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How to choose and use anal plugs?

Do you want to discover anal plugs because you have heard good things about them ? Discover here our complete guide to anal plugs, to know everything about this fabulous sex toy.

Who are anal plugs for?


What is good about anal plugs is that they are sex toys that will appeal to a large number of people, with very varied, very different profiles.

Anal plugs for experienced people

The anal plug market is a very, very large market. You can find different types of plugs that we will reveal to you a little further down in the article. In particular, there are plugs of different sizes, from plugs for beginners to large XXL type plugs. The plugs will therefore be perfectly suited to people who have already experienced anal penetration and who take a lot of pleasure in it.

Anal plugs for new sensations

For many people, men and women for that matter, the anal area is an area that is still little explored. Source of many taboos. It is true that the anus is seen as a rather dirty organ, and in which it can be painful to push objects. Nevertheless, we can increasingly read information that the anus is an area that can provide a lot of pleasure. This area includes many nerve endings. This is the reason why a simple rimming can cause very nice sensations. And it is in this area that the prostate is located in men. The prostate which, when titillated, offers many pleasures. Thus, anyone wishing to discover new sensations, wishing to experience new sexual things can at some point begin anal penetration. Anal plugs are therefore the perfect sex toy for this.

Anal plugs to break the routine

This point is intended in particular for people who have been in a relationship for many years and who find that the routine has somewhat settled in their couple and especially in their sexual relationship. The use of anal plugs can then prove to be useful, even necessary for the good of the couple. In order to bring new things, a new vision of sexuality. Plugs, like any other sex toy, can thus bring a new freshness to the couple. And their sexuality.  

Anal plugs to go beyond your limits

This is especially for people who are already heavily experienced with anal penetration. A certain number of people indeed take pleasure in suffering. In pain. This is the reason why today there are anal plugs of the XXL type. Very large. Which require a certain mastery of anal penetration. Moreover, some large plugs are used before another step, that of fisting.

How to use anal plugs?


You just bought yourself some cakes and you don't know how to use them. In the following paragraphs, we will explain how to properly insert anal plugs and how to remove anal plugs from your anus. Gently without hurting you and in complete safety.

How to insert anal plugs?

The importance of foreplay

Of course, if you are new to anal penetration, we strongly advise you to use a beginner's anal plug. These plugs have the advantage of being small in shape and above all of being conical in shape, which will allow you to pass it easily, simply, without any pain. But before using your anal plugs and getting it into your anus, it's going to be important to go through some preliminary steps. These steps will allow you to properly prepare your anus for the insertion of the plugs. To do this, there is nothing simpler, several possibilities are available to you.

Use your fingers before inserting anal plugs:

You just need your fingers or your partner's if you're lucky enough to be in a relationship. Concretely, what should you do? Coat one of your fingers with saliva and gently push it into your anus. You can also use lubricating gel rather than your saliva (or that of your partner which gives an even more exciting effect). Once you have succeeded in penetrating your finger, do not hesitate to turn it a little in your anus in order to dilate it. When you have fully succeeded in inserting a finger, you can then pass two fingers stuck together. And you make the same rolling gestures inside your anus. Feel free to move back and forth as well. Then when you have successfully passed two fingers, you can then pass a third. But in this case, we advise you to use your anal plug for beginners, which will have an almost identical shape.

If you are lucky enough to have a partner with you, do not hesitate, to make the situation even sexier, even more exciting, to ask him to make his own fingers penetrate your anus. He will thus participate entirely in the preparation and to the dilation of your anus.

Rimming before the penetration of anal plugs:

Another method that we can advise you to apply, to prepare your anus for anal penetration, is to receive an anilingus. So certainly, the work of dilation of the anus will not be as efficient as with fingers, but the tongue will allow you to have a certain excitement, and therefore to be psychologically and morally ready for the introduction of an anal plug, especially if this is your first time with this sex toy. The advantage of rimming is that it will also allow you to perfectly moisten the area, lubricate it, and therefore facilitate the passage of anal plugs afterwards.

Penetration before using anal plugs:

Finally, to perfectly prepare your anus, to perfectly dilate it, the simplest way is to insert a penis. This implies that you are already experienced with anal penetration, not with a sex toy but with your partner's penis. Anal penetration with a penis is also a preliminary step to the use of larger plugs, such as XXL anal plugs.

Lubricant is essential

Even if your anus is perfectly dilated, you will have to use an essential accessory for the use of plugs, the lubricant. As we have already said, the anus is not an area that naturally lubricates itself. It will therefore be necessary to provide it with lubrication. Saliva may be fine. But be careful, after a while, the saliva will dry out and will no longer play its lubricating effect. There are lubricants specifically suitable for anal penetration, which will not dry out, even with back and forth movements. Regarding lubricants, we advise you

to apply lubricant to the area of your anus and a little bit inside your anus to apply a rather thick layer of lubricant directly on the anal plug.

