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How to properly do an anal enema before sodomy?

We can't write articles about the butt plug and other anal sex toys without talking about a closely related subject: the enema! Generally, one does not go without the other. We have therefore decided to make a guide here on how to do an enema, an anal enema of course, in order to answer all the questions you may have.

Why do an enema?

The reasons that can push people to do an enema are very numerous. Here we give you the main ones.

Make an enema for hygiene

Hygiene is an increasingly essential element in our society, so much so that we are becoming a little too hygienist according to some specialists, but that is another debate. It is the same at the level of the anus, moreover it is interesting to note that the bidets come back in force in the toilets, the toilet paper being perceived as not ideal for having the buttocks perfectly clean after having had a bowel movement.

The enema is thus a treatment that will perfectly clean the anus. Indeed, the liquid that you will insert into the anus as part of an enema will help dissolve the stool stuck against the intestinal walls and thus facilitate their evacuation. Your interior will be perfectly clean!


Make an enema before anal penetration

Of course, the enema is sometimes an essential step for a preparation for sodomy, anal penetration or even rimming . Whether with a penis, an anal plug, an anal hook, a dildo, in short with any sex toy... or vegetable! We are not going to judge you, certainly not on this blog! The enema will indeed:

  • reassure the person who is going to be penetrated or sodomized, as well as the person who is going to insert his penis. There is always the fear of an accident, with the fact that the anus is not clean and that fecal matter is deposited on the penis or on the sex toy. Some people like it, even seek it. But the vast majority do not want to hear about it, and it is also a brake for many to test anal penetration and experience new sensations. Let's not forget that in men, the prostate is an organ that can provide a very great orgasm, far superior to ejaculation in some very receptive men.

  • avoid the proliferation of bacteria linked precisely to faeces, and of course bad smells.

By the way, did you know that nearly 50% of men refuse to perform sodomy on their partner for fear that it will be dirty and that there will be traces of excrement? This is the main obstacle to this sexual practice, which is still a shame because there are solutions.

How to do an enema at home?

Come on, you have to get ready because you are planning to receive anal penetration, or simply because you feel like playing with your butt plugs. Here are our tips for doing an enema at home.

Prepare well before the enema


Before going directly to the enema stage, it is necessary to prepare your equipment well. But even before that, it is necessary to pay attention to what you are going to eat the hours before performing your enema. It is indeed recommended to eat liquid food, rather than solid. The enema will indeed be more effective.


To do this, you have different options:

  • an enema bulb, for a quick enema

  • an enema kit, which in particular requires a little more time, the enema being a little deeper than with an enema pear.

  • there are also some enema tools that you can directly install in your shower, or replace your shower head.


Do not hesitate to take a vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil for example, which will serve as a lubricant to make the enema a little more pleasant.

Regarding the place where you should do your enema, we recommend two places:

  • The bathroom

  • the toilets, in which you will anyway complete the final phase of the enema by evacuation.

In any case, the place where you perform your enema must be close to the toilet, because the evacuation can be very rapid. To avoid any disaster, be close to the toilets.

We also advise you to perform your enema alone, unless you have no taboos with your partner. But hey, between us, performing an enema is not necessarily glam or sexy!


Here is our selection of enema bulbs:

poire de lavement 1.jpg

Shower Enema Pear 224 ml


poire de lavement 2.jpg
poire de lavement 3.jpg

Anal Shower Hose with Dildo Shower Shot


What liquid to use for an enema?


Since you are going to insert the liquid into your anus, into your body, you will have to be very vigilant about what you are going to put in as liquid. It must indeed be a liquid that respects your body, non-aggressive so as not to possibly cause injury. A perfectly pure liquid so as not to introduce harmful elements either. We advise you as follows:

  • to use mineral water or spring water

  • if you don't have any, use your tap water which you will have previously filtered, in particular with a Britta-type carafe.

The liquid you are going to insert should be at room temperature, or even slightly warm. No cold water or hot water! Don't forget that your anus is a very fragile area, with lots of nerve endings! Don't hesitate to boil the water before putting it in the enema kit or in the enema pear, this will notably help to destroy certain bacteria and certain germs.

If you want additional effects, rather than natural water, you can also use herbal tea as an enema liquid. But a very lukewarm herbal tea, we agree!

How to do an enema with an enema kit


If you are doing an enema with an enema kit, you will also need to choose a place where you will have enough space to lie down and place the equipment. So, certain periods will require fairly complete equipment which may include a table on which they will lie down. Others will do it in the tub. Everyone does what they want.

An enema kit, in any case the kits that are easily found on sale, includes:

  • a pocket in which you will insert the enema liquid. We advise you to opt for mineral water or filtered water (spring water). Avoid tap water, especially if it is very hard in your home. Also prefer lukewarm water, not hot or cold water (it would not be really pleasant).

  • a pipe with a nozzle that you will place in your anus and through which the enema liquid will pass

  • a tip to insert into the rectum

  • some enema kits also have a hook to hang the pouch.


