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How to choose and use an enema bulb?

Have you decided to indulge yourself with an anal plug, or do you have a very hot date planned with your partner and you know that your anus is going to go to the pan, in particular via rimming ? So, it is advisable to do an enema, so that your experience is the best possible. Who hasn't already found themselves with traces of excrement on their anal plug after use? It's not a problem if you're alone, after all it's your body. But it can be more annoying when you are accompanied, or even when it is not an anal plug that is inserted, but a penis. And I'm not talking about the potential odors that may accompany these traces of excrement. Well, some people avoid doing enemas so that it is not clean, everyone has their own desires, huh! And for your enema to be as effective as possible, it will be advisable to use an enema bulb. What ? You don't know what an enema bulb is? Okay, come on, quick introduction ;)

What is an enema bulb?


An enema bulb is an accessory that will be very useful to you if you have discovered the pleasure of anal penetration. It is present in the form of a container, having a pear shape (hence the name) to which is linked a tip (which is called a cannula). This pear contains water and is relatively flexible, so you can press it to squeeze water out of the mouthpiece. Like a pump. The tip will have been previously introduced into the anus and will therefore wash the rectum.


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So basically, you should know that the enema pear was not used to receive, in the best possible conditions, anal penetration. In fact, the enema pear was thought, imagined to relieve chronic constipation. But its use has been diverted precisely to have a rectum perfectly taken and thus avoid any inconvenience, any accident.

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poire de lavement 1.png

The steps to properly use an enema bulb


To properly use your enema pear, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Before use, disassemble the pear and boil it for 10 minutes in water. This will not only clean it well, especially traces of dust that could accumulate while it is stored, but also disinfect it, and in particular the tip that you are going to introduce into your anus.

  2. Then fill it with lukewarm water. Don't put cold water, it won't be very pleasant when you go to use it. And especially not hot water, you could then burn yourself.

  3. You must be completely relaxed, relaxed, for the effectiveness of the enema to be optimal. Indeed, by being relaxed, the muscles of your anus will also be relaxed and the water will penetrate perfectly, in all corners.

  4. Insert the tip into your anus, gently so as not to hurt or hurt yourself. You can apply lubricant to facilitate the introduction.

  5. Gently press the pear so that the water comes out. Slowly we said, don't yank.

  6. Keep the water in you for a few minutes then evacuate it (as if you were going to the toilet).


It is advisable to repeat this operation as many times as necessary, to be perfectly clean. Basically, you repeat these actions until the water you drain is clear. Between us, once or even twice is enough, it is not necessary to spend hours giving yourself an enema with a pear. If so, we advise you to ask yourself if it is really the right time!!



How to store your enema pear after use?


Now that your anus is perfectly clean and you're ready to use it, you'll have to put away your enema bulb. Again, some advice is needed:

  1. Before storing your enema pear, remember to clean it well, and in particular the tip that you have introduced into your anus. It must be perfectly clean (watch out for bacteria).

  2. Dry it well.

  3. Store your enema pear in a dry place, away from light, and closed to prevent dust from accumulating as much as possible.

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poire de lavement 2.png

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