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Test of sex toys: the blog


In this sexy blog for men, we are going to talk about sex toys for men. And yes, you read it right, a sex toy for men! Le Male Français is a blog which is mainly aimed at men, and which aims to give advice on how to take good care of yourself, your face and your body. It was therefore logical that I present my opinion on sex toys for men in this sexy blog! And for me, male sexuality and everything associated with it should absolutely not be a taboo subject. So let's just talk about it.

Sextoys test: but why?


Through this blog dedicated to the test of sex toys, we will give you all our advice for choosing the right sex toys.

The sex toy test to educate

The objective of this blog, in which we present all our sex toy tests, is of course to educate. It is indeed important to educate about sex toys because it is still a taboo subject. Very few people dare to say that they use a sex toy whether solo in the context of masturbation or in their sexual relations with their partner to spice up their life as a couple. Speech can also be closed in the couple, for fear of having the reaction of the other, for fear of offending the other, for fear of appearing crazy. And yet, the sex toy can be a source of pleasure within the couple, new pleasures, and it would be a shame to deprive oneself of it because of "I don't dare to talk about it".

The purpose of the blog in which we highlight all our sex toy tests is precisely to give you all the elements to know sex toys better, with the eye of an average user who uses them just to have fun.


The sex toy test to inform


The idea of creating a blog in which we present our sex toy tests is above all to inform about these accessories which are more and more successful, for use alone or to share complicit moments with your partner.

The sex toy market is very vast. There isn't just one sex toy on the market, but you can find different types depending on what you're going to use them for, depending on your gender as well, male or female. Even if this sex toy test blog is run by men, we will necessarily highlight mainly male sex toy tests . You can indeed be very quickly lost when it comes to choosing your sex toy, if you have not had the opportunity to read tests before. Concretely, which masturbator to choose? Which anal plug to choose? Which lubricant to choose to use with a masturbator? As many questions as you can ask yourself and our sex toy tests allow you to answer these questions. Finally, we hope!

The sex toy test to entertain


But of course, the idea of these sex toy tests by Plug et Joue is not only to inform but to entertain. We are going to give you advice on how to make the most of sex toys, so that you have all the information on the different ways to use them. And above all, to introduce you to sex toys that you might not necessarily know, to show you all the sensations that these sex toys can offer you. Even make you discover new universes!

The sex toy test to encourage you to test


Obviously who says blog, says test!! It's still a bit the objective of the blog, it's to test the sex toys and to give you our opinion. We are thus going to test several kinds of sex toys, of all shapes, all materials, all sizes, for all desires (finally within the limits of the possible of course). Besides, if you want us to test a particular sex toy, don't hesitate to let us know!

An objective sex toy test every time

Our goal with every sex toy test we do is to be as objective as possible. Concretely, our idea is not to impress you, but really to describe the real sensations that we perceived, that we felt, before, during and after each sex toy test. This is the reason why the articles are not sponsored where, if so, we will tell you and we can also very well say what we may have disliked.

A sex toy test without vulgarity

Our blog aims to be open to as many people as possible. Everyone must be able to find themselves in each sex toy test that we are going to carry out. Also, no vulgarity here. If you expect to have raw vocabulary or even subjective photos of sex toys in use, then you can go your way and go to another site. You won't get all of that here. For us, the sex toy is a pleasure accessory, a toy, to be used alone or as a couple, but with the greatest possible respect. Such is the tenor of this account.

We would also like to make it clear that we will not respond to any crude messages that we may receive.

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