As you use it, feel free to add lubricant if needed. So always keep your tube close to you while you play with your plugs. We advise against inserting your anal plugs without lubricant: you are going to have pain and, if this is the first time you are using it, you might be disgusted by it.

Here is our selection of lubricants perfectly suited to anal penetration:

The introduction of the plug

Now that your anus is perfectly dilated, perfectly prepared with your fingers, a tongue or even a penis, it's time to get down to business by inserting your anal plugs or in any case your anal plug. Since inevitably you will not be able to integrate several plugs at the same time.

The anus is a delicate, fragile area made up of mucous membrane. It is important to remember that the anus is not an organ adapted to receive objects naturally (but rather to bring them out!). To introduce your plug into your anus, you will therefore have to go slowly, or even very slowly if you are not used to it. To do this :

  • gently insert the end of the plug. Once the tip is inserted, begin twisting it and then move gently back and forth.

  • as you go, gradually insert the plug to its base. Of course, we strongly advise against integrating it entirely quickly at once. You risk not only hurting, at worst hurting yourself. And we can assure you that having an anus injury like an anal fissure can be very painful. The rule is therefore simple, go slowly, but go calmly.

If it is your partner who introduces the plug into your anus, do not hesitate to tell him how you feel. He must listen to you. He must take care of you and especially your anus. He must be vigilant about what you express, through your eyes, your sounds, what your body shows him.

Time to play with your butt plugs

Now that you have succeeded in fully integrating your anal plug, it is time to enjoy it, to savor this moment of pleasure. Because if it's the first time you've done this type of sexual practice, you'll discover new sensations and you'll see that you won't be able to do without it.

So how do you play with your butt plug? Of course, everything will depend on the type of plug you have:

  • if you have a conical shaped plug, then you just have to move back and forth at the rate you want. You choose. Remember that the most important thing is that you have fun.

  • if you have a rosary type anal plug, in this case, you will have to bring all the balls in and then bring them out one after the other at the rate you also want.

  • finally, if you have a vibrating plug, you will be able to play with the different types of vibrations and find the one that gives you the most pleasure.

In any case, take your time and again, take it easy, you shouldn't hurt yourself. You should not cause pain. You have to respect your anus.

How to remove anal plugs?

You are done, you have had enough pleasure, or even quite simply, you have reached orgasm and now you want to remove your plug. Well, it's very simple, to remove your plug, you'll have to go slowly. Because you will find that your anus and in particular your sphincter will completely encompass the plug. A little advice so that the removal of the plug is done in the best conditions: you will have to push as if you were in the toilet. You will see that the plug will be easily removed.

Anal plug materials

The anal plug market is a growing market. You will find different types of anal plugs according to your needs and your desires. Here is our selection of existing anal plugs below.

Anal plugs made of soft material

Silicone material is the material that you will find most frequently on the anal plug market. It is indeed a very soft material, very delicate, very simple and which is perfectly suitable for all needs. Whether you are new to anal plugs or more experienced, silicone material is indeed a perfect material for anal penetration. The reasons are as follows:

  • Silicone is not a rigid material like glass or metal. If you are new to anal penetration, you will find it easier to insert a silicone anal plug rather than a glass anal plug or a metal anal plug.

  • As we said above, the silicone material is a material that is very soft, very velvety. It is therefore a material that is rather pleasant to penetrate into the anus. This is why most anal plugs on the market today are made of silicone.

  • Finally, one of the reasons why silicone anal plugs are highly sought after is also because they are easy to clean, and this is a very important point. After using your anal plugs, remember that cleaning a plug is important to remove all remains of fecal matter, and the bacteria associated with it, but also the remains of lubricants.

You can find our selection of cleaning products for anal plugs here.

Solid anal plugs


Glass is also a highly sought-after material for lovers of anal plugs. The reason is very simple, it's a very solid, very hard material that will perfectly fill your anus. And having a well-filled anus is something sought after by lovers of anal plugs and anal penetration. But the reasons that can also push you to buy glass anal plugs are various:

  • First of all, glass anal plugs are very aesthetic. These are indeed plugs that are rather pretty to look at.

  • On the other hand, anal plugs are very easy to clean. You can even put them in the dishwasher. So you don't have to bother cleaning them with soap and hot water. You just have to put it among your cutlery in the dishwasher and you're done! Easy, quick cleaning, once washed you can store it in your bedside cabinet or in your hiding place!

