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Good practices for an anal initiation

You are tempted by an anal initiation but you have doubts about the right gestures to adopt, the products to use? This is normal, we cannot say that anal initiation is part of the sexual education that we can receive from our parents, or even from school. Another somewhat taboo subject. But don't worry, we are here to help you and give you all our good advice for a great anal initiation.

Be mentally ready for anal initiation

Of course, before embarking on anal penetration, sodomy, it is advisable to be mentally ready. Don't do it for fun. It's the best thing to do to not take pleasure. Do it because you want to, because you want to explore this anal area, new pleasures, new sensations. This is a very important point because the psychological aspect must be taken into account for a good anal initiation.


Indeed, if you are stressed, tense, know that your anus, and in particular its muscles such as the sphincter, will also be tense. And therefore closed. Your anal initiation will not take place in good conditions and you risk having pain, thus putting a brake on your desire to explore the sensations of anal penetration. Which would be a shame. Do not start your anal initiation like this by telling yourself that you are going to have pain, tell yourself rather that you are going to take pleasure.


Lubricant for an anal initiation

Before starting your anal initiation, you will need to equip yourself with an essential accessory for any anal penetration: the lubricant. And more specifically, the anal lubricant.

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Anal lubricant is indeed essential for any anal initiation, because the anus is not a naturally lubricated area. It must also be said that the anus was not prepared to receive sex toys, but rather to evacuate. Even with excitement, your anus won't lubricate itself, so lubricating it is a must. For this, we recommend:

  • to lubricate your anal toy well, whether it is an anal plug or an anal hook . Do not hesitate to put a good layer of lubricant.

  • to also lubricate your anus, by applying lubricant around the anus and a little in the anus

Dilate the anus well for an anal initiation

Simple gestures to dilate the anus


Before inserting a sex toy or a penis, it is important to fully dilate your anus. By dilate, we mean to heat it a little in order to relax the muscles and thus better facilitate the passage of the penis or the sex toy. To do this, nothing simpler :

  • relax! We come back to the first point of this article, but it is the most important.

  • start your anal initiation by inserting a finger, with a little saliva or lubricant. Never go there dry, it won't be pleasant at all. Once you have inserted a finger, move back and forth, twirling it in your anus.

  • when you're comfortable with one finger, you can insert a second, then a third.

  • if you are with your partner, then you can try rimming .


Use a butt plug

If you have succeeded in inserting three fingers, you can then move on to the next step of anal initiation, that of integrating an anal plug. We recommend that you start with a small plug, such as a beginner's anal plug . They have the distinction of being the same width as a penis but, because they have a conical shape, they are relatively easy to insert into the anus. To start, opt for a silicone plug, their soft and slightly flexible material will be more pleasant during this anal initiation. Once you get more experienced, you can choose a glass butt plug or a metal butt plug , but not at first.


It is advisable to take two anal plugs , of different sizes, one small and the other larger, so that your anal initiation takes place in the best possible conditions. Here is the anal pleasure discovery box that we recommend below, the perfect pack for a good anal initiation.

initiation anale 3.webp

Use a prostate stimulator

The prostate stimulator may be a good alternative to the anal plug for your anal initiation because it has a more curved shape which has two advantages:

  • on the one hand its introduction into the anus is easier

  • on the other hand, it is made to go directly to titillate the prostate: you will thus have sensations more quickly with the prostate stimulator and you will therefore have more desire to discover the joys of anal penetration.

As you will have understood, the prostate stimulator is therefore the sex toy to be used preferably before the anal plug. In addition, it is generally thinner than the plug, so if you are very apprehensive about the size of the device to introduce into your anus, you will be reassured.

I recommend one product in particular, the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator :

​ If you want to invest little money in a sex toy for your anal initiation, here is my selection of two prostate stimulators for less than 15 €.

stimulateur prostatique 1.jpg

Apollo Curved Prostate Probe Prostate Stimulator


stimulateur prostatique 2.jpg

Apollo Curved Prostate Probe Prostate Stimulator


A gentle anal initiation

Now that you are relaxed, that your anus is dilated, you will be able to move on to the final stage of your anal initiation with your partner, the penetration of his penis. Of course, as with the insertion of a plug, it is strongly advised to lubricate your partner's penis well, to facilitate penetration. And even for your partner it will be more pleasant, less dry, so he will have a lot of fun.


Share your emotions, your sensations with your partner. If he's going too fast and hurting you, tell him. This moment must be a moment of sharing. Domination, submission may appear during subsequent penetrations. Here, the goal of an anal initiation is to make you discover this area of the body and the sensations that you can feel. Well, then, you do as you wish!


We haven't talked about the enema, an important step in anal initiation so as not to have an accident and disgust you or your partner.


You can find our dedicated article here: Article to read: how to do an enema?

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