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The anal hook: everything you need to know.

Through this article, we are going to tell you about a sex toy that wreaks havoc during BDSM parties where domination and submission are the rules of the game: the anal hook. Still very little known to most people, the anal hook is a sex toy that nevertheless deserves to be known. Here's everything you need to know.


What is an anal hook?


The anal hook is a sex toy widely used in the world of BDSM, in the world of bondage, domination, submission. We are therefore here with a sex toy that can be used between people who have a certain sexual freedom, who have a high libido and who are not afraid to explore their limits, to submit to others.

The anal hook is simply a hook, which you can find at a butcher's / You know, those famous hooks from which meat is hung. Well by saying that, we have said everything about the role of the anal hook! Hang you like meat! If you didn't know the anal hook at all, I see concern in your eyes!! Don't worry, we're not in a horror movie here! The anal hook can be shaped like a butcher's hook, but there are still differences:

  • the anal hook is more sophisticated than the butcher hook

  • the anal hook is intended for anal penetration, with a small ball that will be easier to pass than a spike, and therefore less painful. The goal is to have fun, not to tear your anus!

Moreover, speaking of sophisticated, the anal hook is generally made of steel, on, stainless to avoid any wear, any rust. Generally, moreover, they are of surgical quality, which allows perfect penetration into the human body without any risk. This is to allow you to use it as long as possible.

The anal hook consists of two parts:

  • a part with a ball that you will insert into the anus

  • a part with a hole, in which you can pass a rope or a chain. You will thus be held like a "dog" or like a "female dog", and it is your master, your dominant who will decide what he wants to do with you.

In any case, the advantage of the anal hook is that it's a sex toy that doesn't look like a sex toy! It is indeed not at all suggestive and it is difficult to imagine that it fits into the anus. When you show a dildo, an anal plug, a vibrator, etc., the question does not arise, everyone knows. But if the person who falls on your anal hook does not know this type of sex toy at all, then it is obvious that you can rest easy! Especially if it's your mother-in-law who falls on it! Even if it means that it's a hook used to hang flowers on your balcony! Unless she goes for a walk from time to time in BDSM parties and therefore knows perfectly the use of the anal hook, this could be a new topic of conversation during your Sunday lunches!

Discover our selection of anal hooks here:

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Why use an anal hook?

There are many reasons why you might want to use an anal hook:

An anal hook for men


The anal hook is an excellent sex toy for men who want to discover new sensations, or even go beyond their limits. Indeed, due to the shape of the anal hook, this sex toy will indeed directly tickle the prostate, this magnificent hidden organ, little known until now, which nevertheless turns out to be an excellent way to reach an orgasm. And an orgasm very different from an ejaculation. 

An anal hook for women

But the hook anal  is not only reserved for men, women will also be able to find their account, or rather their pleasure. Because even if the female anus has no organ like the prostate, an organ that once tickled will provide pleasure, the fact remains that anal penetration is a great source of enjoyment for women. First, let's not forget that the anus is stuffed with nerve endings. So you can very well caress the anus with the anal hook, it will provide a minimum of excitement.

But, if you insert the anal hook, it will hit against the vaginal wall, which will bring pleasure, especially if the woman is penetrated through the vagina by a sex or a dildo. The feeling of being "filled" on all sides can actually enhance enjoyment.

An anal hook for those experienced in anal penetration

The anal hook is in any case a sex toy to be used by people who already have a great experience of anal penetration, who have great feelings with this practice, and who want to go further. It is indeed not recommended to use an anal hook if you are new to anal penetration and want to discover the sensations it provides. To do this, we strongly recommend that you go through the beginner's anal plug stage, the shape and size of which will be more suitable for discovering gently and serenely.

No, the anal hook is a sex toy to use for people already used to inserting a penis, a dildo, a plug in the anus and who want to push their limits even more. Because the purchase hook, due to its shape and its rigidity created by steel, is not as flexible as a plug. Being thin, it does not fill the anus either. The slightest movement that you will make, you will undeniably feel it, and it can cause you discomfort. Typically, it is very very difficult (if not impossible) to walk around with an anal hook when you can keep an anal plug on for a whole day.

