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Experience extreme dilation with a big butt plug

gros plug anal.jpg

The big anal plug is the limit of what can be found on the anal plug market. It is bigger than the famous XXL anal plug and therefore requires some experience of anal penetration or sodomy . Moreover, the large anal plug is perfectly suited for certain sexual practices, which push certain limits very far. The large anal plug is therefore not to be placed between all the buttocks!


Through this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about the big anal plug. And above all find our selection!

What is a large butt plug?

From what size do you consider that you have a large anal plug? Well, of course, this is all very subjective, because a large butt plug for some will be a medium-sized butt plug for others. Indeed, everything is a question of appreciation, but especially of its own limits concerning anal penetration.

But there is still a standard for size, which is measured in cm. Concretely, we consider that a large anal plug starts from 7 cm in diameter .

Types of large butt plugs

You can find different types of large butt plugs:

The big butt plug with the classic shape

Of course, you can find the large anal plug in its classic shape, namely in the shape of a cone. This is the easiest shape to get your big butt plug in because the tapered shape will fit well into the anus. If you have already gone through the different stages of anal penetration with different sizes of plugs, this is the form you have used the most.

Here is our selection of large butt plugs in a classic shape. Click on the image to access it.

gros plug anal 1.jpg

The big anal plug with a ball

Another shape that is regularly found in large anal plugs is the ball shape. So of course, with this type of big anal polug, a lot of preparation work is necessary, because the ball will have to go in directly. The conical shape, seen previously, allows you to go there smoothly if I may say so. The large ball-shaped anal plug does not allow this.

The advantage of this big ball-shaped anal plug is that it will completely fill your anus and thus tickle all the erogenous zones.

Here is our selection of big butt plugs in the shape of a ball. Click on the image to access it.

gros plug anal 2.jpg

The large tunnel anal plug

The tunnel anal plug is a plug that has a hollow in its center a hole, in which you will be able to pass different things. The hollow can in particular allow your male partner to introduce his penis there, to penetrate you through the plug. Of course, you can also find the large tunnel-style anal plug. Some people also introduce liquid through this tunnel, or even another sex toy, such as a dildo.

Here is our selection of large tunnel anal plugs. Click on the image to access it.

gros plug anal 3.jpg

The big butt plug fisting

Finally, the last type of large butt plug that you can find is the hand-shaped one. Of course, as you will have understood, this type of large anal plug is perfect for simulating a fist. It is thus presented in the form of a fist, which will therefore give you the sensations of a real fist. To help you better use this type of big anal plus, a suction cup is present at the base, to stabilize it. You won't have to worry about the stability of this big butt plug if you use it alone.

Here is our selection of large butt plugs in the shape of a hand. Click on the image to access it.

gros plug anal 4.jpg

Who is the big butt plug for?

The big anal plug is not to be put between all the buttocks!! It will address a very specific profile of people:

The big butt plug for experienced people

Of course, the large butt plug is not a beginner's butt plug ! It may seem obvious, but some people have bigger eyes than buttocks and think they can easily insert a large plug. No, of course the big anal plug is for people who already have a lot of experience in anal penetration. More specifically, the large anal plug is intended for:

  • people for whom the XXL anal plug is starting to get too small and want to push their limits even further,

  • people for whom the inflatable anal plug has reached its limits.

The big anal plug for BDSM practitioners

The large anal plug will also be well appreciated by people practicing BDSM. If you do not know this term, you should know that BDSM are the initials for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. There, all is said. The large anal plug is also one of the sex toys of choice for BDSM practitioners because it precisely allows you to push your limits, to submit so completely to the will of the Master.

Thus, generally the big anal plug is a preparation step before fist fucking, or even before double fist fucking.

The big anal plug before a double anal penetration

Another reason that may lead some people to use a large anal plug is as a preparatory sex toy before a double anal penetration. In this case, the large anal plug comes as an exercise to prepare the anus as well as possible, to dilate it to its maximum so that the partners can easily penetrate the person. 

How to put on a big butt plug

Of course, putting a big anal plug in your anus requires some preparation, and some advice. Be careful not to go rough, at the risk of creating injuries. Remember that the anus is a very, very fragile area. So here are our tips for putting on a big anal plus.

Dilate the anus before putting on a large butt plug

Dilating your anus before putting on a big butt plug is obviously the decisive step. We must not forget that the base of the anus is not made to receive objects, it does not extend easily. It is therefore necessary to heat it, to prepare it. And to do this, you have several possibilities:  


  • at first, you can work it with your fingers and a little saliva.

  • once your fingers pass, you can use your partner's hand or another plug. You can take it step by step using plugs of different sizes, like the XXL butt plug before moving on to the large butt plug. You can also use an inflatable anal plug and gradually inflate it to its maximum.

  • once all these steps are successfully completed, you can use the big butt plug.

Lube with a big butt plug

Of course, who says big anal plug necessarily says lubricant! The lubricant, or lubi as we say now, will have two effects:


  • on the one hand, allow the big butt plug to pass more easily

  • on the other hand, to provide you with more sensations.

Don't forget to put lubricant both on your big anal plug (a good layer), but also on the contours of your anus. It is advisable to apply a lubricant specifically adapted to the use of a large anal plug, there are lubricants adapted for fisting which will be very good for the large anal plug. These lubricants specifically adapted to extreme expansions have a very high lubrication and do not dry out.


Here is our selection of lubricants for a large anal plug (click on the image to access it):

gros plug anal 5.jpg

The risks with a large butt plug


Using a large anal plug is not without risk, obviously given its size. The anus is not made naturally to receive such a large object. You must therefore take all your precautions when using a large anal plug:

  • a large butt plug can simply hurt when inserting it, especially during the first uses. Afterwards, some people are precisely looking for pain, a source of enjoyment.

  • the big butt plug can create anal fissures

  • the large anal can cause rupture of the sphincter.

So gently put the big anal plug in your anus, prepare your anus well with a dilation job. If it is your partner who introduces you to the large anal plug, do not hesitate to give him instructions to help him.

Here is our selection of the best big butt plugs. Click on the image to access it.

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