  • Finally, and this is a very important point, glass anal plugs are very resistant. There is no risk that it will be damaged as can be the case with silicone anal plugs, or that it will break. Of course, for this, we invite you to buy your anal plugs in trusted shops. Do not indeed buy anal plugs on sites that do not inspire you, do not play with the quality. These are still products that you will introduce into your anus, a fragile area that is difficult to access if anything happens. Glass anal plugs are thus plugs that you can use all your life.


Discover our selection of glass anal plugs here:

metal anal plugs


Another material that you can easily find on the anal plug market is metal. It is a material that has many advantages:

  • Just like glass, metal is a rather pretty, rather aesthetic material. Its metallic side will indeed give a style to anal plugs.

  • On the other hand, metal combines perfectly with other materials. You will thus be able to find what are called jewelry anal plugs, i.e. anal plugs that contain a precious stone at their base. Finally, an imitation of a diamond type precious stone. This type of metal ring plugs is therefore ideal for women who want to have a nice jewel to have fun during their anal penetration.

  • Finally  metal anal plugs are also very solid, very resistant plugs. You will be able to use them for a long time.

Let's also not forget that metal anal plugs are very easy to wash, simply wash them with soap and water. Once used, you can store them.


Discover our selection of metal anal plugs here:

plug anal en métal.jpg

Types of anal plugs


Because not all pleasures are the same between people, because everyone has different expectations, you will be able to find different types of anal plugs.

Pretty anal plugs


We briefly talked about it above, jewelry anal plugs are plugs highly appreciated by women. But they are also appreciated by men who want to have an elegant butt plug. Concretely, jewelry anal plugs are small plugs, small in size, at the end of which is fixed a diamond. Of course, these are fake diamonds, as the major jewelry brands have not yet dared to release plugs with real diamonds. Which is too bad, we're sure they'll find takers!


Due to the presence at their base of this fake precious stone, jewelry anal plugs are thus very aesthetic plugs. If ever your partner is resistant to the use of anal plugs or even anal penetration quite simply, offering him a jeweled anal plug could easily make him change his mind.


You can find different shapes of jewelry anal plugs. The main changes, mainly coming from the shape of the stone. You will be able to find stones in the shape of a rose type flower. But you can also find stones with simpler, round shapes. Since jewelry anal plugs rely heavily on aesthetics, you can also find stones with different colors: pink, purple, red for a slightly more carnal side. Even blue and black, colors more intended for men. Even though the color white. remains the color that we find most often.


Discover our selection of jewelry anal plugs here:

hollow anal plugs


Another type of butt plugs that you can find are tunnel butt plugs. So these are plugs that have a rather particular shape since they have a hole in their middle. Yes, you read it right, a hole. They are therefore not completely filled.


The tunnel anal plug is a plug that will particularly adapt to the most experienced people with anal penetration. Why? Quite simply because tunnel anal plugs allow other objects to be introduced. In addition to the plug in the anus, you will be able to insert another sex toy, such as a dildo, through this hole. Simply see a penis. Some people also let liquid flow through this hole to give even more sensations. Of course, this type of tunnel anal plugs are plugs that have a fairly wide, fairly tall, fairly big shape. This is why they are therefore more suitable for people who are already very experienced with anal penetration and the use of plugs. Not to be put between all the buttocks.


Discover our selection of tunnel anal plugs here:

Animal style anal plugs


If you want a little more fun in your sex life, whether solo or with your partner(s), then we strongly advise you to turn to butt plugs with tails! What, a butt plug with a tail ? Yes, you got it right! Plugs that feature an animal tail! And besides, you can find all kinds: rabbit tail, fox tail, cat tail, ponytail, etc. But what is the point of using such anal plugs will you tell me? Well, the reasons are various:

  • on the one hand, butt plugs with tails are going to give you a very wild side. Very animal. Of course, once you have integrated the anal plug, only the tail will be visible. Your partner will therefore have the impression of seeing a small animal in you.

  • on the other hand, tailed anal plugs are perfect for creating a scenario in your relationship. Imagine, your partner wears a rabbit tail butt plug and comes to eat your carrot... Can you imagine the words you could say to him? Ideal if you like to talk, say raw words if necessary.

  • finally, anal plugs with tails are interesting plugs to motivate a person resistant to the use of plugs, or even to anal penetration quite simply. Indeed, tailed anal plugs are generally small in size, so they are very suitable for people who are just starting out, or even who are afraid of the pain that one imagines by having an object penetrate the anus. What's more, tailed butt plugs are quite funny, you will definitely get a smile from your partner when he or she sees it. And inevitably, if the smile is there, if he or she perceives it as a playful sex toy, then he or she will be tempted more easily.


