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How to prepare well before sodomy?

You have decided to move on to a new stage in your sex life and want to try sodomy. Besides, more than sodomy, we can talk about anal penetration, whether with a penis, with an anal plug , with an anal hook or any other sex toy. But you ask yourself a lot of questions about sodomy, and in particular about the preparation before sodomy. You could indeed fear several things: having pain, the accident with the fecal matter... so many apprehensions which slow down a large number of people to practice anal penetration. And yet, with a good preparation for sodomy, everything will go very well and you will discover new sensations, new pleasures, whether you are a woman or a man.

Take some popcorn, relax, you will now discover all our advice for a good preparation for sodomy.

Steps before preparing for sodomy


Discuss for a good preparation for anal sex

Before getting down to business, the first essential step in preparing for sodomy is to have a good discussion with your partner, if you want to practice anal penetration with your partner. If you just want to have fun with butt plugs , you can skip this step!

The exchange is indeed crucial for the preparation for sodomy because it is necessary that the two partners are on the same wavelength and that the desire is present on both sides. Both the person who will penetrate and the one who will be sodomized. If the desire on both sides is present then everything will go well, confidence will be installed and complicity will make the experience of anal penetration more pleasant.

A preparation for sodomy in complete relaxation

Another very important point, necessary before any preparation for sodomy, is that you feel relaxed, relaxed. By being relaxed, this will have several impacts on sodomy:

  • you will be more receptive to the sensations provided by sodomy, by anal penetration, whether with a penis or with a sex toy,

  • but above all, your anus muscles, and in particular the sphincter, will themselves be relaxed, which will make sodomy go better. Penetration will be easier. You should know that if your muscles are not relaxed, then anal sex will be difficult, it could even be painful.

The enema is thus a treatment that will perfectly clean the anus. Indeed, the liquid that you will insert into the anus as part of an enema will help dissolve the stool stuck against the intestinal walls and thus facilitate their evacuation. Your interior will be perfectly clean!

An enema to prepare for sodomy

We come to an important step in the preparation for sodomy, the enema. This is an important step because it will reassure you and your partner that there are no accidents, either traces of poop simply on the penis or on the sex toy. We talk about it very simply here because it is the main obstacle to the passage to the act of sodomy.

And yet, between us it does not matter! If a relationship of trust is established between the partners, it does not matter if a small trace of fecal matter is present in fine. Anyway, usually after anal penetration, the person who penetrated will wash the penis very quickly.

To perform an enema, you have several options, including using an enema bulb or an enema kit.

You can find our dedicated article below.


Preparing for anal sex with foreplay

Foreplay is an essential step in preparing for sodomy. Indeed, if it's the first time you're going to get caught, warm up before with your partner or alone. Because by being excited before you get caught:

  • you will be relaxed, and as we have seen above, this is a determining factor in the success of sodomy.

  • you will have fewer brakes, you will have even more desire to satisfy your fantasy of being sodomized.

Thus, before starting anal sex, you could linger for a while on the anus area through rimming .

How to choose your lubricant for anal sex

If there is one accessory that is essential before any sodomy, it is the lubricant. We strongly advise you not to consider any sodomy, any anal penetration without having lubricant. And of course, the anus does not naturally produce lubricant like the vagina does. So some people will say to themselves that it is not necessary and that saliva will clearly suffice. Yes, it can, but be careful, during sodomy and especially back and forth movements, the saliva will dry out. You will therefore have to reapply regularly. And above all, you will need to have a good amount of saliva. Whereas with a lubricant, which is particularly suitable, it won't dry out and you won't have to worry about that. What's more, the lubricant will bring additional pleasure due to its smoothing, wet side.

We advise you to opt for an anal lubricant, more than for a vaginal lubricant which dries more.

Here is our selection of lubricants below:

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp
lubrifiant anal 1.webp

The preparation for anal sex before the penis

Before directly attacking sodomy with the penis, you have other elements that you can penetrate. The objective here is to go slowly but calmly, to dilate your anus. By dilating, or dilation, we mean preparing your anus, heating it so that the muscles are perfectly relaxed and sodomy goes perfectly. Here are our steps.

