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How to use a beginner anal plug for the first sodomy?

plug anal débutant

Of course, if you are new to anal plugs, it is strongly advised to start your experience with a beginner's anal plug. But be careful before choosing it well, because a badly chosen anal plug for beginners could put you off using the anal plug. Through this article, we are going to give you all our advice for choosing the right anal plug for beginners, and especially for using it well. Welcome to the world of anal plug initiation!


What is a beginner's butt plug?


A beginner's butt plug is simply a butt plug that is very thin and usually relatively short in length. We will say that the anal plug for beginners is slightly thicker and longer than a finger! And yes, we must not forget that the first thing to do if you want to experience anal pleasures, before buying an anal plug, is to use your finger, or even several fingers at the same time. Or those of your partner.

Why use a beginner's butt plug?

Choosing a beginner's anal plug will allow you to check certain points.


An anal plug for beginners to validate the anal experience


Of course, by buying a beginner's anal plug, after having tried the experience with fingers for example, this will allow you to confirm whether or not anal pleasure is for you. Because, even if we know that anal pleasure is recognized, especially with the presence of many nerve endings at the level of the anus and, in men, with the presence of the prostate, you may not feel any pleasure during the first anal penetrations. Using a beginner's anal plug will allow you to train and relax over time, and allow you, after a few uses, to be able to feel the effects.

A beginner's anal plug to introduce you to anal pleasure

The beginner's butt plug is, in fact, only the first step in anal initiation . Indeed, for some people, men or women, the bigger it is, the more intense the pleasure. Thus, they will seek to penetrate, in complete safety of course, larger pleated plugs. Because the anus is worked and with experience and use, it will be better able to receive large plugs.

A beginner's butt plug for new sexual experiences

Do you notice a certain routine in your relationship? You always do the same positions, the same gestures and you want to break this rhythm a little by testing new things, new experiences. Or do you want to go beyond your limits and discover new sensations? Then the plug is perfect for you and the anal plug for beginners will be your ally! Surprise your partner with an anal plug for beginners.

Here is our selection of anal plugs for beginners:

How to choose your anal plug for beginners?

The material of the anal plug for beginners that you choose will be decisive because you are not used to using plugs. For the first uses, we advise you to favor comfort over any other consideration, to better appreciate the discovery of anal pleasure. And for that, the ideal material that favors comfort is silicone. We therefore advise you to take a silicone anal plug rather than a glass anal plug for example. The silicone material is velvety and soft, very pleasant to the touch. You will greatly appreciate it.

Here is our selection of anal plugs for beginners in silicone:

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plug anal débutant 2.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp

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