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What to do if your anal plug gets stuck?

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You want to use an anal plug but you are afraid that it will get stuck! Here are all the tips to stop being afraid of having a stuck anal plug.

It is true that many people ask the following question regarding the anal plug : what if the anal plug gets stuck? This is also one of the main fears and a barrier to the use of anal plugs among beginners. Even if the desire is great to have an anal plug, they block it for fear that it will be sucked in and blocked. After all, when you put in a suppository, isn't it immediately sucked up through the rectal canal?


Don't panic if the butt plug gets stuck


If you have the butt plug stuck in your anus, don't panic. We know it's not necessarily the easiest thing to do, but panicking is the worst thing, because you're definitely going to do things, in panic, that will make the situation worse. Also, relax, stay calm, breathe very deeply. Of course, if you are accompanied, call on your partner to take charge of the situation.


Use lube if the butt plug gets stuck


If the anal plug remains stuck but you still have the base of the anal plug accessible, in this case it is advisable to put lubricant both on the anal plug (in any case on the internal base in contact with your anus) and on the anus directly. Then push as if you were on the toilet. Normally, with this very simple method, the butt plug will loosen and you can then use it again.

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Remove an anal plug stuck in the rectal canal


Another case may arise, where the anal plug is stuck in the rectal canal, completely retracted and inaccessible. In this case, do not hesitate to go to the toilet and pretend you are trying to get out of the stool. Again here, don't panic, breathe well it's important.

If you can't get the stuck anal plug out like this, in this case, you will have to go to the emergency room, only surgery will remove your anal plug. But be aware that having a butt plug stuck in the rectal canal is very unlikely, if you buy a proper butt plug. Indeed, the base of the anal plug is normally relatively wide and is a security that they are sucked into the anus. Of course, if you have fun inserting an anal plug without a base, it's at your own risk!


For the skeptics, the suction cup anal plug can be a perfect solution. Since the suction cup keeps the anal plug on the floor or on the wall, there is absolutely no risk of having an anal plug stuck.

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