Discover our selection of butt plugs with tails here:

Anal plugs with several balls

Come on, do you feel like praying a little with your partner during your sex games. It would be fishing, we agree, and yet, you can find anal plugs that will make you want ... to enter paradise thanks to anal penetration! These are what we call rosary anal plugs! So if they have such a name it is simply because they have the shape of a rosary, a plug along which beads, or balls depending on its size, are integrated. The rosary anal plug is therefore a plug with a completely different shape from the classic plug, because it is not cone-shaped.

But what to do with these rosary anal plugs? Well, the goal is to get all the balls, or all the balls, into your anus, then remove them. So be careful when removing this type of anal plug, you shouldn't go at it suddenly, but take it slowly. Moreover, the more you remove them gently, the more sensations, and therefore pleasures, you will have. With these rosary anal plugs, all the nerve endings in your anus will come to life!

Why use these rosary anal plugs?

  • on the one hand, because of their different shape, you will break the routine a little if you are a fan of plugs.

  • on the other hand, as we have seen, these plugs provide different sensations, you will indeed have the feeling of having an even fuller anus.

  • finally, you can more easily play with these plugs, by inserting the number of balls (or balls) you want, by removing them, etc.


Discover our selection of butt plugs with tails here:

Anal plugs that stick to the floor or ceiling

Here is a type of anal plug that is very successful, especially with people who are used to, or who like, playing with their plugs alone. These are suction cup anal plugs. It is a type of plugs that has a suction cup at its base. The interest being to be able to apply the suction cup to a fixed surface, such as the floor or a wall, or even an object. But why use a suction cup anal plug ?

  • the main reason for using this type of anal plug is that thanks to the suction cup, you have your hands perfectly free! And yes, using a plug requires taking it in hand, in particular to move back and forth. With the suction cup, since the plug is fixed, you don't have to take pleasure in the movements of your body.

  • these suction cup anal plugs are also perfect for those who love to combine masturbation with anal penetration thanks to a plug. Since your hands are free, you can indeed masturbate more easily.

  • finally, you can create a little scenario with these suction cup anal plugs, like imagining that you are being caught by someone.


Suction cup anal plugs are available in all sizes: you can use them as a beginner or if you are experienced with anal penetration.

Discover our selection of suction cup anal plugs here:

Anal plugs that are activated remotely

Come on, we end with what we can call high tech butt plugs, remote control butt plugs. We see more and more of them, and it's not surprising, the remote control anal plug allows you to do very beautiful things, alone or with your partner! Concretely, remote control anal plugs are plugs of all shapes (conical, rosary, etc.) to which a remote control is associated. This remote control allows

  • to manage the level of vibration

  • manage the heat level for plugs that offer this option

  • to manage the level of inflation, for inflatable anal plugs.


But much more than these possibilities, where remote control anal plugs are interesting is when you use them as a couple:

  • indeed, it is your partner who will punctuate the vibrations, the heat levels or the size of the plug if it is inflatable

  • and if you are outside, with friends for example, or even in a restaurant, in a public space, etc., he will be able to activate it according to his wishes... it's up to you to control yourself or not! In short, he dominates you. Imagine all the scenarios you can do!

Check out what's thought to be the best remote control butt plug (click image to access):

plug anal télécommande.jpg

Anal plugs that vibrate

We already talked a bit about these anal plugs above, the vibrating anal plugs. These are plugs that appeal enormously, to both men and women, because they allow you to have new sensations, to experiment with new things, and even to feel quite strong sensations.

The interest of this anal plugs is indeed to make you vibrate, well rather your anus, through different levels of vibration offered. So you can go slowly or on the contrary put very strong vibrations. You can also put jerky vibrations.

Generally vibrating anal plugs are composed of between 5 and 10 different vibration levels. It is therefore obvious that you will find the type of vibration that will suit you and that will make you vibrate. Why is it interesting to use the vibrating anal plug ?

  • because it will tickle your nerve endings present in the anus. Even your prostate if you are a man. And the prostate is an organ that reacts really well to vibrations.

  • if you are used to using anal plugs, vibrating anal plugs will allow you to discover new sensations and therefore break the routine that you may have had up to now.

  • Finally, if you use vibrating anal plugs with your partner, you will then be able to dominate her by choosing the type of vibration and the strength of vibration that you will give her. You just have to watch your partner, see how he or she takes advantage of his vibration and play along with him or her.


As for the activation of vibrations, it's very simple, you have 2 possibilities:

  • either press the button at the base of the anal plug. With each press of the button, you will have a new vibration.