Insert fingers before anal


The simplest is that you can first use your fingers, or those of your partner, to dilate the anus. By following these instructions:

  • apply lubricant to the contours of your anus and a little in your anus.

  • start by introducing a finger into your anus, going there very slowly. Once you get a finger in, you can have fun twisting it around a bit. If you finger a man, try to find his prostate!

  • when the finger is fully in, you can insert a second and then a third.

  • if you managed to get 3 fingers in, then you can move on to the penis step.


Inserting an anal plug before anal sex

If you have an anal plug at home, now is the time to use it! The anal plug is indeed an excellent sex toy to use as part of a preparation for sodomy. And this for many reasons :

  • there are small size plugs that will allow you to practice anal penetration, such as the anal plug for beginners. Do not immediately use a large butt plug, such as the XXL butt plug, if you are new to sodomy!

  • the shape of the plugs is perfect for sodomy. Finally, of course, take the conical plugs, not the ball-shaped ones! The conical shape will indeed allow to serenely dilate the anus.

  • if you are new to sodomy, then you must choose a silicone anal plug, whose soft and flexible material is perfect for experiencing the joys of sodomy.

  • the plugs will allow you to train, especially when you are alone. You train in sodomy, in learning how to relax yourself and your anus. To explore the area too and find out what are the points that will give you pleasure.


Here is our selection of plugs:

plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 2.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp

What position to take for sodomy?

During your first penetrations, the position is essential because:

  • you will have to be comfortable, to better enjoy the moment

  • you will also have to open your anus well so that the penis, or the sex toy, can take place in your anus.

The doggy style is an ideal position for sodomy, because the anus is perfectly available to the person who is going to take you. Another nice position for anal sex is when you're lying on your side and your partner is spooning you.

In any case, whatever the position chosen for sodomy, your partner:

  • should go slowly, practicing slow back and forth movements, at the beginning anyway. It allows time for the anus to prepare well, to dilate well. It must not be abrupt, it must not come into force or risk causing injuries, such as anal fissures.

  • will have to apply lubricant as soon as he feels that the movements are harder, that the glide is less good

  • must above all listen to you, observe you. Do not hesitate to share your feelings with him.

You will have pain at the beginning of sodomy, whether with your fingers, a plug or a penis. Especially if you dread this moment. But with excitement and dilation, the pain will very quickly turn into pleasure.

Men's advice for successful sodomy?

Through our Instagram account dedicated to male sexuality (see below), we asked guys questions to find out what advice they would give to make sodomy successful. We had a great turnout, and here's what came out of it.

The first piece of advice that has been communicated for sodomy to be successful is first of all to want it . Of course, this should not be a forced act or done to please. Then, the second advice is to prepare the anus well, to take your time with your partner. Do not force things but make sure that the anus expands gradually so that your machine can enter normally.

Then, another tip for the first sodomy to be successful was to train alone in your corner . This is great advice. When you're alone, you have no pressure, no pressure to get it right, no pressure from your partner. You can therefore tame your anus alone, see how you manage to relax the muscles of the anus to gradually penetrate the fingers or an anal plug. You can also learn more about the best position for you to make the anus accessible. The purchase of an anal plug is therefore essential here to train you.

Finally, the last advice given by guys for a perfect sodomy is to start with sex toys before having your partner's penis in your anus. Namely to start with a small anal plug, then a larger plug. The anus is thus perfectly relaxed, ready to receive the penis.

Come on, you want a little bonus? And well imagine that a certain number of guys use poppers for a good sodomy! The poppers indeed make it possible to relax the muscles of the anus and thus to facilitate anal penetration . In addition, he is known to be a sexual stimulant. Be careful, however, not to abuse it too much because it can be dangerous.

Click on the image below to discover our selection of poppers.


If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! You can also find us on the Facebook account .

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