people will use the Microlax product to wash out the anus before using a butt plug. Basically, this product is mainly used in case of constipation, but many people have diverted its use to use it to wash their anus before sodomy or before inserting an anal plug.

Be careful however with Microlax, we must not forget that it remains a drug.

How to make a homemade anal plug?

Do you want to make an anal plug but don't know how? No worries, we tell you everything here to make your homemade anal plug!

Because sometimes the cravings are very strong and you don't necessarily have an anal plug available, it can be interesting to make it at home. Yes, you've got it right, making your own homemade butt plug! Of course, you have just placed an order to buy one, but by the time you receive it, you still want to experience anal pleasure, whether alone or accompanied. After all, why spend money when some accessory or food at home is perfectly shaped like a butt plug! But for that, you don't have to immediately go and take the first cucumber available (it still has to be the season) and use it like an anal plug in silicone or any other material, or put it directly in the anus!

Make your homemade butt plug with vegetables


Of course, the first thing you think of when you want to make your homemade anal plug is to go to the kitchen, towards the vegetable drawer, and take the first elongated vegetable that comes to hand. And for that, a certain number of vegetables can perfectly serve, depending on his desires, but also on his abilities!

  • the carrot will thus make a very good anal plug for beginners, due to its fine shape.

  • the cucumber will serve him for people already experienced in the introduction of objects into the anus

  • a zucchini, or even an eggplant, can easily replace an XXL anal plug, for those who already have a long and beautiful history with the use of this sex toy.


But be careful, do not immediately introduce the vegetable directly into your anus! A few precautions should be taken, remember that your anus is a sensitive area!

  • it is necessary to clean them well before inserting your homemade anal plug into the anus

  • if possible, make sure they are perfectly smooth, so as not to damage the anus by using it and making back and forth movements

  • finally, always use a condom on the vegetable, before putting this homemade anal plug in the anus. The condom will avoid leaving small pieces in the anus (you never know depending on your state of excitement). Hence the importance of having a perfectly smooth vegetable, so as not to tear the condom.


Make your homemade anal plug with a banana


If you don't have vegetables in your kitchen, maybe you have some fruit, and in particular a banana? This fruit necessarily lends itself very well to making a homemade anal plug, but be careful, here too some elements must be respected:

  • of course, don't peel your banana! Keep the skin otherwise you will have lots of bananas in the anus, and it is absolutely not recommended from a health and hygienic point of view

  • use a banana that is either very hard or not at all hard. It must retain a certain firmness for optimal use. If it's too soft, not only will you have trouble getting it into your anus and using it as a homemade butt plug, but you won't necessarily enjoy it.

Why choose the anal plug for anal initiation?

If there's one sex toy that's causing a lot of talk right now, it's the anal plug. The reason is very simple: more and more people want to discover the joys of anal pleasure and are looking for the perfect sex toy for anal initiation. And it must be said that the anal plug is ideal for this.

Which anal plug models to choose for anal initiation?


To start your anal initiation on the right foot and put all the chances on your side so that it goes as well as possible, let's understand, for you to have the most pleasure possible, we advise you to use one of the following anal plugs :


The anal plug for those who have no experience


Inevitably, the anal plug that we are going to recommend to you to start your anal initiation, is the anal plug for beginners. This is the product that will give you the confidence to make it happen as best as possible. Why opt for this anal plug for your anal initiation? Simply because it is small in size. Well, still bigger than a finger, which is normal. It will be small enough to test if anal pleasure is right for you, before moving on to larger (larger) size plugs.

plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 3.webp

The anal plug that inflates


Another model that could be interesting to use as part of an anal initiation is the inflatable anal plug. And its advantage is that you can keep it, even when you want to test a bigger one. Because it swells directly in your anus, and you choose the size you want. It's the perfect anal plug to explore your limits!

plug anal gonflable 1.jpg
plug anal gonflable 2.jpg
plug anal gonflable 3.jpg
plug anal gonflable 5.jpg

The anal plug with balls


Another butt plug that you could try for your anal initiation is the rosary butt plug. The advantage of this product is that it comes in the form of a string, with balls. Balls that can be of different sizes according to your desires. But to start, it is better to take small balls. It is thus ideal for an anal initiation because it can be less scary than an anal plug in its traditional form.

chapelet anal 1.webp
chapelet anal 2.webp
chapelet anal 3.jpg
chapelet anal 4.jpg

In any case, whatever anal plug you choose, for your anal initiation, preferably opt for a silicone anal plug. It will be softer and more pleasant.


Of course, don't forget to put some lubricant both on the walls of your anus but also on your anal plug to fully enjoy your anal initiation. The lubricant will allow you to better penetrate the anal plug into your anus.


How to take advantage of the anal plug to choose during your anal initiation?


Now that you have chosen your anal plug for your anal initiation, you will have to use it. And for that, there is only one rule: discover! Discover your anus, discover the sensations that it gives to integrate an anal plug. Play with it, turn it, put it on gently, then more quickly, test your sensations! You are free to enjoy your body as you wish, without taboos, especially if you are alone. In short, find the position that gives you the most pleasure.

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