  • or use the remote control. Some vibrating anal plugs are indeed supplied with a remote control.

Check out what's thought to be the best remote control butt plug (click image to access):

What are the risks of using anal plugs?

Like any use of sex toys, anal plugs can carry certain risks.

The tearing of rectal tissues

One of the main risks with the use of anal plugs is tearing of the rectal tissues. This risk is nevertheless moderate from the moment you use your anal plugs gently, calmly and serenely. You don't have to be crude! The tearing can indeed occur when you penetrate the anal plug too quickly, without preparing your anus, without it being dilated.

This type of tearing can also occur if you remove the anal plug too quickly. The anus is a fragile area, so take care of it when handling your anal plugs. To avoid the tearing of the rectal tissues, it is therefore sufficient:

  • to properly prepare your anus by dilating it.

  • use lubricant both on your anus and on the anal plugs to make them penetrate more gently.

If it is your partner who manipulates the plug, do not hesitate to stop it if you start to feel pain, or if it is a little too rough.

The transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Another risk you may face with the use of butt plugs is the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Indeed, when you insert the anal plugs into your anus, you may have remains of secretions. And yes, it's not always clean, but don't worry about that, c'est la vie!! These are the risks of using such sex toys. But you may also find bodily fluids, such as blood, that can carry sexually transmitted infections. This is why it is necessary to wash your anal plugs well:

  • after use, before storing them. Plus it's hygienic.

  • or before pushing it into another anus, or even into a vagina. This is indeed the best way to transmit infections, bacteria, etc. to another person.

Also, if with your partner, you both want to have anal penetration, then it will be advisable that you each have your own plug.

How to take care of your anal plugs?

Now that you have enjoyed your plug, you will have to put it away before next use. But for this it is necessary to respect certain rules.

Thoroughly clean your anal plugs

Once you've finished using your butt plugs and finished what you have to do, it's important to clean your butt plugs thoroughly. Of course, do not store your anal plugs directly after use:

  • you put lubricant on it, so you have to remove it so that the plug is perfectly clean

  • bodily fluids, such as blood, may be present on the plug. Even in a non-visible way, in very small

  • finally, we are never safe from accidents with anal penetration, and you will have to take all the precautions with an enema before, it is possible that traces of feces (even tiny ones) are present.

For hygiene therefore, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria also, it is therefore essential to clean your anal plugs well.

To do this, you have different alternatives:

  • soap and clear water: whatever the material of your anal plugs, you can wash them with soap and clear water. This is the best way to take care of it, especially if you have silicone anal plugs. In this way, by washing it by hand, you can wash them while taking care.

  • the dishwasher: if you have metal or glass anal plugs, you can very well put them in the dishwasher to clean them. Of course, pay attention to who is going to empty the dishwasher. If it's your mother-in-law who is visiting you for a weekend, the situation can be very funny.

  • the washing-up liquid also if you have glass anal plugs.

  • wipes: there are wipes specially adapted to clean sex toys. Between us, it is not necessarily ecological.

  • specific cleaners in the form of a spray: these are very effective cleaners which will also have the function of disinfecting in most cases. Below is our selection.

Once you have cleaned your anal plugs, you will have to dry them! Do not let them dry in the open air, especially if you have silicone plugs. This could damage them, and make them porous. However, a porous silicone is a silicone in which bacteria (and traces of bodily fluids) can infiltrate. It will therefore not be perfectly clean. What's more, small pieces of silicone could come off during use with the back and forth movement, thus remaining stuck in the anus. It's not ideal. After a while, your silicone anal plugs will no longer be usable (and when you see the price of some plugs, it would still be a shame to throw them away). So once you wash your butt plugs, dry them well with a clean towel.


Disinfect her butt plugs

If you want to go further in washing your plugs, you can also disinfect them! At least you won't run the risk of leaving bacteria on it, especially if another person is going to take over and use it. Disinfecting an anal plug will be all the more necessary if you have rubber anal plugs for which soapy water should not be used.

Properly store your anal plugs

Now that your anal plugs are perfectly clean, you will have to store them, and store them well! We do not say this to hide them and to prevent stepmother (again) from falling on them. No. But it is important to store them well to avoid:  

  • that dust does not come on it. Anal plugs must be perfectly clean before use, free of dust that could irritate your anus.

  • that light, even heat or even humidity does not damage your plugs. Some materials are indeed very relatively fragile, like silicone.

You must store them in a dry place, you could, for example, store them in a small cloth or even silk bag in the closet of your bedroom or your bathroom (in short, the most accessible place to have the hand on it as quickly as possible in case of sudden desire to use!).

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!!

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