An anal hook for the dominated side

Of course, the anal hook is not an insignificant sex toy. We are here with a sex toy that still gives off a certain image, that of the butcher's hook! We are therefore here on a sex toy that feeds certain fantasies, that of domination / submission. So, the person who is going to be penetrated with an anal hook is still in certain fantasies, that of gentle torture, that of being completely dominated by his master or his mistress. Very clearly, the wearer of the anal hook surrenders completely to his partner or to his master (or to his mistress), to his desires, to his whims, to his impulses, because the anal hook asks to remain motionless. You leave your body somewhere, you no longer possess it. Because if you start to move, to gesticulate, you could thus feel the anal hook in you, have discomfort, discomfort, even pain. By the way, it should be noted that the shape of the hook has existed for many centuries, and in the times of the Middle Ages it was used for acts of torture. It is therefore not so surprising that people seeking this type of sexual domination have hijacked the hook for sexual purposes. We stay here all the same within the framework of a pleasant torture, of simulation of course.

With an anal hook, we are therefore in a much more intense game of anal penetration than with an anal plug. It is therefore essential to have perfect confidence in your partner, who will dominate you, so that you let go completely. Moreover, the anal hook may be a step that follows a long use of anal plugs, for people who want to go even further beyond their limits.

An anal hook to explore your libido

The anal hook can also prove to be an excellent sex toy for couples who know a certain routine, after a few years (even after a few months for some), and who want to discover new things together, such as BDSM. But by going slowly, calmly, just to discover each other a little more, to see slowly what the limits are. In this case, the anal hook can be a good sex toy, with the whip for example, to explore new territories related to domination and submission. To go slowly, therefore, by first penetrating the anal hook like a simple anal plug, then gradually integrating new sensations like a string attached to the anal hook before integrating leather outfits , harnesses, even anal fisting...

Thus, the anal hook is an excellent sex toy to embark on a bondage adventure, to try this type of practice in private in the bedroom for example.


How to use an anal hook?

If you feel like using an anal hook, don't worry, it's very simple. Even if the object seen like this may seem scary for some people, the anal hook is very simple to use. There is no need to have done long studies or to have good knowledge in the human body.

In concrete terms, putting on an anal hook is the same system as putting on an anal plug. But be careful, don't get the wrong direction, you must first insert the ball (or ball) of the anal hook into the anus. The reverse can be quite painful!

Given the shape of the anal hook, insert it very gently into the anus. Avoid sudden movements that could injure the anus. Likewise, the person who is going to wear the anal hook should be as relaxed as possible. If you are relaxed, then your anal muscles, especially the sphincter, will also be relaxed, which will facilitate the insertion of the anal hook.

Although some people want to attempt to put the anal hook in a vagina, it is not recommended to do so. Indeed, the shape of the anal hook is perfectly adapted to the anus, more than to the vagina. The sexual experience will not be the most perfect. Indeed, by inserting it into the vagina, the anal hook may not have a good grip and can therefore easily escape. Which, in the end, can be relatively dangerous in the context of certain types of bondage or shibari.

Another very important point, if you practice bondage or shibari, do not suspend your partner by the anal hook! Imagine the disaster, with its weight, that this could cause on his anus. In this case, you must suspend it by other parts of the body (arms, legs mainly), and then play with the anal hook.

Of course, if you feel pain with the anal hook in your anus, remove it, gently.

Advice before using an anal hook?

Even if you are in a hurry to use your anal hook, you will still have to respect certain rules:

Lubricate well before using the anal hook

Like any sex toy that you are going to insert into your anus, it will be necessary to use a lubricant. The lubricant is indeed essential when you are considering anal penetration, regardless of the object, and especially regardless of the size of the object you are going to insert. Indeed, the anus is not an area of the body that lubricates itself naturally, hence the need to apply a lubricant.

We advise you to use an anal lubricant which will have the effect of drying out less than a classic lubricant. Anal lubricants are indeed more resistant and more resistant to the heat caused by any back and forth movements.

Here is our selection of lubricants:

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Clean your anal hook well

Of course, as soon as you have finished using your anal hook, or when you have removed it from your partner's anus, don't forget to clean it well! Not only is it for hygienic reasons, but it's also to avoid damaging it, and to be able to use your anal hook for a long time, even your whole life!

Indeed, even if you have cleaned or washed your anus well before inserting the anal hook, it is possible that:

  • traces of feces are still present on the anal hook. And yes, it happens, it's not something that we necessarily master.

  • remnants of bodily fluids may also be present, such as blood.

  • finally, you apply lubricant, so it is necessary to wash it off.

Once you have washed it, dry your anal hook well to remove any trace of moisture that could damage it.

Article to read: how to maintain and clean your anal plug

Here is our selection of anal hook cleaners:

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