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The perfect XXL anal plug for intense sexual sensations

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The anal plug market is such a vast market that you can find something for everyone, and for every need. And some people are so fond of anal plugs that they will want to go beyond their limits every time by inserting an XXL anal plug into their anus. But of course, penetrating such an anal plug involves risks, it is necessary to put the XXL anal plug in good conditions.  All you need to know about the XXL anal plug find it in this article.

Want to know more about the XXL anal plug?

But before presenting our advice for properly putting on an XXL anal plug, it is important to give some information.

What is an XXL butt plug?

The XXL anal plug is actually the large size plug of anal plugs that exist on the market. It's very simple, there is no bigger size. Much like clothing, anal plugs come in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. Beyond that, you won't find bigger.

If one has to sum it up in one picture, the XXL anal plug is bigger than the fist of a man's hand. Much bigger.

The size of the XXL anal plug

But when we talk about XXL anal plugs, what exactly are we talking about? What is his size ? And yes, there are standards! You should know that an XXL anal plug is between 60 and 70 mm in diameter. Yes, you read it right, between 60 and 70 mm in diameter. So as much to tell you that it is necessary to be well prepared!

But there are even bigger plugs, which can reach 13 cm in diameter.

Who is the XXL anal plug for?

The XXL anal plug will of course be aimed at all people who already have a great (and beautiful) experience with anal plugs. Indeed, to use an XXL anal plug:

The XXL anal plug for people who are ready

Not only do you have to know and understand your body. Of course, not all people, despite their experience in sodomy or anal penetration with anal plugs or other objects, will be able to insert an XXL anal plug. It is not only a question of dilation of the anus but certain physiognomy simply does not allow it.


But you also have to be psychologically ready to insert an XXL anal plug into your anus. This may be harmless for some, while for other people, beyond a certain size, inserting an XXL anal plug is simply an impossible mission.

The XXL anal plug to go beyond your limits

In any case, the XXL anal plugs will mainly address:

  • to people who want to exceed their limit more and more and who take pleasure in exceeding them and always going beyond them. They are daring people, who will always try the biggest, the furthest, the deepest too. Concretely, these are people who have no limits when it comes to getting something into their anus. They are very often people who are into fisting or who want to prepare for it. They are also people who have already tried the experience of double penetration.

  • to people who of course take pleasure in having something very big in their anus. It's very simple, the bigger what goes in, the better it tastes!

  • to people who also enjoy being dominated. They are thus totally subject to the will of their Master who will take a certain pleasure in inserting an XXL anal plug.

Discover our selection of XXL anal plugs

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​​How to put on an XXL anal plug

To put on an XXL anal plug, it is necessary to follow certain instructions:

Dilate the anus before using an XXL anal plug

At first, it is necessary to prepare the anus well by dilating it as much as possible. To do this, you can use your fingers and then your hand. As long as the hand cannot penetrate the anus, it is necessary to work on the dilation of the anus. This dilation beforehand will be necessary to avoid any damage to the area of the anus, which is, remember, a fragile area. It is important not to create tears, which could be painful.

Lubricant with an XXL anal plug

Then, the essential accessory with the use of an XXL anal plug is of course lubricant. And you're going to have to put in a hell of a dose of lubricant to not only make it easier to pass the XXL anal plug, but to make it as pleasant as possible. As the saying goes, there is never enough lube, feel free to put some on it

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

Start small before the XXL butt plug

You can also go gradually by inserting anal plugs of different sizes. As the anus expands, you can upgrade to a larger butt plug size.

Which XXL anal plug to choose?

You can choose the XXL anal plug according to your desires because there are all kinds of XXL anal plugs:

  • you can choose an XXL silicone anal plug for its comfort or an XXL glass anal plug for its raw and bestial side.

  • the XXL anal plug also comes in smooth or textured form to increase pleasure

  • finally, if the XXL anal plug is not enough for you, why not choose a vibrating XXL anal plug to increase the sensations?

  • finally, if you are alone and want to have fun with an XXL anal plug, in this case opt for a plug with suction cup.


The risks of the XXL anal plug


Of course, you have to be careful when inserting an XXL anal plug into your anus or that of your partner. Because an XXL anal plug put on too quickly or too abruptly can have serious consequences on the anus and its region:

  • an XXL anal plug can indeed cause irritation

  • the XXL anal plug can create anal fissures, which can be very painful

  • the XXL anal plug can cause a rupture of the sphincter.

How to choose the XXL anal plug

To choose the right XXL anal plug, it's very simple and we will give you only one piece of advice: have fun! And yes, after all if you take an XXL anal plug it's for your pleasure, or that of your partner. Also, let yourself be tempted by the XXL anal plug that will make you want to use it the most.

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