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How to use a small butt plug without hurting

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You've heard of the sensations of anal penetration, sodomy , and you just want to try it! Whether you are a man or a woman, anal penetration is indeed a great source of pleasure , due to the nerve endings which are located at the level of the anus, and the prostate in men of course. So have no taboos or fears, anal pleasure is a healthy pleasure from the moment it is done according to your desires. But be careful, if you are in the middle of an anal initiation , you will have to use an anal plug for beginners , i.e. a small anal plug, a small size plug, which is also called a mini anal plug. This type of anal plug will allow you to discover gently, but serenely, the joys of anal pleasure. Don't immediately go for large anal plugs , such as the XXL anal plug , at the risk of having pain and being disgusted with anal penetration.

Here is in this article all our advice concerning the small anal plug and our selection of products.


What is a small butt plug?


But before giving you our advice on the small anal plug, it is good to present what it is. First of all, an anal plug is a sex toy that has a conical shape in most cases. I prefer to specify because we find a ball shape in the big anal plug. But we strongly advise against using it because the ball shape is suitable for people with extensive experience in anal penetration. No, if you are new to the anal plug, you will have to choose one with a conical shape, either thin at the end and thicker at its base. Why ? Because the conical shape is a perfect shape for inserting an object into the anus, without risking injury. The conical shape makes it possible to gradually dilate the anus. And dilation is an important point.

But concretely, what is a small anal plug?

  • a small anal plug is a plug that is thin, or very narrow, even at its level the large plug. Concretely, the small anal plug is about 2 cm in diameter at its widest point, which corresponds to a few fingers that would be glued to each other. 2 cm is the perfect size to start with a small anal plug, to discover the sensations that anal penetration offers before eventually moving on to a larger anal plug.

  • next, a small butt plug is a relatively short butt plug. You can indeed find long anal plugs, but which will also be more suitable for more experienced people, who use the anal plug in particular as a sex toy to prepare a fist (passage of the hand and forearm in the 'anus). Suffice to say that it takes long training sessions here before you can do it. A small anal plug is on average 8 cm long.

Here is the best little butt plug to start with. Click on the image to get it.

petit plug anal.jpg

Why use a small anal plug?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a small butt plug:


A small anal plug to validate anal pleasure


Of course, the small anal plug will allow you to discover what it feels like to have anal penetration. It will allow you to discover, apart from the fingers that you may have already introduced into the anus, what the nerve endings can give you as sensations, what the prostate when it is tickled offers as pleasure, or even what it does when you press, from inside the anus, on the perineum. The small anal plug is therefore the perfect sex toy to discover a new pleasure, and you will see, especially in men, that tickling the prostate can give you much more pleasure than an ejaculation.

A small anal plug for new sexual experiences

Maybe you are bored in your relationship? Maybe you want to try new things with your partner? You read an article on anal penetration and you have to test it with your partner? But you don't dare talk to him about it, because it's still a taboo subject, or you're afraid his reaction is that he or she will think you're crazy. the small anal plug is then the perfect solution, because, due to its small size :


  • it remains a cute sex toy, like a small accessory.

  • it is not scary! Because generally, two things can put a person off from doing anal penetration. The first is to be in pain, and the second is the fear of an accident with traces of poo simply. But at least with the small anal plug, no risk of pain.


A small anal plug during masturbation

For a while now we have been talking in this article about pleasure for two, but you can also use a small anal plug while you are having fun alone! It also allows you to break your masturbation routine which, we are not going to hide it, very often remains the same! At least, with a small anal plug while you masturbate, you can associate other pleasures, other sensations, which will make your masturbation even more pleasant!

Advice before using a small anal plug

If this is your first time using a small butt plug, then here are our tips that will make your experience of using the small butt plug perfect.

Clean your anus before inserting the small butt plug

Of course, before using a small anal plug you will have to clean your anus. This is to avoid the famous accident we mentioned above. Because it is one of the great fears during anal penetration: that the little anal plug comes out dirty. And it's true that it's not necessarily pleasant, especially with the associated smells. So some people will not dare to eat the day before getting caught to avoid any accident. You have a more practical solution, especially if you have a little time just before penetration: it is to use an enema bulb.

You can find our article: Enema pear: tips for using it well

Find below our selection of the best enema bulbs

poire de lavement.jpg

Dilate your anus before inserting the small anal plug

Another point that will be necessary to respect before integrating a small anal plug into your anus is to prepare your anus. And by preparing an anus, we mean dilating it. And yes, the anus is prepared, heated, and when it is well prepared, it allows objects to pass more easily, including the small anal plug.

To dilate an anus, there is nothing simpler: you just have to play with your fingers: caress it, start to take pleasure in this way, then, with put a little saliva on one finger and start pushing it into your anus. Then put a second finger and, when it fits easily, you can then switch to the small butt plug.

Lubricate your anus before using your small butt plug

Finally, the last advice we give you to use a small butt plug properly is to use a lubricant. It is the essential accessory for using an anal plug, whatever its size, and whatever its material! The lubricant will have two functions:

  • on the one hand to facilitate the passage of the small anal plug in the anus. Try it once with and without lubricant, you will see the difference!! By using a lubricant, the objective is of course not to have pain when inserting your small anal plug.

  • on the other hand, the lubricant will give you sensations which will not be unpleasant, especially if you use a warming lubricant or which on the contrary will bring freshness.

Here is our selection of lubricants for plugs:

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

How to choose your little anal plug?

Here we are going to give you advice on how to choose your small butt plug for beginners.

A small silicone anal plug

If you are new to anal penetration, it is highly recommended to choose a silicone anal plug. Avoid taking a glass anal plug or a metal anal plug. Why ? Because the silicone material is a flexible material that will be soft to the touch, a little velvety, and therefore more pleasant during penetration.

Here is our selection of small silicone anal plugs:

plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 2.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp

A small inflatable anal plug

If you think you're going to have a lot of fun using an anal plug and that you're going to want to go even further, in this case we advise you to take an inflatable anal plug. The inflatable anal plug is a type of plug that can take different sizes by inflating. Thus, once you have inserted the plug into the anus, you can inflate it to make it grow and thus see what your limits are.

Here is our selection of inflatable anal plugs:

plug anal gonflable 4.jpg
plug anal gonflable 2.jpg
plug anal gonflable 3.jpg

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