Some enema kits, to make the session easier, will connect directly to the shower.

Once your material is prepared, we advise you to put towels on the floor, on which you will lie down. As this can indeed take some time, it is best that you are comfortable. You can also opt for a yoga mat that is relatively thick. Don't forget to also take your phone with you to go on the networks or the internet, even call a friend, or headphones to have some music. The towel will also be used in case of loss of the enema liquid, you never know. This will save you from having to clean your entire bathroom!

Before inserting the tip into your anus:

  • put lubricant on the contours of your anus

  • put lubricant on the tip directly, in order to make the tip penetrate well without pain, without particular discomfort.

To insert the tip into your anus, act as if you were in the room, or do the action of pushing. The tip will fit very easily.


Once you have inserted the tip into your anus, the enema can begin. Slowly release the liquid into your anus, it is important not to put it all at once. Put on enema liquid until you feel like you can't take any more. Stay still for a few moments, until you feel the body's natural peristaltic movements. Do not hesitate to massage your belly also during this phase.

Then go to the toilet to expel everything that needs to come out.

Here is our selection of enema kits and lubricants:

kit de lavement 1.jpg

Ergoflo Pro Shower Enema Kit


kit de lavement 2.jpg

Hydro Shower Enema Kit


lubrifiant anal 2.webp

How to make an enema with a pear?

Doing an enema with a pear is much the same as with an enema kit. Except that the material is much less restrictive, much simpler. The pear being small, you can also bring it with you easily in a suitcase if you go away for the weekend and you plan sexual games involving anal penetration or sodomy.

To use the enema bulb properly, you must therefore fill the bulb and then insert the tip, which is also called a cannula, into your anus. Don't forget to apply lubricant.


Once the tip is in the anus, you need to apply pressure so that the liquid is injected into the rectum. Hold the liquid in your anus for a few moments then, as with an enema kit, go to the toilet to release.


What position to have to do an enema?


For your enema to be as effective as possible, we recommend the following position:

  • lie on your back, lying down.

  • tuck your legs in towards your torso or chest, as in a fetal position.


In this way, you will not only find it easier to apply the tip of the enema bulb or the enema kit, but the water will also be more easily diffused.

In any case, you will have to be relaxed. Even if you have applied lubricant, your anal muscles, especially the sphincter, may be tense, which will make it difficult to insert the tip into your anus. Relax and everything will be fine.

What to do after an enema?


Now that you have a perfectly clean anus, you will have to apply a few gestures:

Clean your enema equipment well

Even if you are happy to have a clean anus and you only want to use your anal plug, or even your anal hook , you will still have to take a few moments to clean your material your enema.

  • as with sex toys, it is recommended to wash your enema equipment with hot water and soap. Thoroughly clean all parts of your enema kit or enema bulb, especially the tip!

  • Remember to dry it well before storing it in your closet.

Do not lend your enema equipment

If several of you want to play with anal penetration, and therefore several of you have to do an enema, it is essential that each person has their own enema equipment. Even if you wash it after use, you never know. In fact, you must not pass on your bacteria.

Do men do an enema?

If you follow us on Instagram, you should know that we have an account dedicated to male sexuality, @faistoimale . On this account, we organize a little survey every Sunday in which we ask a very specific question about the sexuality or the intimacy of guys. Among one of these questions asked, the enema! We thus questioned the men on their practice as regards enema.

First of all, to the question do you systematically have an enema before anal penetration , almost 40% of men declare that they do so . Which is still a relatively high figure, so anal enema is a widespread practice among men who get caught. Those who say they don't do so put forward a very specific reason: by penetrating someone, we know very well the risks that this can entail, so we have to deal with it. And if there is an accident, it does not matter, we wash and we start again. An argument that was not convincing for many of the Make You Male community, 76% of guys said that when it happened, between seeing traces of excrement and the smell, it cut them off. to put it back! What we can understand.

Now concerning the accessories used to make an enema:

  • 48% of guys surveyed say they use an enema bulb

  • 25% of guys say they use a shower head attachment.


THE enema FAQ

Can I use water with soap to do an enema?

No, it is strongly advised not to do an enema with soap and water. The only soap you can use is pure castile soap.

What are the contraindications to the enema?

The enema is not recommended if you have kidney disease or congestive heart failure, bowel or stomach obstruction, in short any inconvenience with the colon and intestines. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is also strongly discouraged.

Of course, pregnant women should seek advice from their doctor before performing an enema.

Can I do an enema every week?

Enemas should be occasional, as doing too many enemas may disrupt your bowel movements

How much liquid for an enema?

On average you will need 0.5 liters or even 1 liter of liquid to perform an enema. Also, if you use an enema bulb, it will have to be filled several times.

How long before sodomy should an enema be done?

It is recommended to do an enema at least 2 hours before sodomy or anal penetration. Already, the enema takes some time, between preparation and evacuation. Then you still have to let the anus rest a little before you start playing with it!

lavement anal

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